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Reviews and Testimonials

  • Sally Farrar

    Nov 14 2020 Incredible!
  • Phil J Craig

    Sep 21 2020 Michelle is the Best it gets She saved my hide more than once. And she has done good to everyone I have sent to her over the past 25 years
  • Joshua Turner

    Aug 31 2020 I have been in search of a tax attorney in the Salt Lake area for some time. I have gone to other practices but they didn’t have the depth of knowledge and expertise I experienced at Michelle Turpin’s office. She is knowledgeable, direct, gave me excellent advice and I will continue to use her practice for these reasons for the foreseeable future. I highly recommend Michelle for all of your tax and financial needs.
  • Chris Wharton

    Aug 24 2020 I refer all my clients to Michelle Turpin for their tax law needs.
  • JWR

    Aug 21 2020 Quickly and knowledgeably solved problems for me in a very professional & painless manner.
  • Damon E Coombs

    Aug 21 2020 My law practice involves tax and business planning, and I have seen Michelle in action. When it comes to controversies with the IRS, Michelle knows her stuff, and does a great job for her clients.
  • Kenneth Mackay

    Aug 21 2020 I am a CPA helping clients of Michelle Turpin P.C. with tax consultation and preparation of tax returns. They are very good to work with and I have heard their clients tell me how helpful they have been.
  • Todd

    Aug 21 2020 Michelle Turpin and her staff are very professional and extremely knowledgeable. I would highly recommend them to anyone.
  • Mike

    Aug 21 2020 I've referred many friends to Michelle Turpin PC and they've all raved about their experience.
  • Mike

    Aug 21 2020 I've referred Michelle Turpin P.C. to many friends and they've all raved about their experience.
  • Cheryl Kehl

    Aug 21 2020 Michelle helped me with a tax problem that seemed overwhelming and difficult, and I was very impressed with her professionalism, understanding, and ability to manage the IRS successfully on my behalf
  • Traci Coleman

    Aug 21 2020 MIchelle is at the top of the list for her tax planning expertise in Utah. My own family attorney highly recommended her and I was so impressed with her knowledge of tax law. I will definitely use her again.
  • James Cannon

    Aug 21 2020 For some time I worked in an office across from Michelle's and had ample opportunity to observe her practice and would recommend her to anyone in need of her legal and/or accounting skills.
  • wally Bugden

    Aug 21 2020 Michelle guided me in representing a criminal defendant with significant tax problems. No tax crimes charged because of Michelle's knowledge of tax laws and her familiarity with how tax cases get filed as criminal matters.
  • Barry Clarkson

    Aug 21 2020 I have worked with Michelle and her firm on several matters specifically related to taxes. She and her firm are very professional and get the job done.
  • MS

    Aug 21 2020 Michelle is a Pro
  • Kip Eardley

    Jul 22 2020 I’ve worked on several projects with Michelle and she has always been quick to find resolutions and is meticulous in every detail.
  • Lori Aquilino

    Jul 22 2020 Great to work with and I highly recommend!!!
  • Preston Wood

    Jul 22 2020 Very professional and easy to work with
  • James Cannon

    Jul 22 2020 Outstanding tax law services
  • JD

    Jul 22 2020 No one knows tax law or fights harder for her clients than Michelle! I would never want to face the IRS without her and her staff.
  • wally Bugden

    Jul 22 2020 Michelle gave me insightful advise on a tax issue that was the subject of a criminal investigation. Her advise helped to prevent the filing of criminal charges.
  • Abel Arutyunyan

    Jul 22 2020 Great people and very professional
  • Debby Berdan

    Jul 22 2020 Michelle is the ultimate professional. Knowledgeable, understanding
  • Stephen Justesen

    Jul 22 2020 Excellent
  • Judi Wiles

    Jul 01 2020 Michelle was able to answer questions solve problems efficiently and confidently!
  • Sadé Turner

    Jun 29 2020 Michelle is extremely knowledgeable, skilled, and diligent. I highly recommend her to anyone in need of a tax litigator.
  • Steve Dougherty

    Jun 29 2020 I've known Michelle for several years. As a transactional attorney, I often need high end tax advice for my clients. Michelle is my go-to tax attorney. Clear thinking and honest analysis.
  • D H

    Jun 25 2020 Very Efficient and knowledgeable
  • DD

    Jun 24 2020 Positive
  • Jolana Givens

    Jun 24 2020 I have used Michelle Turpin for over a decade. She is a professional, down to earth and incredibly dedicated to her clients. Her timely delivery, clarity of message and personalized attention with incredible knowledge delivering positive results. I’m very thankful to have her on my side.
  • Alex Demitrie

    Jun 23 2020 Excellent law firm! Michelle Turpin is highly experienced tax attorney with many years of practice and millions saved for hundreds of happy clients. Highly recommended.
  • Heather Farrar

    Jun 23 2020 Very professional and always helpful. I would highly recommend Michelle and her team
  • Howard Rowley

    Jun 22 2020 Needed highly technical advice, received same with total accuracy!
  • Elizabeth Jones

    Jun 22 2020 I have known Michelle Turpin for over 20 years, I consider her a best friend. Michelle is impeccably honest, incredibly smart and has an amazing work ethic.
  • Laura Gray

    Jun 22 2020 As an estate planning Attorney, ive worked with Michelle on several case with complex tax issues. She has done an excellent job on all off them.
  • Maxime Kind

    Jun 22 2020 I had tax questions about my residency and everyone else I called wanted a large retainer to help me.  Michelle Turpin and her staff helped me at a fraction of the cost; they are the most ethical and experienced tax law firm that I could find. I highly recommend them to anyone who has tax questions or issues.  
  • Jennifer Johnson

    Jun 22 2020 Super knowledgeable, very easy to work with. Lots of experience working with difficult tax issues.
  • Kip Eardley

    Jun 22 2020 I have known Michelle for several years and have worked with her on several commercial tax issues. Michelle has a thorough understanding of the tax laws and has been exceptional in quickly resolving several tax issues on properties that we were in the process of acquiring and for a corporation that I consult with. We highly value her expertise and professionalism.
  • Judi Wiles

    Jun 22 2020 Michelle is very knowledgeable & professional, in her field of practice!
  • Barry Clarkson

    Jun 22 2020 I have worked with Michelle and her firm many times in resolving tax related matters with both the State of Utah and the IRS. She and the members of her firm are true professionals and always get the job done. I can recommend them without hesitation.
  • Dustin Rhodes

    Jun 22 2020 Invaluable help. My company still exists today in part because of Michelle’s excellence.
  • Helen Reynolds

    Jun 22 2020 Michelle is an excellent tax attorney. Knowledgable, helpful, vigilant.
  • James Cron

    Jul 19 2019 After receiving an inheritance, I went to Michelle for tax planning help. She was able to quickly give me enough information to make decisions and move forward with a plan. She definitely knows her stuff. Her staff was very helpful as well.
  • Christopher Rodriguez

    Jul 09 2019 After searching for someone competent and affordable to help me with my tax debt, I found Mark Barnes at Michelle Turpin P.C.. He gave me straight answers about what I could and could not do and helped get the IRS off my back. They charged me significantly less than all the others were going to charge me as well. Glad I went with them.
  • Jerry Johnston

    Jul 02 2019 Michelle truly has her clients' best interests at heart. She handled everything professionally and efficiently. My questions were always responded to quickly and concisely. I would recommend Michelle to anyone who needs a tax lawyer.
  • Clara Howland

    May 27 2019 Michelle Turpin Law helped our business through a tax audit. They made it as painless and simple for us as they possibly could. If you need assistance with taxes call them! You won't regret it.
  • Johnnie Sasaki

    May 10 2019 I searched the web for tax attorney’s who were familiar with the new opportunity zone tax benefits. The attorney’s at Michelle Turpin P.C. were the only ones I could find who were knowledgeable in this area. They gave me a detailed opinion and charged me considerably less than any of their competitors.

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