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Michelle is committed to mediation as it allows the involved parties to save time, money and emotional energy while still affording them the opportunity to be the ultimate decision makers in their case. Proud to provide her experience, integrity, dedication and professional approach to mediation, Michelle’s efforts consistently result in successful outcomes. Michelle offers on-line scheduling for your convenience, flexible hours and a reduced hourly rate for parties who qualify. Scheduling is also available by calling her office directly. There are no charges for travel time for mediations occurring in Martin, St. Lucie, Palm Beach and Indian River Counties. If you would like to learn more about the process of mediation, or want to schedule a consultation with Michelle, contact her at 772-283-0820 or by email at michelle@kohnmediation.com.
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Reviews and Testimonials

  • David McGahee

    Dec 12 2019 Michelle was very easy to work with during my mediation; professional, knowledgeable, patient, and understanding. I highly recommend her.
  • Tracy

    Dec 10 2019 My experience with Michelle was very easy. She made the whole process comfortable. I would highly recommend her services.
  • K.S.

    Nov 26 2019 My fiancé and I mediated our prenuptial agreement with Michelle Kohn. We were very pleased with her knowledge of marital law and her calm demeanor to help us work through tough discussions without the adversarial mindset that we had found with more traditional attorneys. She was very accommodating of our schedules and made the process as easy as it could be. I recommend using Michelle Kohn for mediation of marital subjects as she has a professional and easy manner to help navigate difficult and emotional issues.
  • Michael Sickenius

    Aug 12 2019 Ms Kohn was very attentive and kept issues on point. There were many unsettling issues which could of easily went two days which would of been more costly and stressful for both parties. Michelle stayed with it for over 9 hours to get things finished. She had a variety of things thrown at her but she stayed focused. She worked right through lunch to accomplish what she needed to. Very dedicated.
  • Jh

    Feb 14 2019 Very professional great job done!
  • A. D.

    Dec 04 2018 Let's face it, when you're going through a divorce things are hard enough as it is. Michelle made things easy and yet very professional in a comfortable friendly atmosphere. Very much impartial and very supportive for the both of us. We walked out feeling pleased with our experience and, not to be rude, hopefully not needing to see her again. I do know that if I do seek legal counsel I shall call upon her again.
  • Judith Clisby

    Oct 27 2018 Michelle is very professional. Her warm and friendly approach kept the mediation between Mr & Mrs Clisby calm. She was extremely helpful in pointing out the pros & cons of the property settlement. After we reached an agreement she directed us on how to proceed to the next step. Thank you Michelle.
  • Edward Clisby

    Oct 26 2018 Very knowledgeable about how to treat my case.
  • Sean D Downing

    Aug 19 2018 Michelle was very professional and sympathetic to our situation.
  • Leona Van De Velde

    Jun 22 2018 Michelle is very professional with a claming demeanor. My ex and I were able to come to an agreement that was acceptable to both of us. A much better way of going through a divirce than going to an divorce attorney!! I highly recommend Michelle!
  • Jessica Thompson

    Apr 10 2018 Michelle was punctual, quick to respond to emails, calls or texts, and maintained professionalism by remaining neutral. Wish we had met under different circumstances but nonetheless, Michelle was great to work with and pleasant.
  • Anonymous

    Mar 26 2018 Michelle was very professional through the mediation process. She helped achieve the best possible outcome. She met us in the evening at a restaurant (our choice) to go through the process. Highly recommend.
  • Elaine Lavallee

    Mar 08 2018 Michelle was very helpful throughout the mediation process. She helped us to overcome and resolve some obstacles while being very professional and diplomatic toward us both. We would highly recommend her.
  • Michael Randal

    Jan 12 2018 Michelle is a gifted and compassionate advocate who understands the challenges of family dynamics in divorce. She holds a lot of integrity with her work and that makes her very trustworthy. I would absolutely use her services again if needed.
  • Anonymous

    Jan 12 2018 Ms. Kohn did an outstanding brokering a mediation agreement in my dissolution of marriage case. I arrived at her office thinking my case would drag out through the summer months, but instead I left her office three hours later with a very satisfactory, signed mediation agreement. I owe all of this to Ms. Kohn's professional competence and experience. I am forever grateful for her being able to break through what I was certain would be a laborious and lengthy impasse. In a word, Ms. Kohn is efficacious.
  • David

    Jan 12 2018 Michelle was a great mediator. She patiently managed a highly emotional and often irrational situation with grace and kindness. Even when anger and pain brought raised voices, her calm focus brought forth the desired result...agreement! Not an agreement that either party was completely happy with, but maybe that is the definition of a fair agreement. I would highly recommend Michelle as a mediator.
  • Swade Shook

    Jan 12 2018 She helped me get a temporary order for time sharing out of a very difficult ex. I can't thank her enough. She pulled off the impossible!
  • Jessica Thompson

    Apr 12 2018 Michelle was punctual, quick to respond to emails, calls or texts, and maintained professionalism by remaining neutral. Wish we had met under different circumstances but nonetheless, Michelle was great to work with and pleasant.
  • Elaine Lavallee

    Mar 09 2018 Michelle was very effective in assisting us to negotiate an agreement. She is personable, compassionate and professional. She maintained her impartiality and we both felt that we got a 'fair' agreement. She was able to help us resolve several sticking points and the overall experience was as smooth as possible under the circumstances. I would highly recommend her.
  • Michael Wingate

    Jan 12 2017 Well Michelle was very helpful and very understanding with everything and she went above and beyond and really made the whole process easy
  • Rebekah Harrison

    Nov 21 2016 Michelle was very knowledgeable, helpful and compassionate during our mediation process. Her empethetic demeanor and sweet personality went a long way with helping us reach an agreement. I highly recommend, Michelle, to anyone seeking a mediator! Her background and years of experience shine through immensely and you can tell she has a passion for what she does!
  • Mike Hicks

    Nov 18 2016 Michelle was very effective as a mediator at getting my divorce agreement settled even when I though there was no way the other party would agree to anything.

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