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1600 Genessee, Suite 303, Livestock Exchange Building
Kansas City, Missouri 64102
Civil Rights, Discrimination, Employment, Legal Malpractice, Sexual Harassment, Wage and Hour, Whistleblower, Wrongful Termination
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Reviews and Testimonials

  • A. A. F

    - Aug 25 2020 A very experienced attorney who really cares about his client. He understands clients who have been discriminate against and does his best to help them. my case was against an institution who transferred the case to state attorney general. I will recommend him to my friends.
  • ML

    - Aug 24 2020 Patrick Reavey is an excellent attorney. He and his firm have my highest recommendation.
  • HP

    - Aug 24 2020 Reavey Law went above and beyond my expectations... I highly recommend them if you are ever in need of an attorney specializing in employment law!!
  • Cody patterson

    - Aug 24 2020 As good as it could be for what it was. Very much appreciate all the hard work!

    - Jul 27 2020 The law firm is awesome at what they do. They do their job very well and reach out to their clients in a timely manner if anything is needed from their clients. They are THE BEST
  • Pam Hall

    - Jul 25 2020 the settlement has changed my life.
  • Della

    - Jul 25 2020 Professional and knowledgeable, Patrick helped me through a tough time. Thanks
  • Aeriadini large

    - Jul 13 2020 Would hire again if ever needed. Was never left without info or updates. Always received call backs, and was always informed every step of the way. Would recommend to friends and family or strangers if anyone was looking for an amazing team, super professional, kind, and hard working. An amazing group to work with for sure. Five stars from me.
  • Jeff Bettes

    - Jun 30 2020 Mr. Reavey was very professional and he never left me wondering what was going to happen or when he would contact me.
  • Julie Burns

    - Jun 29 2020 Patrick Reavey is an amazing attorney who always had my best interest at heart. During a lengthy and arduous case he was with me all the way. He helped change my life and he can do the same for you. I highly recommend Patrick and his hard working staff if you want the very best.
  • Dominic

    - Jun 25 2020 Reavey law firm is the best!!!
  • Randy Russell

    - Jun 25 2020 I highly recommend Patrick and the team at Reavey Law. Exceptional legal experts with integrity and professionalism in handling my case.
  • Barney Mayse

    - Jun 17 2020 Patrick worked with me on my case for what seemed like an eternity but he collected the necessary evidence to present my case in a manner that represented my interests and we brought it to a successful conclusion and I have been able to move past that situation in my life. Thank you Patrick and the members of his team.
  • Tommy L Leftwich

    - Jun 09 2020 After being terminated from my job, on a Saturday morning with nothing to do but worry and panic for the entire weekend until Monday, on a whim I read Mr. Reavey’s website and decided to call and leave a brief message. Not only did he obviously listen to my message he stopped his car and called me back with in two hours on that same Saturday. Patrick became more than an attorney to myself and my family in a time of crises he became like family! Can’t say that enough. He was always empathetic to my needs issues, and concerns. I hope I never need his services again but I’d always welcome contact from him or his support staff as they truly made us feel like we were his only client for the better part of four years !! Thank you again!!
  • Angie Swetnam

    - May 27 2020 From the moment I spoke to Mr. Reavey, he and his team were very professional, informative, honest, genuine people. There was no judgement, only factual information. He always looked out for my best interests. I would recommend Mr. Reavey to anyone who needed his expertise.
  • Clara Caswell

    - May 27 2020 They stayed on top of it and did a good job, even when it looked impossible Thank You for a good job. Clara Caswell
  • Randy Russell

    - May 26 2020 Exceptional Client Service and Legal handling of my case.
  • Michael McGuirk

    - May 26 2020 The team at Reavey Law are professional and adept to presenting your case. They are helpful at understanding the law and your rights. We never felt any reservation at choosing the team to represent us. I have already recommended them to other people as professional and courteous people. Also, they are just genuinely nice people.
  • Brian S Bullock

    - May 26 2020 Patrick, Kevin and staff are outstanding. Very attentive to detail. Competent and experienced. Responsive. Very ethical and wanted to do what was best for me as their client. Highly recommend this firm.
  • jon eltonhead

    - May 26 2020 Great Attorney!
  • The Bullocks

    May 26 2020 Patrick, Kevin and staff are outstanding. Very attentive to detail. Competent and experienced. Responsive. Very ethical and wanted to do what was best for me as their client. Highly recommend this firm.
  • Jon Eltonhead

    May 26 2020
  • Abundantly Blessed

    Jan 31 2020 Their awesome they helped me win my case!
  • Joe Noga

    Jul 28 2019 Excellent service, extremely knowledgeable, very friendly, straight-forward advice. Highly recommended. says:

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