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420 Lexington Avenue, Suite 2440
New York, NY 10170
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We are known for our tenacity and for zealously representing the interests of clients. Our focus is on quickly resolving complex legal problems with innovative solutions. The firm has a demonstrable history of achieving extraordinary results.
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Reviews and Testimonials

  • FB

    Feb 08 2019 Neal is a fantastic laywer. When I have needed help negotiating with my employer, I have always turned to Neal. He has always provided excellent guidance and counseling to help me navigate through some difficult issues. He knows how to fight for what you deserve and what is fair. If I had done this on my own, I would have likely burned a few bridges along the way. He has also helped me avoid ruining relationships unnecessarily while looking out for my best interests. I know I would have not had the positive outcomes that were achieved without Neal’s advise and assistance. I will be forever grateful to him. I highly recommend Neal.
  • LMS

    Feb 07 2019 Personable. Professional. Result Driven. One of the best!
  • Al Stotzer

    Feb 07 2019 Neal is the best attorney I've ever worked with. He is technically astute and understands the needs of our business. Many thanks to Neal for the fantastic service and results.
  • Peter Plaut

    Feb 07 2019 Neal is the best of the best. He is extremely professionally, knowledgeable, but most importantly caring for the person on the other side of his desk — something that is truly lacking in the legal field in recent decades
  • Peter Plaut

    Feb 07 2019 Neal is the best of the best! Extremely professional and knowledgeable. But most importantly, he truly cares for his clients - something that is extremely rare to find!
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