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Alimony, Child Custody, Divorce, Legal Separation, Parental Rights, Paternity
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Reviews and Testimonials

  • Heather S

    - Aug 22 2020 Mr. Panico was compassionate and sympathetic to my unique custody concerns, and took the time to understand my situation.
  • Gerry Becker

    - Aug 22 2020 Got the results I wanted. Professional, Fair, and Results oriented. Good Attorney/Lawyer
  • Haley Richards

    - Aug 17 2020 Paul is awesome! I’m so relieved we found someone who isn’t trying to take us for a ride and get as much money as possible from us. We haven’t officially had to hire him yet, however I’ve actually asked if we could pay him (with how many times I call him asking him questions I’ve started to feel bad) but he is so kind and has said multiple times he couldn’t knowingly take our money when he hasn’t done anything (even though he has by giving us advice about our case at least once a week). He truly does care and he truly is a great person. We have been so blessed to find him!
  • Samuel Amos

    - Aug 11 2020 I was very happy to meet Paul. He was incredibly helpful and informative.He understood my frustrations and handled it with such class and professionalism. I would recommend him to anyone. I am so grateful to him and his team for doing their jobs with such heart. 
  • Jackie Miller

    - Jul 28 2020 Paul was great to work with! He is so calm and easy going and always knew how to calm me down and get me to laugh when it was getting too stressful for me. When Paul was busy and I couldn't get a response, I could always go to Beth (his paralegal) and get an answer. They are a great team. I would use them again in a heartbeat and would recommend them to others.
  • Jackie Miller

    - Jul 28 2020 Paul was a pleasure to work with! He is so easy going and calm. He always knew how to calm me down and make me laugh when it was getting crazy and I was stressed out about my divorce. It's been such a long process and he made it so much easier to deal with. If I couldn't get an answer from Paul because he was busy, I could always count on Beth (his paralegal) to get the answer for me and get back to me in a timely fashion. They have been GREAT to work with and I would definitely use them again and recommend them to others.
  • Connie Ament

    - Jul 24 2020 I really appreciated the time Paul spent with me explaining my options. He is very knowledgeable. I highly recommend him.
  • Duke Gregory James

    - Jul 23 2020 Paul took the time to speak with me directly in person and via zoom so he could fully understand my circumstances, my goals, and my timeline. He also showed me several other possibilities and paths that we could take to improve my position and outcome. I would recommend Paul Panico I would come back again for future needs as well.
  • Hayden Smith

    Jul 01 2020 Paul wasn't even hired by me for my case and he went above and beyond what any lawyer in the area would do. Didnt ask me for fees and he was straight forward and direct in finding what best fit my case and me. Professionalism through the roof and cared for my sotuation as if i didnt just meet him 10 minutes prior via phone. When the time comes that i need to hire an attorney for my case he will be the first and last call i make.
  • Mohamed Farah

    Jun 23 2020 Paul R. Panico and his team are the best in town or around Columbus Ohio. Paul is professional, responsive and has a commanding stand in court, if needed in court, he is there for you. What I like about Paul is his personality and professional experience which made our case easy to solve in our favor. Without Paul I am 100{cbbf165febdb5c9e7382d0ea2260dd38549f33437b67133716bb132863876b24} sure that I would loose the case. He has been very helpful getting my case going to the right direction. Paul will responds to any questions and concerns quickly and honestly to the best of his knowledge. If you need someone who fights for the best of yours, I would say go with Paul R. Panico and his professional team.
  • Marina Hong

    Jun 04 2020 Paul is amazing, I would refer him to anyone. He is very knowledgeable, empathetic, and straight forward throughout the whole process. He outlined everything I needed to know, and informed me of how to approach my situation correctly. His passion paired with his knowledge makes him the BEST attorney in the business. Thank you Paul.
  • Pamela Howell

    May 19 2020 What can I say, I love Paul! He is very knowledgeable and compassionate about what he does! He isn't money hungry at all! Paul is down to earth and will walk you every step of the way! His prices are reasonable as well. I highly recommend Paul? Thank you Paul for being there in my time of need!
  • Brian Davenport

    Feb 29 2020 I really appreciated Paul’s approach of being a nonsense attorney. He is straight forward with the entire process. In my initial meeting with Paul he laid out my case and explained what he felt the results of of case would be and he was dead on. Throughout the entire process Beth (Paul’s paralegal) was refreshing to work with. She was always willing to answer any questions I had. Panico law gets results. Thanks again Paul and Beth for all your support during this difficult time in my life. says:

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