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Nancy Cook is the founding partner of Family Law Associates of Richmond, P.C. Nancy’s interest in family law developed during her twenty-year stint as a court reporter while covering all types of litigation throughout Virginia. Graduating from the University of Richmond School of Law, she chose to limit her practice to family law, and more recently has focused on collaborative practice, a teamwork approach to resolving problems of divorce and related issues with dignity and civility. Occasionally serving as a guardian ad litem, she is also an adjunct faculty member at both the University of Richmond’s School of Law and the School of Professional and Continuing Studies. Nancy is also available to serve as a third-party neutral mediator to help facilitate a settlement between parties.Nancy and her husband, Bruce, live in Henrico County and have two grown children and seven grandchildren. She is very active with her church and regularly volunteers at Hope Thrift. Nancy is the author of Maggie in the Middle, published by Infinity Publishing, a story written from a young girl’s perspective about her parents’ custody battle.
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Reviews and Testimonials

  • Gwen G Mattes

    Sep 15 2018 Nancy was incredibly compassionate when I needed her to be, and tough when I needed that. She managed some truly insulting correspondence from my ex with grace and dignity and always encouraged me to take the high road, which I was able to do (well...most of the time :-) )
  • Martha McClerkun

    Sep 05 2018 Excellent
  • Kimberly FAuss

    Aug 19 2018 Nan is a compassionate and experience family lawyer and mediator. She has been committed to collaboration throughout her practice and has been instrumental in bringing client-centered processes and methods to Richmond.
  • Annelise Petry, LCSW

    Aug 19 2018 Having been on collaborative divorce teams with Nancy, I would highly recommend her to anyone looking for a competent, yet compassionate attorney dedicated to helping families navigate as amicably as possible through their divorce. She is a person of high integrity and well-respected by her peers.
  • Tom Williamson

    Aug 16 2018 I am a lawyer who chose Nancy to assist me on a matter in her area of expertise. She assisted me with dispatch and demonstrated a keen eye for detail and offered helpful insights enabling me to achieve an excellent result.
  • LW

    Aug 16 2018 Nancy is a joy to work with. She is knowledgeable and wiling to work on difficult cases by focusing on the kids and/or on helping the families divorce in such a way that there is more respect and less damage done as a result of the process.
  • Lynne Einhaus, Ph.D.

    Aug 16 2018 As a collaborative divorce coach working with Nancy, I have always found her to be insightful and warm as well as very skillful in working with our clients. I highly recommend her.
  • Susan Buniva

    Aug 16 2018 As a collaborative colleague, Nancy has always been a delight to work with. She never fails to be kind and respectful to clients and colleagues. believe Nan's clients feel understood and supported by her.
  • Anonymous

    Aug 06 2018 Nancy has been a steadfast partner to our family throughout a collaborative divorce. While not an easy process even when both parties are committed to its success, the preparation and many subsequent years of co-parenting following our divorce were made easier at critical points by Nancy and her colleagues. She has been an ongoing resource to us when we faced significant decisions - providing keen legal advice and helpful referrals when the issues exceeded her expertise. We could not extend a higher recommendation for considering Nancy as a legal resource.
  • Ginger Garrison

    Aug 06 2018 I found Nancy to be 100{cbbf165febdb5c9e7382d0ea2260dd38549f33437b67133716bb132863876b24} accurate in her advice during a rather trying divorce. We occasionally had a difference of opinion, as I was pretty emotional , but upon reflection, Nancy was seeing things much clearer than I was and stood her ground to ensure the divorce went as smoothly as possible. The outcome could not have been better. The only twist post divorce was handled with swiftness and humor. I recommend Nancy to all my friends. Intelligence, experience, maturity and humor. What more could you want?
  • David Johnston

    Aug 06 2018 Nancy and her team stood behind me for a long time... :)
  • Daniel

    Aug 06 2018 What I love about Nancy, is that she is so accessible. She gave me an easy feeling from day one, and a feeling that she was there to solve my problems in a nonconfrontational way. That fit my personality.
  • Thomas Pronesti

    Jul 26 2018 Nancy is a featured attorney on and we highly recommend her services.
  • Karen Cunningham

    Jan 21 2020 Good food good price
  • Gwen Mattes

    Sep 15 2018 Nancy was incredibly compassionate when I needed her to be and tough when I needed that. She encouraged me to take the high road which I did...well, mostly :-)
  • Martha McClerkin

    Sep 05 2018
  • Kimberly F

    Aug 19 2018
  • Tom Williamson

    Aug 17 2018 I am a lawyer who chose Nancy Cook to assist me when I needed a lawyer in her field of practice. Nancy promptly and thoroughly analyzed my issues and provided excellent advice enabling me to achieve my goals. says:

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