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National Legal Professional Associates, an organization owned by lawyers for the benefit of all lawyers and their clients is a technical consulting firm dedicated to the professional objective of providing the best federal pretrial services, criminal sentencing consulting, appeal assistance, pursuing reductions in sentences, overturning convictions, immigration legal research, case analysis work and related services.
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Reviews and Testimonials

  • Sundae Mullish

    - Aug 07 2023 Mr Robinson you don't not know how much we appreciate everything that y'all are doing thank you so much for everything God bless you and all your team.
  • William O’Dell

    - May 26 2023 My experience with NLPA has been above expectations. I’m still working with them and they have my fullest confidence. They have found due process violations, discrepancies and everything to clear my name. They have also worked with my family. I cannot say enough and my words cannot go far enough to describe my experience! I’m so grateful to Wes and his team for not only hearing my story but looking at my cases to see that what I was saying was in fact true. They’ve given me hope when I had lost it all due to corruption inside the courts of Texas. I look forward to working with them in the future anyway I can to help save children and families from Texas corruption and il-legal Child Trafficking through CPS. Keep up the good work and lets beat this “Legal” Child Trafficking Cartel.
  • Tez Massey

    - May 19 2023 Working with you has been a blessing. You have guided us in the situation we are in where no one else would help…or bother to. You are very prompt about returning calls and helping us. No one else would even return calls or give advice. Thank you so much!
  • Tez naylor

    - May 19 2023 Wes thank you so much for helping us when no one else cared to figure out or won’t to do you answer my calls promptly and give me best advice for our situation thank you
  • Audrey Lessner

    - May 18 2023 My husband and I have been trying to locate a supporting team of experts who not only assist in our desperate time but support us while we endure this tribulation. Not only is the NLPA helping my husband but they are assisting my brother also who was wrongfully convicted for the same criminal accusations as my husband. Our family case is very unique and for most lawyers is considered impossible. But God made a way! With the NLPA!!!
  • Brenda J.

    - Mar 25 2023 Oh thank you so much I said it once and will say it again I am so blessed to have found you thank you so much
  • Emily O’Dell

    - Mar 06 2023 Thank you so much for being so attentive to us. It really means a lot after 4 yrs of not being heard and nothing being done. Thank you again.
  • Christine Lewis

    - Mar 02 2023 I am greateful that I actually talked to a live person,he said you would talk to me ,about helping my beloved son, 918289-5321
  • Carmen Evans

    - Feb 04 2023 Thank you very much for everything you are doing for Danny’s freedom!
  • Adam C goins

    - Jan 09 2023 I need some assistance taking a look at Joseph regions file and looking forward to getting out of jail whatever it takes I need some advice and we'll make payments or put grant in home or remodels or permit or whatever you can come to our rooms please call at 409-291-1672 my name is Adam
  • Zainab Nur’Iman

    - Dec 28 2022 There complete time and experience in my husband situation.
  • Marla Gamble

    - Nov 23 2022 Praying for help!! Chris LaCour Public Defender 318-541-6103
  • Ruthie Kaufman

    - Nov 01 2022 Wes i just want to thank you for everthing you have done for us i know scott and i are very thankful we found you. I know Scott will be happy to come home and be with his family again and because of you he will be able to do that thank you and your team so much
  • Wayne Arnold

    - Sep 12 2022 You all have been so wonderful to work with on behalf of my brother. Thank you and your staff for all the hard work you all are doing to get my brother out and get justice for him.
  • Bryant ellis

    - Sep 09 2022 Hope to hear soon
  • Ashley Randall

    - Jul 30 2022 Love it
  • Myeshai Johnson

    - Jul 26 2022 Thank you so much Mr Wes, God Bless you and your organization
  • Bianca Enriquez

    - Jul 26 2022 He means the world to me and our family, people may not see how much we go through when we don't get the justice for a family member or a loved one. In these times where nobody will help people that have been wrongfully done by the people and system we need people like you. I hope you have a great day Mr. Robinson.
  • Patricia Collard

    - Jul 12 2022 I believe in you!
  • Chrystal W.

    - Jun 27 2022 Wow you have an awesome track record we look forward to moving forward with you on getting my friend home he only has 2yrs left please thank you God bless you.
  • Dave Kelly

    - Jun 26 2022 The government asked for 180+ at sentencing. We asked for 96 months. I think he came out pretty well given everything (including a category VI). When he first hired me, he said “just get me 10 and I’m good.” We delivered. Thank you all for working with me and Terrance on the case. Your help and interaction with my clients always makes things better!
  • Jeremy Polk

    - Jun 20 2022 Look's like a firm I'd need to invest my effort in.
  • Shun A.

    - Jun 05 2022 Thank you Mr. Wes. You don’t know the relief I felt just now. Thank you for everything that you are doing for our family. Thank you so much!
  • Susanna Ophelia

    - May 29 2022 I am so delighted to be dealing with you the hope u gave me is no words
  • Jay F.

    - May 24 2022 Thank you so much Mr. Robinson we are so blessed to have you.
  • Tony

    - May 14 2022 Great
  • W. Christian

    - Apr 22 2022 Very easy to work with. Top qualify evals. Our legal firm has been pleased to use them many times in the past. Recommend highly.
  • Brenda Johnson

    - Apr 18 2022 Thank you so much and I appreciate you staying in touch with me always that says allot.
  • Tory Jones

    - Mar 17 2022 Great
  • B.B

    - Mar 09 2022 It was helpful. Thankyou. I give you 5 stars
  • Shantel Johnson

    - Jan 24 2022 Since we’ve hired the NLPA for assistance for our loved one, Mr. Wes and his team has been nothing but great to us thus far. Their communication is exceptional and they have been there to answer every single question or any concerns . I pray that everything works out in our favor with the help of NLPA.
  • Jaquectta Wilson

    - Jan 14 2022 The first day I hired the NLPA for assistance I was skeptical, but the very next day we were communicating as if we knew each other for years. The information that they're providing and advise goes beyond and above my expectation. I definitely respect and love the way everything is being handled we couldn't do it alone Mr. Wes Robinson has been my point of contact and whenever he can he will and it's constant I almost can't believe the amount of time and dedication that they're putting in to help my family member I definitely appreciate the opportunity to work with them and let them work with me it's awesome. I highly recommend this company.
  • Sundae S Mullish

    - Jan 12 2022 Mr Roberson and his whole team is wonderful they will answer any questions that you have they will assist you in any kind of way they have went overboard to help my brother-in-law they are wonderful people they are Christian people I just love them and if you are looking for someone that will help you and help your family these are the people that you need to get in touch with I was blessed to be able to find them God directed me to them thank you so much Mr Robinson and your team God bless you and your team thank you so much.
  • Victoria Pierson

    - Nov 01 2021 NLPA was very informative and helpful to us. They connected us with a great attorney and provided thorough research. Thank you!
  • Jazmen Pritchett

    - Aug 06 2021 You've been such a blessing , thank you so much for all your time, patience, assistance and wonderful personality.
  • Kenneth ballard

    - Aug 04 2021 So easy to work with!!! Always available to answer questions and easy to talk to about issues at hand!
  • Tamesa

    - Jul 19 2021 Thank you for helping my brother
  • Angel Deanna Mendez-Medrano

    - Jun 08 2021 I know God is making a way we are VERY HAPPY HE FOUND YOUR NLPA INFO.
  • Debbie Robinson

    - Jun 07 2021 Thank you! You don’t know how much we appreciate your help. God has blessed us with all of you.
  • Cherelle Jackson

    - Apr 22 2021 Thank you for helping my husband.
  • Robert Hjortsberg

    - Apr 08 2021 Y’all did an excellent job on the last case we worked on together.
  • Mark Eppley

    - Mar 10 2021 We are forever grateful and promise to put forth quality advocacy and aggressive and zealous representation while continuing to honor NLPA.
  • Ranesha Jones

    - Mar 02 2021 You're the best! Thank you for all your help.
  • Billie Freeland

    - Feb 17 2021 I've heard all good things!
  • Ranesha Jones

    - Jan 29 2021 I am extremely grateful for the NLPA and for your services and I just want you to know that we appreciate you.
  • Nadine cruz

    - Dec 30 2020 Good info to know havent used yet. Stsring
  • Robin Suggs

    - Dec 22 2020 Thanks so much! Praying God's will and blessings for my son's release. I feel so blessed that he's established such great friendships over the years. So grateful to you.
  • Darcy Young

    - Dec 16 2020 Hi Mr. Robinson, not sure if you remember my husband, but I truly wanted to thank you for all the world you did a few years back. I wanted to update you that today the DA conceited and asked for him to be resentenced. After all these years Asinia will be home. Wanted to share the good news! Thank you!
  • alma price

    - Dec 10 2020 have not talk to anyone yet ,but found the website very helpful
  • Andre Dowdy

    - Sep 23 2020 Only God knows how my cases will turn out but I just wanted to say that talking with you has always calmed my fears for some reason and you have been a very stand-up guy. If you have any volunteer work on your organizations behalf I would jump at the opportunity. I believe in you and your work and I am a very capable educated guy and Columbus, Ohio people need your services, if should need assistance.
  • Debra Brooks Folkes

    - Jul 20 2020 Dear Mr. Robinson, We are finally able to share “good news” with you and the team at NLPA…my Uncle was granted Geriatric Parole with the contingency that he be transferred to live in Florida with our family here. It has been a very, very difficult 10 years. Unfortunately, it doesn’t have the “fairy tale” ending that we all imagined. We traveled to Virginia to pick him up last week and transport him to Florida. When we arrived at State Farm Correctional Center to pick him up, what we picked up was not my "Uncle Don”. We picked up an abused, fragile, mentally incapacitated, filthy, injured caged animal. He was in prison for 10 years, but with the physical abuse by other inmates, the poor medical care, lack of medical care and can food/vending machine diet for 10 years, he’s aged 20-25 years. We are scheduling all the medical and psychological counseling appointments that we can and we will remain hopeful and optimistic that he will be able to recover as much as possible and experience some quality of life for the little time he may have left. If the intent of the prison system was to break a person physically, emotionally and mentally, I would have to say the Virginia Department of Corrections succeeded. We are grateful for his parole release after 10 long years. We will do everything we can to get him the care he needs. We are so thankful for your direction and help along the way. I wanted to let you know that he was released and we have a long road ahead for our family to try to save him.
  • Joanne Taylor

    - Apr 11 2020 Mr. Robinson is very passionate about his job and also very knowledgeable. He was available anytime I needed him and never hesitated to provide me with knowledge and answers. I always felt as if I was his only client. I would recommend his knowledge and advice to everyone who is looking to gain justice. After each call he always ended with !God Bless you !. That assured me that I was working with the right person.
  • Gabriel Munoz

    - Apr 06 2020 Great working with mr. Robinson very likely we will use him in the near future
  • Grant Nilsen

    - Feb 24 2020 The NLPA has done an excellent job helping my brother in his case to win his WRIT. They provided excellent research to his lawyer for him to use in his Appeals. He has successfully won an Appeal and is moving forward to gain his deserved freedom. Our family has been very impressed with their quickness and compassion through the legal process. Thanks, NLPA.
  • karen Grover

    - Dec 26 2019 Wes and Karen will go above and beyond for you. They truly have your best interest in providing the best legal route for what you are facing. They are very knowledgeable and will fight for you.
  • kamran mashayekh

    - Nov 18 2019 Mr. Robinson was highly responsive and prompt in my request for his services. He is attentive, a great listener, flexible and understands the sense of urgency that attorneys are subject to when faced with tight deadlines. He is an invaluable asset to his organization.
  • Glenn-Carlisle

    - Nov 14 2019 NLPA is a awesome team and it’s been a pleasure working with everyone. I love how compassionate, professional, and dedicated Mr. Wes and the team we’re working with me and my husband. When it seemed like their was no real genuine help available and no hope, NLPA came through and shed light on the situation and showed us there was a way. I look forward to working with everyone again, this journey is only the beginning and long over due. I would recommend them to anyone. You can’t beat having a strong team behind you that’s reasonable and for the client, not this crooked system.
  • Curtis L. Bryant

    - Sep 23 2019 I have now been receiving information the past three weeks in a timely consistent manner. I just want to drop a quick note to say thank you for being assiduous in correcting your time span in which you send me information. The information on these topics are of much help to me while I'm waiting to enter plea negotiations with the prosecutor. Continue the good work. I am looking forward to reading more info as it comes in.
  • KN

    - Sep 17 2019 The NLPA really helped shed light on our situation and what our legal options were at this point in our case. The NLPA also connected us with a lawyer that was knowledgeable in our case, who we otherwise would not have been able to locate.
  • Joanne Taylor

    - Sep 09 2019 Love it! Very impressive letter. Keep up the good work!
  • Andre

    - Sep 09 2019 Only God knows how my cases will turn out but I just wanted to say that talking with you has always calmed my fears for some reason and you have been a very stand-up guy. If you have any volunteer work on your organization's behalf I would jump at the opportunity. I believe in you and your work and I am a very capable educated guy and Columbus, Ohio people need your services, if should need assistance.
  • Shawn Vanhoose

    - Jul 31 2019 I had a very good experience and caring professional help in this case and I would recommend this company to anyone in the future sincerely Shawn vanhoose
  • Shawn Vanhoose

    - Jul 28 2019 I had a exceptional ,and professional help I needed on this case, I would highly recommend in the near future , I give them 5 stars
  • Nicole Gardner

    - May 29 2019 Wes and Staff where on top of it, they took the time to educate me and the issues and went above and beyond to access documents to show proof of there findings. KUDOS!!
  • J.S.P

    - May 29 2019 They have been working with me and my family for the past few years and when I say business is being handled that what they do they take care of your loved ones thanks NLPA/ Wes is excellent and what he does? Keep him around!
  • Angela Stoddard

    - Apr 21 2019 My fiances is currently incarcerated waiting for new trial. NLPA has outstanding reputation for getting the job done. NLPA are very affordable compare to other attorney they will suck you dried leave you with no results. Mr. Wes Robinson, Glenda Curry, the Attorney and Investigator has always kept me up to date on everything that is happening by emails, phone calls, sometime by mail. I really appreciate Ms. Curry she is always there to answer any question that I might have about the case, when others not available. They will return my calls ASAP without hesitation. Keep up the outstanding work you provide to my future husband. Let's bring him home team. Thank you Angela Stoddard
  • Gwendolyn Jackson

    - Apr 03 2019 Great and very satisfied
  • Gwendolyn Jackson

    - Apr 01 2019 It has been a pleasure working with NLPA they explain everything to you and they give you a piece of mind knowing things are going to work out for your loved one and that it is still Hope.
  • Tammy Bickett

    - Mar 31 2019 They are good we pay them and they get it done
  • Marsha Mccormack

    - Feb 28 2019 What I have noticed so far is I feel that nlpa. Is listening to me I have had lawyers prior and they have taken my money with 0 results. I have recommended this group. I think there is more hope here than anywhere else. Someone s life is is too important to leave in the wrong hands

    - Feb 28 2019 My son is currently trying to appeal a conviction ! My experience with Mr Wes Robinson and the other staff at NLPA has been a great one ! They are always very professional and courteous ! It is a very stressful time for me and they are always willing to answer my questions and listen !! Mr Robinson is so pleasant and easy to talk to !! I have heard a lot of positive things about NLPA as far as them assisting a lot of people ! I am praying that the results for my son's case will be victorious as well !
  • Darcy young

    - Feb 04 2019 My fiancé and I hired NLPA in 2017. We are not only impressed with quick response time but the personalization we feel. All those at NLPA have been accommodating and encouraginjng. I would highly recommend their services. Thank you for fighting with me for my fiancé’s freedom!
  • Marsha Mccormack

    - Jan 31 2019 Well so far nothing has happened in the case but I have finally Seen what other well played lawyers weren't even doing that nlpa has.whenever I've had a question it gets answered right away. I have have referred NOLA to many others in need of help
  • James P. Craig, Attorney

    - Jan 30 2019 I am a criminal attorney in South Carolina practicing in both state and federal courts for over 45 years and I have used NLPA for research and legal brief writing assistance in many cases for many years and I have always found them to be professional, honest and above all, very helpful in my practice.
  • Keith E. Golden

    - Jan 30 2019 I have worked with NLPA since its inception. I do not have a large staff and rely on NLPA for research and drafting of pleadings in complex criminal cases. I have found NLPA to be invaluable to me and recommend them highly to all.
  • Mike Gilberti

    - Jan 30 2019 I have been handling cases with NLPA for about 20 years. They do a top notch job of research, client service and follow up.
  • Janet Keefe

    Jan 29 2019 NLPA is known for their above and beyond approach in their services. Their team of consultants are caring and professional. They have assisted families and defendants since 1986. I would strongly recommend this firm to anyone in need of help with a criminal matter. Janet K Marco Island
  • jim c

    Jan 28 2019 I am a criminal attorney in South Carolina practicing in both state and federal courts since 1972. I have been working with NLPA for the past 10 years for legal research and legal brief writing and I have always found NLPA to be professional, through and extremely helpful in both state and federal cases in which they have been involved. James P. Craig, Attorney, Columbia, S. C.
  • fedsmack

    Jan 25 2019 As a defense attorney who represents criminal defendants in the federal system, I know that it can be difficult to compete with the vast resources of the Government when defending my clients. My law firm, Robinson & Brandt, PSC, has used the research and drafting services of National Legal Professional Associates in dozens of cases over the past 18 years. In each case, the services provided by their research staff were excellent and beneficial. In many of those cases, the research we received from NLPA helped persuade the court to grant relief for our clients. I highly recommend NLPA's services to anyone needing research and drafting assistance in a criminal case.
  • Karen Oakley

    Jan 24 2019 NLPA is a wonderful legal resource. They have a great deal of legal knowledge and their record speaks for itself. They are a phenomenal group of people. The staff is always courteous and questions are answered quickly. I may not always like the answer but they are very professional and extremely prompt.
  • Glenda Long

    Nov 02 2017 I have been working with NLPA for the last two years with a family member who is incarcerated and a really great friend I didn't expect to know someone going through serious legal issues, but they got caught up in drug charges Do you need a lawyer you can Trust? Are you desperately looking for a Professional Team of experts? Then you have found them! I have witnessed the IMPOSSIBLE becoming POSSIBLE! I have seen them bring Hope and Follow up! They actually ~ always return phone messages and emails! There is No better Legal Representation out there in my opinion! Plus, they work with you to make it affordable! I have watched them gain Victory in each situation! I Highly Recommend NLPA and their Staff ! They Are the ONLY Team I Trust!!! Call them TODAY! Tell them Glenda Highly Recommends Them! You won't be sorry! says:

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