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Peter has been practicing law since 1994. He opened the Law Office of Peter L. Marx in 2000 to focus his practice solely on residential real estate. He has been practicing real estate exclusively for 15 years. Prior to opening his own law firm, he had significant litigation and courtroom experience, including arguing before the Illinois Supreme Court.
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Reviews and Testimonials

  • Colleen Layton

    Apr 02 2021 Peter provided great service for this first time home buyer. He provided quick, helpful responses to all questions and ensured that closing went smoothly and quickly. Working with him was a wonderful experience!
  • William Smith

    Mar 03 2021 My wife and I hired Peter Marx to be our real estate attorney for the purchase of our new home. Buying a new house can make you feel overwhelmed at times, and the paperwork can get very confusing for a new homeowner. Mr Marx and his entire staff give you the security and confidence that is needed during this process. In my personal opinion Peter Marx is the best of the best! We would highly recommend the Law Office of Peter L. Marx to our friends and family.
  • Ted Grunberg

    Mar 03 2021 Peter was excellent. I relocated to another country and he was able to help me out remotely. He eased all my worries and made the sale of my property stress free. He’s the type of guy you want on your side.
  • Jessejohnson

    Mar 02 2021 Very good and very thoroughly
  • Anne Halsey

    Mar 02 2021 Peter was great! This is the second time we have worked with him on a home purchase/sale and not only he is very helpful but he is very responsive. Couldn't have asked for a better person to represent us in this process.
  • Jon Turpin

    Jan 13 2021 We truly enjoyed working with Peter. He counseled us through entire buying experience, making sure we felt comfortable at each step and ensuring that everything was in order. We will definitely work with him again in the future.
  • Bryan Tillman

    Dec 16 2020 Great experience!
  • Kayla Mahaffey

    Dec 14 2020 Peter was extremely helpful and explained everything in detail throughout the entire experience.
  • Misa Misevski

    Dec 09 2020 I loved working with Peter. He is very professional. He responds quickly. Peter made the transaction very smooth.
  • Tanya Andersen

    Dec 09 2020 Excellent service! Highly recommended!
  • Natalie Brown

    Nov 28 2020 I was expecting a lot from peter as i was told he might be more expensive but he was a great lawyer. We bought a home and he made theexperience less stressful. He returned my questions promptly and his assistant was helpful as well.
  • Joe P.

    Nov 27 2020 Peter is awesome!!!! He is very knowledgeable, very professional, friendly and his response to a call, text or email is almost immediate. It was a pleasure working with him. I certainly would recommend him for anyone in need of a real estate attorney.
  • Timothy R Kaczocha

    Nov 22 2020 Peter was responsive, efficient, knowledgable, and helpful. Our experience with him was refreshing and stress-free.
  • Steven Nowak

    Nov 22 2020 Peter is the consummate professional, extremely responsive to all our questions
  • Kate

    Nov 17 2020 Fantastic experience. With a lawyer. Seriously! ? I’d recommend Peter Marx in a heartbeat - if you’re looking for calm, experienced, knowledgeable, and nice, he’s your guy!
  • Imrinder Randhawa

    Nov 14 2020 Peter was very kind, helpful, and professional. He never let us feel we were alone in this process. Highly recommend. Already told my cousins about him.
  • Sandra Nowak

    Nov 12 2020 Peter has helped my family and my father with multiple transaction during our home buying process. I would highly recommend him if you require legal representation during the purchase of your home/condo.
  • Steve Nowak

    Nov 01 2020 Very pleasant dealing with Peter. Quick follow up and provided accurate informationmation.
  • Brady Niemiec

    Oct 27 2020 This was my first home purchase and Peter made me feel very comfortable with the process. He was phenomenal and I will use him again in the future.
  • KR

    Oct 23 2020 Peter was very responsive to our emails and answered all of our questions about buying/selling quickly!
  • Serena K Lal

    Oct 21 2020 Peter was great. He was open to hearing our ideas but still provided us with his expert opinion. We ended up going with his suggestion during our negotiation and it was 100% the right way to go. I appreciate that we were able to have a good discussion and debate about it beforehand.
  • Rebecca Bolluyt

    Sep 22 2020 Peter, was efficient, informative, organized, responsive and made closing on our home way less stressful than I had anticipated. He was honest and forthcoming, handling all necessary correspondence quickly and keeping us constantly in the loop. I would definitely recommend to friends or family.
  • Todd Taylor

    Sep 22 2020 Awesome! Efficient and informative every step of the way.
  • Mitchell Greenwald

    Sep 21 2020 I have used Peter for the purchase and sale of our condo and also the purchase of our new home and construction contract. Peter has been in the business for a long time and it shows. While Peter doesn't gloss over details his level of expertise allows him to explain to you exactly what you need to know so he is efficient with your time. So much of this new construction process and builders' contracts is new to me but Peter has put me at ease in assuring me what aspects of the contract are industry standard and where there might be areas to negotiate. Peter is patient, responsive, and always wants to advocate for his clients, I can't sing his praises enough.
  • Jeff Boyce

    Sep 21 2020 Peter helped with the sale of our condo in Chicago. Everything was smooth from our first engaging with Peter and his staff. They stayed in constant touch and handled everything perfectly. I highly recommend!
  • Kathleen Elizabeth Athanas

    Aug 30 2020 Easy to contact and get an immediate response. Friendly and king. A pleasure to do business with Peter.
  • Luis Munoz

    Aug 20 2020 I used Peter for two condo deals and everything was smooth. Any questions I had he answered quickly and thoroughly.
  • Chris Chojnowski

    Aug 19 2020 Peter was awesome with selling my Condo! He made the closing process very easy. A couple things came up in the inspection and he resolved those very quick. Highly Recommend!
  • Silvya Baruh

    Aug 19 2020 Peter took very seriously my selling transaction and finished in no time. I was very happy to work with Peter and everyone can be sure that my next closing transaction will be with Peter as well
  • Frank Shepard

    Jul 23 2020 Peter was first rate all the way and very thorough. Definitely helped this first time home seller feel comfortable through the process and answered all questions in a timely fashion. Highly recommended!
  • Rachelle Cooper

    Jul 16 2020 Great experience! I highly recommend Peter and his team. They made the sale of our home a very pleasant experience.
  • Juan Camacho

    Jun 27 2020 Peter was professional and responsive. He helped me through the purchase and sale of my house. I would recommend Peter to friends and family.
  • Juan Camacho

    Jun 07 2020 Peter was very professional, and responsive throughout my buying and selling process. I would recommend him to my
  • ZS

    Jun 06 2020 This is the 3rd time working with Peter for a real estate transaction. I don't think I could use anyone else. He is always responsive and thorough. All of my transactions have gone smoothly because of him. Thank you Peter!
  • Iryna

    May 17 2020 Absolutely FIVE stars! It was a pleasure working with Peter. He did extra work to ensure the purchase goes through, he was always prompt and responsive. We had a lot of issues and delays with the seller and their lawyer, and Peter took additional responsibility to ensure everything is on time. He is very knowledgeable and easy to work with. I highly recommend Peter!
  • Ed Watkins

    May 04 2020 Peter did a fantastic job representing me in the sale of my condominium. His team was efficient and the signing of all documents was easy and painless. Thank you for a job well done!
  • Ali M

    Apr 07 2020 The whole process went very smoothly. Peter and his associate were very efficient and professional.
  • Rakesh

    Dec 26 2019 Proactive, detailed oriented and very responsive...these words will sum up Peter. Have closed more than 40 properties with Peter and that says it all.
  • Sylvia Guzman

    Dec 20 2019 Mr. Marx was my attorney at my closing and he was very thorough with explaining the process and paperwork.
  • Hunter Andre

    Aug 10 2019 Peter is an expert in real estate law and I trust him implicitly! I would and still do recommend him to all of my clients.
  • Brian L

    Jul 04 2019 Have bought and sold 8 homes and Peter by far is the best real estate attorneys I have experienced. Everything complicated was simplified and even negotiating last minute funds was handled for me. Never has a transaction been so simple and efficient.
  • Brian K

    Feb 20 2019 Everything about Peter's service is outstanding, from his prompt replies to his expert knowledge of all stages of the process and his natural ability to explain everything in a straightforward manner to put you at ease. Peter is an excellent lawyer and his staff also provides amazing service. We have used him multiple times and I cannot imagine turning to anyone else for our home buying/selling needs.
  • RM

    Feb 19 2019 Peter is a fantastic attorney. We have hired him twice for home purchases and he has exceeded expectations on both occasions. He is thorough, always available, and an expert in the field. Highly recommend Peter for his professionalism and expertise!
  • Rhonda M. Anderson

    Jan 28 2019 Peter was referred to me by my agent. He kept me in the loop of everything through emails because I was really busy during the course of purchasing my home. Once I met Peter at my closing, I can say I was very impressed with his friendliness, compassion, and knowledge of his job. He made me feel comfortable in an uncomfortable and stressful situation.
  • Kaari Kafer

    Jan 24 2019 Peter Marx has been my go-to real estate attorney for the past four years. I continue to recommend him to my real estate clients because he is exceptionally responsive, knowledgeable, solutions-oriented and stays on top of every deal. He is also very kind and wonderful to work with. I know my real estate deals are in the best hands with Peter Marx as my clients' attorney.
  • Ashley Dirks

    Jan 24 2019 As as real estate broker, the attorney I am partnered with on any given real estate transaction can make or break a deal; which is why I'm always confident to refer my clients to Attorney Peter Marx. Not only is Peter an all-around stand-up guy; but his "stern-but-fair" approach fits the culture model in which I choose to run my business. As with many brokers, my clients tend to find themselves in"unique" situations; and with Peter's guidance & support, we have consistently been able to work through them as a team. In my time working with Peter, he has always kept a "cool head" and maintains an excellent rapport with other attorneys, which is extremely beneficial during tough negotiations. Peter is very knowledgeable & responsive and I look forward to working with him for many years to come.
  • Louie Kritikos

    Jan 24 2019 Peter always does an amazing job! He is highly professional and communicates very well throughout the Legal process.
  • Tim Keating

    Jan 22 2019 Knowledgeable, experienced and great to work with. I confidently refer Peter as a Real Estate attorney to anyone.
  • Andrew Peplinski

    Jan 21 2019 I've worked with Peter for many years, in many capacities, and he has never disappointed. His attention to detail, integrity and hard work are unmatched by anyone I know personally OR professionally. Hire him, and you wont regret it.
  • Eric Weiss

    Jan 18 2019 I was having a real hard time trying to get a short sale done with PNC Bank and if it were not for the help of Peter and his staff it never would’ve happened. Where there with me through every step of the process and made it easy for me and got the job done with amazing results . I would highly recommend Peter to anyone who is looking for a quality real estate attorney .
  • Barb P

    Jan 18 2019 Wonderful attorney and extremely professional. He helped my clients navigate a very difficult deal. One of the best on the North Shore.
  • Kim O\'Donnell

    Jan 18 2019 Peter is a fantastic attorney! He is extremely knowledgeable, responsive and has very reasonable rates. I would HIGHLY recommend him if you are looking for a real estate attorney.
  • Bari

    Jan 18 2019 As a broker, I have worked with peter for years. He is one of the best real estate attorneys in the business. He is highly professional, responsive, super knowledgeable, and a pleasure to work with.
  • Randee Simborg

    Jan 17 2019 Peter has worked with my clients to successfully close real estate transactions more than once over the past year. He brings great knowledge, timeliness and integrity to the proceess. When Peter is the attorney on a buy or sale I know my clients and I are in excellent hands! He is my attorney of choice!
  • Jim Moser

    Jan 17 2019 Have known & used Peter & his team for years for my clients & personal use. Always very professional, great service, on top of things, gets the job done. Highly recommend.
  • Mike Knezevich

    Jan 17 2019 I would recommend Peter as a real estate attorney to anyone. A real estate transaction can be stressful, Peter made me feel confident on the entire process, start to finish, with his expertise and superior customer service.
  • HH

    Jan 17 2019 Peter is an extremely knowledgeable attorney. He is great to work with and has an amazing staff behind him. He has always been prepared and his communication with all parties is great. I would highly recommend him!
  • Kevin Sullivan

    Jan 17 2019 Peter Marx has been my go to real estate lawyer for several years. His office is responsive and responsible. Whether you are working on a $30k or $3m deal estate deal they treat you the same and cover all your concerns. As a real estate agent it is vital that the attorney i work with takes care of my clients and every detail of the transaction. I have use Peter Marx for personal real estate transactions and refer him to clients and family.
  • Lisa

    Jan 17 2019 I have worked with the Peter and his team exclusively for several years. He is extremely knowledgeable, he brings creative solutions to his clients and he's always moving the transaction forward. He has long-standing relationships with other attorneys and it has benefited our negotiations greatly. His team is very organized and stay on top of required documents and deadlines. Would give Peter a 6-star review if that was a choice.
  • Vern love

    Dec 21 2018 It is great. He is always available returns calls and emails immediately. Very professional and just all around honest and great guy. Would recommend Peter to anyone.
  • Bo Ridgely

    Dec 21 2018 Outstanding service from start to finish. Highly recommend.
  • Jill Garnier

    Dec 21 2018 Peter was very helpful and responsive in a recent real estate transaction. This was my second time working with Peter. I highly recommend his services.
  • TC

    Dec 21 2018 Peter was great and helped our most recent real estate transaction go smoothly. Excellent service, very responsive and helpful.
  • Ira frank

    Dec 21 2018 Excellent and caring service....definitely puts his client’s concerns and care first.
  • Jackie Pepoon

    Jan 18 2019 One of the best attorneys on the North Shore. Our clients love working with him. He is professional, smart and responsive.
  • Bari Fradin

    Jan 18 2019
  • Lisa Long

    Jan 17 2019 I am a realtor and have worked with the Peter and his team exclusively for several years. He is extremely knowledgeable, he brings creative solutions to his clients and he's always moving the transaction forward. He has long-standing relationships with other attorneys and it has benefited our negotiations greatly. His team is very organized and stay on top of required documents and deadlines. Would give Peter a 6-star review if that was a choice.
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