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1003 Bishop Street, Suite 2150
Honolulu, Hawaii 96813
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Myles S. Breiner is often sought by the media to comment on big cases and other legal news items. His recognized expertise and Legal Service in Honolulu, Hawaii has landed him several high-profile clients. Why put your future in the hands of a lawyer with less experience and knowledge? Whether you’re facing drug or DUI charges, a homicide charge or are under federal investigation for a white-collar crime, Mr. Breiner prioritizes your rights and your long-term well-being and fights every step of the way to protect your future.
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Reviews and Testimonials

  • TW

    - Aug 12 2020 Myles Breiner was the first attorney I have ever needed. I never want to go through this process again, but I will tell you I was fortunate to have Myles represent me. From our first phone call, he brought my anxiety level from a 10 to a 1, knowing I could go on with my life as he worked on my case, which took about 6 months. Every time I spoke to him, and spoke/emailed with his magnificent assistant, Destiny, or other staff, I was put at ease. In court, he brought down the prosecutor and through an intense, passionate endeavor brought the judge to the conclusion of dismissing the case. It was that day in court that I realized how much work he had done on my case. Myles Breiner does not like to lose a case, and from what I saw, I don't think he ever will. Thank you, thank you, Myles!
  • Mark Mazza

    - Aug 12 2020 A-1...5 STAR...None Better! In a world of uncertainty...Mr Breiner and his amazing staff put's you at ease! I had no understanding of my consequences and from the moment I entered the office I felt assured of my outcome which I was MORE than pleased with. A lot of hand holding and Mr. Breiner...Destiny and whole staff were there for my entire case to answer EVERY question I had. The absolute BEST on the Islands and very happy with my decision to go with this amazing firm!
  • Jessica rapoza

    - May 14 2020 Excellent, gets the job done and fights for his clients
  • D

    - Apr 18 2020 I was able to continue working while Mr. Breiner handled my case.
  • Shaw Awber

    - Apr 15 2020 Myles defended me as a child facing some serious adult charges. Nobody on this island could have got me less than a life sentence. Myles took my case, saved my life and I am a free man today. He never missed a hearing and fought for me for over 10 years! I ran out of money and he came for free. Never asked me for a thing back just that I don’t waste my life and the time everyone invested to get me out. If it wasn’t Myles , it was someone from his staff , someone would always answer and he would always respond. I left my real name because I know how some people just upload fake reviews. This man is a good man, and a great lawyer. Owe him my life.....
  • Jessica rapoza

    - Apr 14 2020 Myles and his team are the best, I am so greatful for everything that they are doing for my son and my family. I don't know what we would do without him at our side. I couldn't ask for a better attorney than him. he is the best. thank you for all you are doing for my son and my ohana.
  • Jessica rapoza

    - Apr 14 2020 Myles and his staff is amazing, they get stuff done. he is an amazing lawyer and fights for what's right. I don't know what me and my family would do without him and his team. thank you for everything you guys are doing for us. I couldn't ask for a better attorney. he is by far the best
  • Jessica Samsal

    Jan 10 2020 Myles and his staff we professional as well caring. Anytime I had questions about my case, someone got back with me quickly and took the time to make sure I understood the process. Legal issues can be daunting but they went out of their way to be helpful. Can't thank them enough.
  • Kay Ann

    Oct 29 2019 The best attorney hands down!! If you want an attorney that will fight using words and wit, you need to hire Myles. Myles was so creative and thought of arguments/defenses I would never had thought of. I was blown away by how Myles was able to shake down the prosecutor and win my case. Getting charged with a criminal case is stressful, but having Myles in my corner made it so much easier and gave me relief. I definitely will recommend Myles to all my family and friends.
  • Robert Kaleikula

    Oct 10 2019 Myles is the absolute best at what he does! He definitely will not sugar coat anything but he will definitely fight for you with everything he has and win! says:

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