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At the Butte County law office of Norman J. Ryker III, we know how difficult family law issues can be. Whether you are involved in divorce, custody, support or any other family law matter, you need an experienced California family lawyer to protect your rights and interests — in and out of court.
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Reviews and Testimonials

  • Robert Bowman

    May 03 2019 Great support, Norm. Everything is going smoothly. Catalina will be 4 on June 6th. Serena proposed 50-50 custody starting on her birthday. Hope Abe and she can work out the details.Thanks, Bob
  • Asia Reece

    Feb 03 2019 I am Active Duty military stationed outside of the state of California and needed legal assistance with the custody of my children. Mr . Ryker was very patient with explaining all of his answers to my queations. Mr.Ryker and his staff are truly dedicated to their customers and I would recommend his services to anyone looking for a lawyer in the area.
  • Roberts Bowman

    Feb 02 2019 Norm is great lawyer and has always given good advice and been willing to mediate conflict effectively. Highly recommend.
  • Leslie Jackson

    Jan 14 2019 Fast, efficient and knowledgeable!

    Jan 08 2019 I had a very hard and complicated interstate custody case that no one wanted to help me with. Norman not only stepped up and took the case, but helped me understand the laws and the process. I had a very favorable outcome- which wouldn't have happened without his help! He has continued to help me since the main hearing!
  • Janice Troth

    Jan 05 2019 Less stressful and intimidating than working with other attorneys. Thank you. Your staff is exceptional
  • Jason

    Jan 03 2019 Mr. Ryker is thoughtful, professional, honest, and thorough. He listens and knows family law inside and out. Everything he has done over the years to represent me and my family has always been respectful and is always with the best interest of the family in mind.
  • James Proper

    May 10 2018
  • Mary Nordskog-Lopez

    May 26 2015 I called Norman Ryker to get an answer about a simple question on a divorce. Both the other attorneys I called first would not talk to me without 300.00 charge. Mr. Ryker not only answered my one question but he educated me all about the terminology, t heasked more questions about my case. . He asked me for no money and he even told me if any more questions call him and he would answer. He charges 200 an hour for his time, which is reasonable and most of all he really cares ab out people that cannot afford much. I would say he is one to go to for his knowledge AND his kindness, which is not a common thing!
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