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4310 Madison Avenue, Suite 100
Kansas City, Missouri 64111
Auto Accident, Medical Malpractice, Nursing Home, Premises Liability, Workplace, Wrongful Termination
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Reviews and Testimonials

  • christian cox

    - Sep 09 2020 mike is a top lawyer in kansas city. one of the best PI lawyers out there. christian
  • Jim

    - Sep 08 2020 Mike is passionate about his clients and spares no effort to obtain the best possible result.
  • Patrick

    - Sep 04 2020 Mike stayed focused and determined to do what was best for me over the 5 years it took to finish my work comp case. I really appreciated the job that he did for me.
  • Tim Becker

    - Aug 24 2020 Mike is a very talented attorney with a long history of success.
  • Trey Pettlon

    - Aug 09 2020 Mike is one of the best trial attorneys in town. He's handled some of the biggest cases and unfailingly delivers terrific results for his clients.
  • Gary Stone

    - Aug 09 2020 I am an attorney who has worked with Michael (and seen him in action). He is a detail oriented and excellent attorney who always does great for his client.
  • Tim Becker

    - Jul 10 2020 Mike is an exceptional attorney. His firm takes care of his clients.
  • John Cady

    - Jul 10 2020 Mike is a great lawyer who truly cares about his clients.
  • DC

    - Jul 10 2020 Mike is an outstanding and hard working attorney.
  • Gary Stone

    - Jul 10 2020 Michael is a fellow attorney who goes above and beyond to represent a client. He is one of the most professional colleagues I know. We have tried cases together and I have seen his excellence at work. Five stars all the way!
  • DONNA Chapkin

    - Jul 06 2020 Mike tried his best for me. He is a very good attorney - thorough & competent.
  • Ashley Ricket

    - Jun 15 2020 Mike is a great attorney who does not play any games. He is a great guy and is always straight to the point.
  • RT

    - Jun 12 2020 Time and again, Mike Yonke shows why he has a very successful track record. Big corporations don't scare him. He takes them to the mat! I highly recommend him. Thank you for everything, Mike Yonke!
  • Ray

    - Jun 06 2020 The best around town
  • Brian Amick

    - May 23 2020 Great litigator!
  • JJW

    - May 14 2020 Michael been great to work with.
  • Brian Jay

    - May 13 2020 Mike is very conscientious and attentive. Highly recommend.
  • Dan Finney

    - May 12 2020 I have worked with Mike and have found him very knowledgeable, skilled and determined.
  • James Bartimus

    - May 12 2020 Mike knows what litigation is all about--preparation!
  • Tony Miller

    - May 11 2020 Mike has helped numerous friends and family of mine over the years with serious injury cases. He and his team do a good job and try to maximize the recovery for their clients.
  • Christopher Mann

    - May 11 2020 One of the finest attorneys I have ever worked with. I would recommend Mike to anyone.
  • John Cadu

    - May 11 2020 I am also a personal injury attorney. I have known Mike for many years and he is not only an excellent trial attorney but he truly cares about his clients. In addition, Mike devotes himself to learning and practicing "cutting edge" trial techniques.
  • Tim Becker

    - May 11 2020 We have worked with Mike for many years. He is an outstanding attorney and we look forward to associating with him in the future.
  • CA

    - May 11 2020 Mike is a real pro. He takes the time to listen and think about his client's case and then prepares like no one else.
  • Matt M

    - May 11 2020 Mike and I have co-counseled on several cases throughout the years. Each has been a great experience thanks to Mike's professionalism and skill. Given Mike and his office's knowledge and experience, I would not hesitate to work with them again on cases or refer my clients to his office in the event I could not handle their case.
  • Grant Rahmeyer

    - May 11 2020 Great guy and great lawyer! I've worked with him on many cases. He's a guy you can trust.
  • Shane courtney

    - May 10 2020 Mike was very accommodating in every way. And understanding as to my concerns
  • Jason Wilson

    - May 07 2020 Yonke Law is the absolute best in the business. Not only do they get results, they care about their clients wellbeing. I highly recommend!
  • Kelly Beaver

    - May 07 2020 very professional and results driven!!
  • Matt Loehr

    Mar 18 2020 This review is an indication of Charlie Regan's performance. Charlie Regan is an incredible and trustworthy lawyer and a true asset to the Yonke Law Firm. With Charlie on its team, Yonke Law is a good choice. Thank you, Charlie, for your superb representation, honesty, integrity, and knowledge.
  • Moira Francis

    Mar 18 2020 Great representation by Charlie Regan. He's helped me out on a few matters and all times I felt I was well represented.
  • MR Loehr

    Mar 18 2020 Charlie Regan is a world class attorney. Haven't ever dealt with the other attorneys at the firm, but would highly recommend Charlie to anyone interested in quality, affordable representation by someone with integrity and dynamic know-how.
  • CTOS Marketing

    Mar 18 2020 This rating reflects the quality representation provided by Attorney Charlie Regan.
  • Carl Arnold

    Feb 29 2020 Mike has helped me and my family through his expertise. Highly recommend!

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