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333 E. Palmetto Park Road Suite 920
Boca Raton, FL 33432
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Michelle Merson, Esq. graduated from Nova Southeastern University School of Law in 1992. Working side-by-side with a prominent criminal defense attorney for the past ten years, she has been involved with virtually every type of criminal defense case.
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Reviews and Testimonials

  • C.J.

    Oct 24 2018 N/A
  • Steve

    Jul 26 2018 Great advice & service.
  • Lance casrto

    May 27 2018 Thank you.
  • Marc jaimes

    Apr 20 2018 I would like to say that my experience with Michelle Merson was great. Even though we never met in person, she was very helpful and explained every step of the way. I would recommend her services to anyone that needs a good attorney!!
  • Deborah

    Mar 21 2018 Michelle was very professional, attentive, and provided superb results in a timely manner. She is a "No B.S.", very reputable kind of attorney that what she tells you will happen, will happen. Staff is also top notch and was there to answer any question, at any time. Highly recommended.
  • Robert Lightbody

    Mar 21 2018 Good work. Got a favorable outcome. Next is purging the record ( so we’re not quite done yet)
  • jay rubin

    Feb 28 2018 Michelle was able to explain the process and take care of my problem
  • Richard Thompson

    Feb 19 2018 Very positive, easy to talk to, compassionate and always available.

    Feb 13 2018 Michelle is very hard working and professional. She understand her clients needs and expectations. I would highly reccmmend her services.
  • S. J. A.

    Dec 27 2017 Michelle was professional and accommodating I would have no problem referring her services.
  • Adrian Hunt

    Dec 22 2017 Stress free.
  • Jacob h

    Dec 21 2017 Michele was amazing. She originally quoted me a certain fee and even after realizing that my case was going to take longer then she thought, she still honored her quote. Thanks to her my record is clean!
  • pf

    Dec 21 2017 She was very easy to work with and she took care of everything!!
  • JJ

    Dec 20 2017 Michelle Merson helped save my employee’s life today in court. He was accused of a crime he didn’t commit. Michelle hired a handwriting expert and the judge recognized this travesty of justice. I am so thankful to Michelle and her expert legal advice!
  • Kathryn Thibideau

    Dec 20 2017 Michelle worked to defend my son in a DUI case. Prior to this, my son had no offenses and was a hard-working college student. She worked to get his charge reduced to reckless driving and have him placed in the diversion program. Her efforts kept the DUI off his record and avoided any ramifications it may have had on his future.
  • Renee scott

    Nov 30 2017 The best lawyer ever!!!! Very caring and very supportive... !!
  • Emily

    Nov 28 2017 Michelle went above and beyond to help walk me through every step of my case. She was there for me 24/7 to help with any and every concern I had, and her kindness and dedication made me feel comfortable throughout the entire process. I highly recommend her to anyone looking for a lawyer!
  • GM

    Nov 22 2017 Michelle and Guy not only went the extra mile, they are knowledgeable outstanding attorneys. I felt like I was the only client on earth. They are wonderful people. And I literally spent no more than 10 minutes in the courtroom before winning my case (supposed to be full trial) Thank you Michelle & Guy
  • N

    Nov 21 2017 Michelle Merson is prompt & on her “A” game! I I’ll keep recommending her services to anyone I know!
  • Thomas Johnson

    Nov 21 2017 Michelle and Guy helped me through one of the most difficult times in my life. They were very understanding, supportive and responsive to my needs. It was a wonderful experience working with them both!
  • Lisa

    Nov 17 2017 My teenage son had gotten himself in some trouble over the summer, Michelle has made it possible for him to proceed without a criminal record. She is an amazing attorney, and an amazing person. She is compassionate, dedicated, and excellent at what she does.
  • Joe

    Nov 02 2017 Michelle is a great attorney. She was always available to me when I had questions. Thanks!
  • Bobby

    Aug 06 2015 Michelle has a total understanding of the laws as they apply, she has always done what she said she would do, and has kept me informed of the process and progress whenever needed
  • Robin

    Aug 06 2015 I have used Michelle Merson's legal services. I live in Palm Beach County Florida. She came highly recommended by people in the community. She undoubtably, helped me with a very sensitive legal matter. Her professionalism, intelligence and knowledge guided me through my situation. I highly recommend using her services, everything she commits to she delivers. I would advise hiring her when in legal need. Wonderful experience and a very rewarding outcome .
  • Kate

    Aug 06 2015 I had heard about Ms. Merson's work through a number of people in the Boca Raton area that she had helped, so when a friend of mine got into a little bit of trouble and reached out to me for help, I immediately thought of Ms. Merson. My friend was a newbie to the legal system and was scared out her mind and afraid to talk to any attorneys! I finally convinced her to meet with Ms. Merson and she was retained on the spot! Her caring, compassion and understanding were exactly what my friend needed to get her through this difficult situation. Thankfully, Ms. Merson was able to get the charges dropped and was even able to expunge the record so that there wasn't even a record of her arrest at all! Gone completely!! Now she doesn't have to worry about leasing an apartment or applying for a job. Ms. Merson worked miracles and we were so thankful to have heard about her.
  • Amy

    Feb 22 2015 Never having to experience any immediate and concerning legal issues in the past, I was fortunate to find attorney Ms. Michelle Merson. She made me feel instantly at ease with my situation as she was extremely knowledgeable and thoughtful. Her attentive nature and swift actions made my case as painless as can possibly be, allowing the experience to now be a thing of the past. The comfort in knowing that there are lawyers like Ms. Merson out there who are ready to fight for you, and do so with honesty and integrity has me know that she will always be my family’s “go to” lawyer in times of need.
  • Mariann Bilku

    Feb 20 2018 Was impressed with her professionalism and rapid response to my needs.
  • Paul Steger

    Feb 20 2018 Michelle Merson was very helpful in resolving my issue. I would refer her services to anyone.

    Feb 13 2018 Michelle is very hard working and professional. She understand her clients needs and expectations. I would highly reccmmend her services.
  • Daniel Peterson

    Nov 17 2017 Hello everyone looking for an honest and caring attorney look no further than Michelle Merson! She was able to get my case dismissed, and I am in the process of using her for an expungement. ( She gives discounted prices to her clients for expungment ) Thanks again. I would refer her to anyone!
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