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Separation and divorce are among the most stressful of circumstances. Without sound advice from an experienced family law attorney, it's easy for those stressful circumstances to get out of hand. Let me help you navigate this most difficult area and work with you toward a resolution of issues that can be complex and uncertain.
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Reviews and Testimonials

  • Edwyn Gladden

    Feb 24 2020 I think that Mr. Hudspeth. Is a great lawyer. When he took my case. He was honest and forth coming he kept me updated and ask how my granddaughter was.he also gave me some comfort when he found out that my wife. Passed. I was blessed to have him as my Lawyer.He presented a great case against my daughter.
  • JJD

    Dec 10 2019 Mr. Hudspeth, expertly guided me through my legal matters and made sure to provide honest assessments on how he believed my events would unfold. He help me navigate an emotionally tense part of my life and helped me achieve my desired results in the courtroom. I would absolutely use him again if the need presented itself. Thank You, Mr. Hudspeth.
  • B.M.

    Oct 16 2019 I worked with Larry on two different occasions, one regarding a divorce and one regarding child custody. Both cases ended in my favor. Larry was extremely efficient and knowledgeable every step of the way and put me at ease during the entire process. I highly recommend Mr. Hudspeth!! Do not waste your time and money talking to other lawyers like I did in the beginning. Call Larry Hudspeth
  • Daniella M Foltz

    Jul 09 2019 Helped make everything very easy to understand. He listened to my concerns and discussed ways to incorporate similar phrasing into the documents.
  • Lawanda Taylor

    Jul 04 2019 I had a very good experience with this individual. My divorce was speedy and non confrontational. Mr Hudspeth did what he said he would do when it was time to do it.
  • JS

    Jun 05 2019 Mr.Hudspeth went above and beyond my expectations for my case. He is very knowledgeable and realistic about what the best course of action is for your case. Two of the best qualities a lawyer can have! I highly recommend Larry, and should the need arise I will definitely be using him again in the future.
  • Susan M Schurer

    Mar 20 2019 Attorney Hudspeth has been with me through thick and thin. We have been to court several times. It has been a long row to hoe and it has not been easy. Throughout he has been caring, thoughtful, quick to respond and knowledgeable. The results were a grand success in each case. To say it differently: I got what I wanted! I will surely use his services again if I need them in the future.
  • Brandon Caudle

    Feb 05 2019 Thorough, get stuff done attitude. Pricey yet diligent.
  • JD

    Feb 02 2019 Very easy to work with and willing to help in the hardest of times. Was able to work through issues even when I had to be out of state. Very understanding and willing to work out payment plans as well. Thank you
  • AG

    Dec 26 2018 Mr. Hudspeth is very knowledgeable, upfront, and direct. He gives very sound advice along with recommendations that proved to be very beneficial. Communication was adequate both over the phone and via email. I would recommend Mr. Hudspeth to anyone, and would utilize his services again.
  • Desirae

    Dec 10 2018 Mr. Hudspeth did above and beyond for my family. From the very beginning, he was honest and upfront about our situation and guided me all the way to court. He is quick to respond and meet, and always very professional! I went through two other attorneys before meeting him and he is by far the best and I would recommend him to anyone. My husband has now retained him as his attorney for a separate case. Thanks for all that you do!
  • Matteo Rapallini

    Jul 20 2018 I hired Larry to take care of a complicated child custody case which also dealt with a shady separation agreement that had been tempered with post signature. No other Lawyer in the area I spoke with prior to discussing the complexity of the case with Larry had given me the impression to have a positive attitude at the idea of helping me out. From the get go I knew I was talking to a Lawyer who was finally willing to get involved and helping me out. I had two choices, I could have gone with either Larry or a notorious colleague in the same area, I was down to two choices and specifically picked him after reading many reviews and former customer's opinions on either or. I have to say that throughout the process Larry stayed cool and composed, also let me point out that if you are looking for a lawyer that is dishonest, this is not the guy for you because he will not pull the wool over anyone's eye, and will for sure find an honest and legal way to approaching and resolving your case. Our case took nearly two years because the courts were so busy they could not hear us before, Larry made sure I could see my children in the meantime. When the the courts finally heard our case, he was prepared. His motto is to approach every case with honesty and to look at things for what they are, but in doing so he has a way of clearly demonstrating the facts and to argue any case in such way to find the best resolution for his clients. He also will never tell you what you want to hear, he will tell you what he knows and will always be straight forward with you, this means he will not bill you and convince you to do anything he does not think will be worth doing just because he can take money from you without a reason. In whole, Larry is someone you can trust, he is a good person and being a good person also implies that if he thinks he wants to help you, he will do this because he believes in you and thinks you are a good person also, so it is always a win win. In my case, my children are now living with me and will have a better life thanks to him, they will always be grateful to him for this, so rest assured you cannot go wrong when hiring Larry Hudspeth, if he will tell you he can help making your situation better, he will because he knows he can.
  • JM

    Jun 07 2018 Mr. Larry was very professional and pleasant. Having to deal with an out of state case, I was afraid and did not know where to begin. He handled everything for me in a timely manner and I did not have to travel to have the matter taken care of. Thank you Mr. Larry for your help and thank you for making this experience easy and simple.
  • Krystal Edens

    Apr 11 2018 Mr. Hudspeth was always willing to help in any way. He was very patient, understanding, would answer calls in a timely manner and even take calls or messages before/after working hours. I highly recommend him!
  • Ange

    Mar 31 2018 He was great! Always responsive and incredibly knowledgeable.
  • Lynn Galyean

    Mar 03 2018 Larry Hudspeth has been wonderful in assisting with my divorce! He is personable, knowledgeable and prompt. He has been very caring and patient. I would recommend him highly to anyone needing legal services!
  • Jason Keough

    Mar 01 2018 Always gave sound legal advice and related to me as a father. I’ve had a few other well know attorneys in this town and by far Larry has been the fairest.
  • Shayann

    Mar 01 2018 Mr Hudspeth is an excellent lawyer that represented me in a child custody case. He was very knowledgeable, honest and realistic with his recommendations for my case. It was very easy to contact him if I had any questions or concerns and that’s what I truly appreciated the most. I wouldn’t estimate to recommend Mr Hudspeth and if I am very in need of a lawyer in the future, I know who to contact. Mr Hudspeth I absolutely appreciate your professional service and God Continue to bless you.

    Mar 01 2018 The process is working, thanks to Bob and his team. Thanks.
  • Michael Hethcoat

    Jan 31 2018 Larry Hudspeth is first and foremost an excellent attorney, with particular talent and experience in the area of family law and, most importantly, proceedings affecting children. He is very bright and approaches each case with remarkable innovation, pace and determination. He always provides support above and beyond his brief, with enormous charm, compassion and generosity; which is so greatly appreciated during the course of a highly acrimonious dispute and very difficult time personally. Above all, he has sound judgement and can be relied upon to deliver the best possible outcome.
  • Len Banks

    Jan 30 2018 Larry is a great attorney! Direct, precise and to the point. Larry is realistic about the outcomes and very responsive when it comes to matters of urgency. I am currently using his services and greatly appreciate all that he is doing for my family and I.
  • David Greer

    Jan 20 2018 Very friend and precise, willing to work with you on ever changing situations. Would use again in heartbeat. Also very military friendly.
  • Monica

    Jan 20 2018 Lawyer Hudspeth has been my attorney for quite some time now. I have been battling a child support case. Thus far Mr. Hudspeth has been great! He’s is very informative and is realistic of the what the outcome could possibly be. Mr. Hudspeth is professional and very knowledgeable. Upon completion of my case I will this review.
  • MSButler

    Jan 14 2018 Mr. Hudspeth did a great job in a timely manner, his help was greatly appreciated. While I was deployed he used his expertise to efficiently take care of my case. I recommend Mr. Hudspeth to any who are seeking an expierenced and very professional lawyer. Thank you for your help and guidance!
  • Edwyn Gladden

    Jan 02 2018 very helpful, inform me on everything that I had to due to get custody of my granddaughter. thank you
  • Andrew B salis

    Dec 01 2017 Larry was beyond my expectation he helped me obtain custody of my son even when I could not pay him he is a great man and even better attorney ill be forever indebted
  • Desirae

    Dec 01 2017 I've used multiple attorneys here in the Onslow county area but none of them have compared to the type of quality and care that Mr. Hudspeth offers. He's straight forward, and tells you with all the details you could possibly want about how the process works. Definitely worth every penny.
  • Molly DeWitt

    Nov 14 2017 I utilized Mr. Hudspeth's services for my divorce and I do not have enough good things to say. He was very up front and honest from the beginning and provided sound, solid advice throughout the lengthy process. He was available via phone and email as needed. Mr. Hudspeth guided me through the process each step of the way and it was very clear that he cares about his clients and is not all about the bottom line. I highly recommend his services to anyone looking for a great divorce lawyer.
  • Tosha Tom

    Jun 07 2018
  • Scott Rixmann

    Jan 14 2018 Great attorney. Fair. Honest. Straightforward. Worth every penny.
  • Quaina Humphrey

    Sep 06 2017 Mr.Hudspeth is an outstanding dedicated hands on incredible attorney!!! Mr.Hudspeth accepts all of his clients and takes all of his clients and their families very seriously as if their his own family. My son, my family and I would not be nowhere today if it weren't for Mr.Hudspeth bringing all of us out through our roughest difficult hardest times we were going through. All of the attorneys I've ever had through out my whole life for anything I've ever have difficulties with the law and worried and had stressful times like this Mr.Hudspeth is the only attorney who has fought for my son and my rights. I know for a fact no other attorney in the whole wide universe could have done a better job or anywhere else could have gave my son and I the justice for our rights the way we deserve like Mr.Hudspeth. If you yourself or know anyone in any type of law difficulties Mr.Hudsepth is the emergency contact best Attorney in America to go to to get justice for you and your families rights the way you deserve!!!! I can promise you and guarantee you FOR A FACT 100{cbbf165febdb5c9e7382d0ea2260dd38549f33437b67133716bb132863876b24} that you have made one of the best memorable decisions in your whole entire life!!! When I say Mr.Hudspeth is very very well hands on and is very dedicated to his clients and his passion for serving families in need, and that Mr.Hudspeth is and always will be. He's the best attorney in America!!!!
  • Teresa Parker

    Sep 06 2016 I obtained Mr Hudspeth after my ex husband took me to court trying to get custody of our 2 children, after talking to an attorney who everyone in Jacksonville says to use that has a reputation of being A man eater and NOT impressed with what they had to offer or their prices I did a search with google and got a list of attorneys who had a great reputation, Mr Hudspeth was the first one on the list and after my first meeting I knew I had found the right one , I have to say I was scared and worried especially at the beginning of the process, as any one in my situation would when it comes to their children . Larry was very understanding , sincere and extremely confident. He laid out a plan of action for my new husband and I to follow in preparation for the court proceeding . The day the hearing started Larry was EXTREMELY PROFESSIONAL, and AMAZING in court. Needless to say we won and maintained custody of my 2 children!! I honestly feel if I had any other attorney other than Mr Hudspeth the outcome wouldn't of been the same, He is AMAZING , I couldn't ask for anyone better. He is extremely knowledgeable and has over 44 years experience , If you want a attorney who treats you like a member of his family and not just a client, then you need to retain him, I am telling everyone I know that he is THE BEST attorney in the United States !! His prices are more than fair in my opinion, and is truly sincere and caring. Mr Hudspeth we CAN NOT THANK YOU ENOUGH !!!!! You truly are a blessing from God, Keep up the great work Thank you SO MUCH, The Parkers

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