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335 Chancery Lane
Lake Zurich, Illinois 60047
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Pete joined the Law Office as partner in 1990. He has earned an exemplary reputation based on his expertise in the areas of family law and small business/corporate matters. Upon graduating from John Marshall Law School, with honors, in 1987 Pete joined the Chicago law firm of Ungaretti & Harris until joining Salvi, Salvi & Wifler, P.C.
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Reviews and Testimonials

  • CP

    Dec 27 2018 Very knowledgeable. Excellent advise. Timely responses.
  • Leeann Millar

    Dec 16 2018 I have used Peter for several very sensitive family issues and have always felt very confident with his advice and expertise. He approaches and deals with issues in a methodical, logical and sensitive manner. Peter takes the time to explain to me when I have questions.
  • Anne Leahy

    Dec 14 2018 Every time I talk with Peter Wifler, I am put at ease with my situation. He’s very quick to respond and always has the perfect legal advice and follow through. I’ve done very well with him in my corner.
  • Brian

    Dec 13 2018 Peter was great to work with, was on top of everything. Only person I would call!
  • Michelle Meyer

    Dec 13 2018 The entire staff was Extremely helpful from the beginning to the end of our time working together. I would highly recommend Peter Wiftler and any one that works beside him.
  • Jules Eklund

    Oct 23 2020 Mike is an amazing lawyer. He truly cares for his clients best interest. I'd recommend him to anyone and everyone.
  • Nicol Polo

    Jun 05 2020 Mike Salvi is an excellent attorney and an even better man. I received a settlement of $100,000 MORE than I (or any other attorney I talked to) expected. He is highly knowledgeable in the legal field and is tough as nails while fighting for his clients. More importantly, I was treated with the utmost respect and professionalism as he communicated to me as a person and not merely a client.
  • Oliver Simmons

    May 19 2020 Five years ago our small business was sued by a former employer. We were just starting out, and up against a much larger business with endless funds. They spared NO expense in their determination to shut us down, admitting very boldly to the judge that that was their goal. Mike Salvi and his team, including Christos, Samantha, Kathy and Ann were warriors; fiercely passionate for our cause and personally dedicated to seeing this through for us. After 5 years they were more like family. We couldn't be more pleased with the attention we received. I know, I know...attorneys have that stigma that they don't have hearts. Well, if you're looking for a place that stands out above the rest...that REALLY, TRULY want whats best for you...these are your people! Highly, highly recommend!
  • Gary Lampert

    Apr 02 2020 Peter Wifler is one of the finest attorneys I have ever dealt with. He is honest, dependable, responsive and fair. He has always been reliable and sensible in his approach to family law, business law and litigation. I own multiple businesses and have dealt with attorneys all over the country and without a doubt Peter is the best.
  • Jan Crispin

    Aug 16 2019 Peter provided excellent advice and guidance. Very professional. He responded promptly to my requests and questions. I highly recommend him. says:

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