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After Graduating Law School, Paul sat for the Iowa Bar Exam in 2005. In addition to practicing Law full time, Paul has continued to raise cattle on his farm near Fairfield, Iowa. In addition, Paul has sat on numerous boards, including the Fairfield Community School District, Iowa State University Extension and Outreach and Area 15 Regional Planning. Paul is also a member of Jefferson County Cattlemen’s Association, Iowa State Bar Association and the Jefferson County Bar Association.

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Reviews and Testimonials

  • Derik L Hirsbrunner

    - Dec 27 2021 Knowledgeable, efficient and punctual. I couldn't ask for anything more.
  • Robert Soberg

    - Dec 20 2021 The problem that I brought to Paul was handled in a very professional manner. He put the evidence together of issue in a manner that we were able to come to a agreement without going to court.
  • Henock Berhane

    - Nov 19 2021 The best attorney I could every find ,he really helped my case and found the best possible outcome I could pray for ,I am so greatfull he was able to take me as a client. Just simply attorneys like him are rare to find never doubt him he will get you the best result you could hope for.
  • James Wilson

    - Oct 22 2021 Property purchase and transfer smooth and simple for our family.
  • J

    - Apr 02 2021 Prompt and thorough in responses to questions. Very courteous and helpful in every interaction. Professional and very competent. Thank you so much! I would highly recommend!
  • MW

    - Mar 05 2021 He handled my situation in a timely manner.
  • MW

    - Mar 05 2021 He resolved my situation in a timely manner and was very professional.
  • Catrina parker

    - Mar 02 2021 It was fast and easy. You help me with everything that i need done. Thank you
  • Steven Kuhn

    - Mar 02 2021 Paul and his Team have always done a fantastic job and I would highly recommend them.
  • Alicia Abbott

    - Mar 02 2021 Paul is amazing, very helpful and always willing to help.
  • Tasha Peck

    - Feb 17 2021 Very professional and honest. Highly recommend
  • Michelle Bonds

    - Feb 06 2021 Paul was able to resolve my legal issues quickly and fair.
  • James Adam

    - Feb 03 2021 I was referred to Paul Miller law services by a family member. I was in a bind for time on an upcoming case. There was a tremendous amount of information that needed to be learned and understood. Paul is a great listener which is a must but also with the expertise on the legal information one needs to know. However, with all the jokes that are out there about lawyers none of them refer to Paul! It is hard to find an attorney who is more honest and professional and genuinely takes each case as if it was his, a trule rarity in legal services of other attorneys!! Rest assured your needs will be met with Paul and his excellent staff.
  • David Wm. Switzer

    - Feb 02 2021 The firm has been assisting my family for many years. Paul has been very responsive, helpful, and on point in legal matters taking the time with us for clear understanding. Thank you for the opportunity to comment.
  • Stephanie Coffin

    - Dec 18 2020 Good
  • Hayley

    - Dec 14 2020 Paul was exactly what I needed in a very quick pinch for a criminal law case that came up quickly. Very knowledgeable and friendly, easy to understand and efficient.
  • Larry & Betty Shipley

    - Nov 15 2020 Paul Miller is very knowledgeable, helpful, and friendly. We have used his services several times and would certainly call him again for future needs and have recommended him to others.
  • William D Glenn

    - Nov 14 2020 Excellent experience with Paul Miller
  • Tamara Belland

    - Oct 14 2020 Paul Miller was very helpful getting a nonprofit corporation set up for us. Everything was well organized, he listened carefully and offered expert advice whenever we needed it. I recommend the Miller Law Office.
  • Hamms

    - Apr 10 2020 Miller Law Office was there for us when we needed an attorney to buy and sell our homes. Very pleased with their professionalism and knowledge and he too will be our future attorney. Paul also referred me on to a specialist in an area he didnt feel he wanted to handle. Pleased and impressed with his honesty.
  • marjorie

    - Apr 10 2020 Mr. Miller is a life saver during such a difficult time in my life. I highly recommend his professional and honest service.
  • Paul Corbin

    - Apr 10 2020 We were looking for an Attorney who could help us in the sale of a parcel of land. We were told that a survey was not required due to legal mumble jumble. I contacted Paul Miller, Attorney at Law, who specializes in real estate transactions. Excellent Service. I now consider Mr. Miller, my "Go To" Legal Representative.
  • Monique Dowgin

    - Apr 03 2020 Highly professional and compassionate assistance with my brother’s estate.
  • Sara Duff

    - Apr 03 2020 Paul did an amazing job! We live out of state and for over 2 years he delivered. From mediation all the way to Iowa supreme court. My step children are safe and thriving more than they have ever have or would have ever had the chance to. Thank you so much Paul Miller and all staff at Miller Law Office for all you have done!!! If we need anymore done in Iowa you are the MAN!
  • MD

    - Apr 03 2020 Mr. Miller is guiding me through a very emotionally tuff time right now dealing with my dearly missed Brothers estate. Mr. Miller is very kind, very professional and very honest. I highly recommend him.
  • Mr. Paul Corbin

    - Apr 03 2020 Mr. Miller assisted us with the sell of a piece of property that had been in our family for several years. He handled everything from drawing up the Purchase Agreement, to closing the sell. He insured that the Abstract was brought up to date and a new Warranty Deed was filed. I would high recommend his office to anyone who might ask for my opinion.
  • Mr. &Mrs. Jeffery Fite

    - Mar 06 2020 Very Professional and Caring Services. I would recommend Paul to my friends and family.
  • larry bogle

    - Jan 31 2020 Provided fast response with positive results.
  • larry bogle

    - Jan 31 2020 provided fast response with favorable results.
  • Tierney hanshaw

    - Dec 13 2019 Paul was great at helping me with helping me with all the things you have to take care of to sell your house on contract,I am very pleased,great guy
  • Jesse Howard

    - Dec 03 2019 Paul is one of the most trustworthy and honest men I've ever met! He is courteous, professional and always willing to go the extra mile in order to best serve his customers!
  • Jacob Lerdal

    - Nov 27 2019 Easy and Painless. First time selling a house and thought this was going to be a terrible experience not knowing anything. They make it very easy for both sellers and buyers.
  • Lyle Hannes

    - Nov 04 2019 Paul and his staff do a great job. I recommend them to everyone!
  • Jason Craun

    - Oct 19 2019 Great customer service.
  • LP

    - Oct 18 2019 Staff is very helpful. Mr. Miller is very professional and knows law procedures. I will continue to place my trust with Miller Law Office
  • Cole Boatright

    - Oct 18 2019 Everyone was friendly the minute you walk in the door. Things have always been ready and in order.
  • David Buchanan

    - Oct 18 2019 Paul is a very talented and straight forward person in and out of the court room. I had a very complex custody case, that tended to get very aggravating at time. Paul was their every step of the way, to support and answer any questions that I might have. He also will tell you the truth good or bad and do his best to represent me in the best manner possible
  • len Maselli

    - Oct 17 2019 Always willing to listen and offer wise counsel in a warm and personal way. Cares for his clients and community.

    - Oct 17 2019 Paul and Joni have been fantastic to work with on several occasions. They truly do make the experience a great one, from some not so great situations. Communication is spot on from email to phone calls to meetings. I would recommend them for anything from a POA to buying and selling property.
  • Michele Faith

    - Oct 15 2019 Being a realtor in town I love giving Paul all my real estate deals as they go so smooth and efficiently. I’ve known Paul a long time I also give him other legal business as well .
  • Jerrod Belzer

    - Oct 15 2019 Paul was very professional, knowledgeable and easy to work with.
  • Linda Grice

    - Oct 14 2019 Great attorney. Knows his business and very helpful. I would definately call on him again if needed.
  • Jason K Vorhies

    - Oct 14 2019 Perfect
  • Frank Redeker

    - Oct 11 2019 I've worked with Paul on the Millane Trust and personally in placing covenants on a acreage we own. He's been professional and prompt in all the business dealings.
  • Bill Viers

    - Oct 11 2019 I've known Paul Miller for over 10 yrs plus....He's represented me more than I'd like to admit...Together we won custody of my of my son and have been through a lot...I've worked side by side with Paul on his farm and have a friend for life....Paul's staff have been nothing but helpful and very professional in all of my interaction with all of them.....
  • Andy Flowers

    - Oct 10 2019 Paul and his team our very professional and are great to work with. In addition, communication is great and very prompt to getting back to you with any needs.
  • Shawn Lisk

    - Oct 10 2019 I've used Paul on many occasions both professionally and personally and he is always very responsive, well-prepared, and very timely.
  • Steve Wemmie

    - Oct 10 2019 Paul is always very helpful to my office and is always open to discussion.
  • Bob Greco

    - Oct 10 2019 Very responsive. Good insights. Very community minded.
  • Linda Oakes

    - Oct 09 2019 I have worked with Paul on real estate closings. He is very efficient & always well prepared for the closings. He works well with his clients. In a friendly way, he explains everything thoroughly to them. Selling or purchasing a home is a huge experience for most everyone. It helps to have someone as capable as Paul working with them. I recommend him highly.
  • Madonna Smithburg

    - Oct 09 2019 Paul Miller has always handled our legal matters in a professional and efficient manner. His office staff are also excellent and go above and beyond to be helpful. Wonderful office with a personal touch.
  • kb

    - Oct 08 2019 Wonderful experience.
  • Ben Harshyne

    - Oct 07 2019 Paul and his team are trusted resources for my land real estate clients. I haven't worked with an attorney that has been more available, responsive, and professional than Paul. Closing are a breeze when him and Joni are on your team. I highly recommend Miller Law!
  • Joanne Terrien

    - Oct 07 2019 Paul has conducted numerous Real Estate closings for my clients. He has always been professional, effective, efficient and pleasant to work with. I highly recommend him to represent buyers and sellers for real estate closings.
  • Barb Hendricks Boley

    - Oct 07 2019 It is always nice working with Miller Law Office. You know your calls will be answered in a timely manner.
  • Ben Harshyne

    Oct 07 2019 Paul and his team are trusted resources for my land real estate clients. I haven't worked with an attorney that has been more available, responsive, and professional than Paul. Closing are a breeze when him and Joni are on your team. I highly recommend Miller Law!
  • Joanne Terrien

    Oct 07 2019 Paul has conducted numerous Real Estate closings for my clients. He has always been professional, effective, efficient and pleasant to work with. I highly recommend him to represent buyers and sellers for real estate closings.
  • Tyson Dimmitt

    May 07 2018 Paul has been a huge help in the past year in assisting me with a sensitive family issue. His communication was clear, patient, concise and he made an effort to reduce my anxiety. I also feel that he was efficient yet very effective with the time he spent on my case and thus I didn't spend more money than necessary to achieve a positive outcome. I highly recommend Paul and I would seek his counsel in the future if need be.
  • Linda Grice

    Mar 02 2018 Paul Miller handled a complicated case for me and I would highly recommend him to anyone looking for a very sensible, conscientious, and knowledgeable attorney. He is honest and efficient at getting the work done. He has more knowledge than most attorneys in the area of agriculture. He does not fool around but gets the work done in an efficient and effective common-sense manner...not wasting time or your money. I highly recommend him. I have worked with a number of other attorneys and he will be my go-to choice the next time I need help. says:

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