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When Family Law Challenges Demand Effective, Affordable Solutions, you need an experienced attorney. If you have family and divorce legal questions in south central Pennsylvania, contact the Law Offices of Peter J. Russo, P.C.

Serving the following areas: Adams County, Gettysburg, Cumberland County, Camp Hill, Carlisle, Mechanicsburg Camp Hill PA, Dauphin County, Harrisburg, Hershey, Hummelstown, Lancaster County, Elizabethtown, Lancaster, Millersville, Lebanon County, Lebanon, York County, Dillsburg, York.
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Reviews and Testimonials

  • PA

    - Apr 03 2024 Kara was very helpful during a difficult case. She was professional, caring, attentive, answered my questions and was available when I needed her help.
  • Dale E. Richard

    - Mar 15 2024 Thankfully I found Kathleen years ago to help me with my businesses. She truly cares and is always available to listen.
  • Justin Robinson

    - Dec 12 2023 I was going to pursue a case with these guys. They were very professional throughout the whole process. I ended up not needing them after paying a retainer fee and they did the right thing and gave me a refund for my retainer fee. Good people here!! Thanks guys!
  • Jason Miller

    - Nov 27 2023 Our experience was outstanding! They covered all basis and answered our questions in a timely manner. They also have a firm knowledge of the legal processes and are up to date on them. Would highly recommend to anyone. Definitely our choice 100%
  • Joyce Norris

    - Oct 11 2023 INTEGRITY , Compassion , and incredibly abreast of current Laws of the land . Upon recommendation, I sought Russo law firm to receive second opinion concerning appeal for a 7 year long divorce battle . I left that office , with such confident peace . They gave me options , and Attorney Welch and Attorney Russo are a class act . Was a privilege discussing my case with the two as a team effort . Last but not least , on the Front end you will be greeted by Amazing Emily , a true gift of hospitality coming through her greeting . To the firm , you’ve got a great find there . The law firm representing my 7 year divorce battle went through front end staff , like we go through a box of Kleenex in winter ?. You WILL GET ANSWERS , with this firm . They are the REAL DEAL , in my sincere opinion. Sorry we need attorneys to defend us through life’s storms , but this firm is worth their weight in gold . You won’t be sorry .
  • Jeffery Ives

    - Oct 06 2023 Peter and Ashley came through on this case spot on. Peter's intuition and quick thinking in court proved to the Judge the plaintiff was dubious at best. Peter Russo will be my go to for legal representation in the future if needed. Thank you both Ashley and Peter.
  • Art Nelson-Businessman, Licensed Plumber

    - Mar 10 2023 The law firm Peter Russo performs at a very high level. Attorney Peter and assistant, Ashley, are smart, think outside the box, and respond quickly.
  • LW

    - Feb 24 2023 Kara Haggerty and her paralegal Ann are the best! They were professional, always available, and ready to tackle every issue presented while handling my case. I was always well-represented and never felt alone during the process. Thank you!
  • Sally Baker-Wheeler

    - Feb 22 2023 Kara and Ann have been such a great team in dealing with a very contentious situation for my husband and I. They were nothing but supportive and encouraging throughout the entire process. I’m very thankful for their hard work, and their ability to help keep us grounded while we went through the hard times. Kara is an attorney who is not afraid to fight the fight! Thank you both!
  • Robert K. Bowman

    - Feb 21 2023 Kathleen is a committed and professional attorney with years of experience to back it up. I highly recommend her.
  • DLS

    - Feb 21 2023 Kathy is a remarkable attorney and spot on with everything she handles for the company. I enjoy speaking with her every time we require her advice.
  • Lars Beck

    - Feb 21 2023 Working with Kathleen is great. She continues to be practical and solutions-focused while always keeping our position in mind.
  • Larry Oakes

    - Feb 21 2023 I've asked Pete for legal advice for a couple of sticky situations I've encountered over the past several years in business. In each case, he's given me sound advice and helped me avoid issues that could have led to much more difficult and expensive outcomes. Thank you Pete!!
  • Steven Maisel

    - Feb 20 2023 Kathleen Gingrich , our business attorney from the law offices of Peter J Russon has been one of the most thoughtful, consistent, and admirable attorneys that we have had the opportunity to work with. Her dedication and clear sightedness continue to help us move forward.
  • Amit Rao

    - Feb 20 2023 Attorney Kathleen Misturak Gingrich is a very detailed oriented person. She is very calm & I admire her patience. She has resolved many issues for us. I highly recommend Kathleen & her team.
  • PAW

    - Feb 20 2023 Attorney Kathleen Misturak Gingrich acted quickly and professionally in resolving my case. She demonstrated a wealth of experience which was very reassuring.
  • PAW

    - Feb 20 2023 Attorney Kathleen Misturak Gingrich acted quickly and professionally in resolving my case. She demonstrated a wealth of experience which was very reassuring.
  • PAW

    - Feb 20 2023 Attorney Kathleen Misturak Gingrich acted quickly and professionally in resolving my case. She demonstrated a wealth of experience which was very reassuring.
  • Mick Moritz

    - Feb 20 2023 Outstanding Service from dedicated professionals who have a wealth of knowledge and experience
  • Milan s Patel

    - Feb 20 2023 Have been working with Kathleen Misturak Gingrich forever and she has been amazing for out firm.
  • Kelsey Lesh

    - Feb 08 2023 Peter's firm was communicative, thorough, professional, and settled the task quickly. Highly recommend.
  • Jennifer R

    - Feb 08 2023 Peter brought a very quick resolution to two separate issues for me. One was a swiftly managed landlord/tenant issue on a rental property and the other a an issue with the breach of a commercial contract. Both issues were resolved favorably for me and I would absolutely recommend him and his firm!
  • MSS

    - Feb 07 2023 Peter was always responsive to my calls and emails. He is fantastic and did a great job!
  • Joel T Campbell Jr

    - Feb 07 2023 Very professional and easy to work with!
  • JF

    - Jan 11 2023 Dave Dagle was my lawyer for a my DUI. He was great. He always got back to me quickly, with answers to all my questions. Also got me into the ARD program. I would recommend the Law Office of Peter J. Russo to anyone in need of a defense attorney.
  • John Ford III

    - Jan 04 2023 The Russo Law firm was quick, deliberate and beyond fair. They represented us as if we were family. I can't recommend them fast enough to anyone.
  • CH

    - Nov 16 2022 I was referred to this firm through another lawyer due to our unique circumstances. I will gladly refer them to anyone who needs legal advice. They are a wonderful group of professionals.
  • Maria

    - Nov 11 2022 I have worked with the amazing team at Law Offices of Peter Russo for about 8 years now and they never disappoint. Attorney Kara and her paralegal Ann are absolutely amazing and so genuine. They listen to my concerns for my case and always do what is best for me. I suggest them to anyone who needs legal advice big or small. You will not be disappointed.
  • Jon Loy

    - Nov 11 2022 Really glad I went with P.J.R law, I’ve used attorney Dave and Kara and Megan as a fill in for Kara when she’s busy and paralegal Anne and every single one of them are amazing. The whole staff is amazing. They make me feel at home comfortable to talk like me around them but they also tell it how it is and not just what you want to hear. I trust them with my case which is one of the biggest they’ve dealt with im sure and I couldn’t have a better team to back me. I would recommend them to anyone off the street. Thank you P.J.R for the tremendous work and effort you give every single day for me. Greatly appreciated.
  • Allen Kohr

    - Nov 11 2022 I've had an exceptional experience with Kara and Anne, they have and continue to have my best interest and get back to me in a timely manner, my questions are always answered
  • JK

    - Nov 10 2022 I had the extreme pleasure to work with Kara Haggerty, Esquire and Ann Arena, Paralegal. What an incredible experience I had on my case working with these ladies. As they worked through every aspect of my case, it was handled with the utmost respect, expertise and professionalism. Their knowledge, kindness, persistence and work ethic was exactly what was needed in my case to move forward to where we needed to be in the end. Thank you Ladies for all your hard work and patience as we worked through this together! I appreciate you!!
  • Jessica Kolovani

    - Nov 10 2022 Kara Haggerty, Esquire and Ann Arena, Paralegal were absolutely incredible, attentive and informative regarding every aspect of my business. Their work and expertise was always helpful and completed thoroughly in a timely matter and with an extreme amount of professionalism. I am so thankful for Kara and Ann. Thank you Ladies for your persistence, hard work and kindness!!
  • Randi Beecher

    - Nov 10 2022 I have had the pleasure to work with Kara Haggarty for my extremely complicated case. Not only does Kara handle each issue with professionalism, she goes above and beyond to help me in my case with honesty and respect. Kara and her paralegal, Ann, have prompt communication and honest guidance when dealing with each issue. I appreciate them and have nothing but wonderful things to say about Kara, Ann and how they both have supported me professionally through my case.
  • GC

    - Nov 10 2022 Kara was phenomenal in helping and guiding me every step of the way through the Divorce process. She and Ann listened to me and let me vent. I would highly recommend them for all your needs.
  • G C

    - Nov 10 2022 Kara and Ann helped me navigate through the Divorce process from day 1. She and Ann are compassionate and caring and listened to my whole story. They were there when I needed to vent or just talk. I would highly recommend going to them for any of your needs.
  • Cynthia Hanawalt

    - Nov 09 2022 Cannot say enough good things about this firm. Thank you, Peter and Ashley for all you've done so quickly and efficiently.
  • Cynthia Hanawalt

    - Nov 09 2022 So glad we decided to use Peter Russo as our estate attorney. The firm is very efficient. Also, cannot say enough good things about Ashley. She was always there to answer questions and to help. We would highly recommend this estate attorney. to anyone.
  • Douglas Odonnell

    - Nov 08 2022 Peter and his staff were fantastic . Ashley handled every thing in a timely manor . All calls and questions were answered in a very short time . I can not thank them enough . Thank you Peter & Ashley. Doug O
  • Alvin Dechampa

    - Oct 25 2022 Peter Russo is a one of a kind gem of a attorney
  • Connar

    - Oct 21 2022 Great job!
  • Denise

    - Oct 10 2022 When I was looking for an attorney to guide me through my dads estate both Ashley and Peter were compassionate and understanding of the emotions involved.
  • pp

    - Sep 22 2022 Ashley was wonderful to work with and did an outstanding job!
  • Jessica T

    - Sep 19 2022 Peter has been a god send, I wouldn't't have won this case with anyone else.
  • J Hawkins

    - Aug 15 2022 Peter was great!
  • Kim

    - Jun 24 2022 I came from an awful experience with a previous lawyer. I had extremely bad anxiety about my situation and was nervous due to the past experience but the very first day I met with James I felt immediately at ease. James and Melissa got things done quickly and efficiently and made the entire process as pain free as possible! They took care of business and I would recommend them to anyone! Thank you!
  • Greg

    - Apr 22 2022 Great guy
  • Greg

    - Apr 22 2022 Great guy ?
  • Kyle Hejmanowski

    - Feb 26 2022 Peter and his assistant Ashley have assisted me with refinancing my home mortgage and resolving a legal dispute. Both are very professional, responsive, and problem solvers. More importantly I felt they listened to my concerns and gave me the proper advice I needed to make the best decisions for me. I was very satisfied with my experience and would recommend the Law offices of Peter Russo to any of my friends and family who are in need of legal assistance. I plan on using Peter and his team for all of my legal needs moving forward!
  • Gina Dunn

    - Nov 04 2021 Highly recommend Peter!
  • Lee Rough

    - Oct 21 2021 Peter is one of the most thoughtful caring Attorneys i Know. Peter Truly cares for his clients and is extremely Knowledgeable i would reccomend Peter always
  • S.C.

    - Oct 08 2021 Kara as well as her paralegal Ann were tremendous allies for me during my divorce. They understood my needs, were very responsive, and fought for me.
  • Pamela Smith

    - Aug 25 2021 Both Peter and Ashley have been wonderful to work with in handling my mother estate. Also, we have worked with them on getting our Will and other necessary documents in order. Great experience with everything they have done!
  • Kathy Swope

    - May 19 2021 Atty Russo and Ashley Malcolm provided awesome service and advice. They were extremely patience as I had a unique situation.
  • Elizabeth Copits

    - Apr 14 2021 Professionalism at its best.
  • Kathryn Fox

    - Mar 09 2021 I acquired services from Kathleen Misturak-Gingrich, Esquire, to assist with my estate related case when it became evident that my case was going to require someone experienced in litigation. Kathleen tackled the challenge with such energy and enthusiasm and prepared every document that needed attention with such personal care that I realized very early in our professional relationship that she understood my concerns and needs as if they were her own. Her competence and skill level, as well as her personal care and concern for my current and future well being, always went above and beyond what I anticipated. I will always not only recommend her in the highest extent that my words can express but will also speak about her in general conversation when communicating to anyone about the successful outcome of my case.
  • Lars Beck

    - Feb 26 2021 I have full confidence that Kathleen understands our business, and that she provides super advice that positions us. She is an asset to the work we do.
  • Jay Himes

    - Feb 23 2021 Kara and her Paralegal Ann were both very helpful with what we needed to accomplish. Communication was excellent and everything was explained to us completely.
  • Robinette Butts

    - Sep 01 2020 Very positive, helpful beyond words of thankfulness for the time I needed expertise a nd guidance. THANK you, again Kathleen. Robinette
  • Rebecca Foote

    - Aug 07 2020 Kara Haggerty is always a pleasure to work with. She is knowledgeable, responsive and fights for her clients. I personally recommend Kara to my clients for their family law needs.
  • Amy

    - Aug 05 2020 Kara Haggerty was fantastic from start to finish. She demonstrated her expertise and made her client the priority. Cannot recommend her enough.
  • Krystal

    - Aug 04 2020 Kara Haggerty is very professional and knowledgeable in her field. I highly recommend her to family and friends.
  • Cindy

    - Aug 01 2020 Ms. Haggerty has been my attorney for several years. She is always prompt in returning my calls and is very knowledgeable with regard to my questions and needs.
  • Jackie Woodruff

    - Jul 31 2020 very professional and accomodating
  • Bill Fratangeli

    - Jul 31 2020 I could not have asked for a better attorney. Going through a divorce is not a pleasant experience for anyone. My attorney, Kara Haggerty, always had my best interest at stake. She understood where I was coming from and the difficult situations I was dealing with. Kara as well as the entire team that worked on my divorce were nothing but professionals. I would highly recommend them.
  • Tara Swank

    - Jul 31 2020 Kara is an attentive and personable attorney who went above and beyond to assist my family. She is not only knowledgeable, but extremely caring. I appreciated her willingness to walk us through every step of the process.
  • Riz Soulliard

    - Jul 31 2020 I called this law firm about our rental property that was damaged by our tenants. I am so glad that I did! They gave me the best advice. Attorney David Dagle was very prompt with the answers to my questions. I would recommend this law firm to everyone.
  • Michelle Sibert

    - Jul 30 2020 I regularly refer people to Kara Haggerty for family law issues. And based on their responses, I will continue to use her as my primary referral!!
  • James Dawes

    - Jul 30 2020 Kara Haggarty and her team did a great job with my legal work. She is thorough, concise and efficient. I highly recommend her and this office.
  • Brenna

    - Jul 30 2020 Very helpful and intelligent staff.
  • Jennifer Simpson Peterson

    - Jul 30 2020 Ms. Haggerty was a pleasure to work with and made things as easy as possible during a difficult time. I highly recommend her services. It was a relief having her in my corner.
  • Kim

    - Jul 30 2020 Very professional. I have recommended several friends and family to Kara and they all have had great success with her. So grateful for this law firm.
  • michael jones

    - Jul 25 2020 Kathleen was amazing. She clearly understood the issues and worked toward a resolution.
  • Karen

    - Jul 17 2020 David Dagle was able to quickly fix my will, which had a big mistake. I would definitely recommend this firm in the future.
  • Michael Kertis

    - Jul 16 2020 My wife and I needed our wills to be reviewed. David Dagle found a mistake and quickly remedied it. I highly recommend this firm.
  • John Maxton

    - Jul 15 2020 Kathleen was very accessible, confident in her know
  • Pamela Wand

    - Jul 11 2020 My case was handled efficiently and was resolved more quickly than I anticipated. I was kept informed of the case status essentially daily. I was very pleased with the entire process.
  • Alice Raudenbush

    - Jul 10 2020 Kathleen took our case a year after it started when our original attorney moved to another state. She took the time to get familiar with our needs and expectations and represented us in an excellent manner. Both Kathleen and her paralegal Issac were very professional and wonderful to work with and we were very pleased and thankful for their help.
  • Clifford D Forester

    - Jul 10 2020 Great Representation!
  • William Gaudette

    - Jul 10 2020 I have never had an attorney who actually cared and invested so much effort in trying to help an endless stream of harassments. Most attorney's in these types of cases are only concerned about the bottom line for the agency. My dad and I realize nothing is free in life and these legal costs are far, far beyond our means, but we are eternally grateful that I continue to have a place to live out the remainder of my life. We both gave our entire lives to our country through military service, its nice and most unusual to get at least a little in return, especially these days.
  • Milton Moritz

    - Jul 10 2020 Kathleen Misturak-Gingrich is a highly experienced and dedicated attorney who has always delivered excellent results. She functions on a plane which is sought be many but attained by few.
  • Mike Sweigard

    - Jul 10 2020 Working with Kathleen has been a joy and a pleasure, she is someone I trust for sound advice and I consider her my friend.
  • Lexi

    - Jul 07 2020 Very professional, friendly and accommodating!
  • Carmen Calderon

    - Jul 06 2020 A true honest attorney who works for you to get whatever you need done
  • Carmen Calderon

    - Jul 06 2020 A true honest attorney who works for you to get whatever you need done.
  • Doug Steiner

    - Jul 06 2020 10 plus years of sound guidance!
  • Ashleigh Bender

    - Jul 06 2020 We have used Peter and his colleagues for both business and personal items. Peter is knowledgable and straight forward. I would highly recommend Peter's law firm to anyone who is in need of legal advice!
  • Kirk Allison

    - May 05 2020 Peter was very helpful. Although he was extremely busy preparing for another, probably more serious case, he took time out of his schedule to meet with me. I appreciate the guidance he provided in helping me resolve my case.
  • Nathan Lyons

    - Sep 30 2019 Peter and Ashley were amazing to deal with. They were always quick to respond to any questions I had and were able to resolve my business matters in short time with limited expenditures. I would highly recommend ~Nate Lyons
  • kai

    - Apr 04 2019 great
  • Lori Keim

    - Apr 03 2019 Taking care of necessary family law issues is not fun; but Peter and his staff made it as painless as possible. We are so thankful to have been able to have things in place to avoid a more costly method of handling these things in the future. The staff was VERY pleasant and accommodating throughout the entire process.
  • Yvonne

    - Apr 03 2019 Pete’s office did a fantastic job on my settlement, they made the process very smooth, and ensured I understood everything I was signing. You are given a thumdrive with almost all of your paperwork, so there is no cumbersome pile of papers to take home. In addition, Pete has been available to answer any legal questions I have had and responds to your questions the same day ( even if it is on the weekend). I will definitely use them again for any settlement or real estate needs in the future.
  • Steven Chupa

    - Mar 19 2019 Wonderful Attorney! Would recommend to anyone
  • Darex Seven Electric LLC

    - Mar 10 2019 All around best Lawyer: - Divorce - DUI - Criminal - all around Bullshit you may go through in court
  • Stephanie LaRouge

    - Mar 01 2019 Awesome attorney and staff! Highly recommend!
  • rt

    - Feb 07 2019 I highly recommend Peter. He really is the best in his area. Answers all questions and really gets the job done.
  • Dana Wagner

    - Feb 05 2019 Working with Pete and his office was a great experience. Him and his staff went above and beyond and help resolve all matters with a tough case. Thanks again Pete and staff!
  • Allen Levin

    - Dec 20 2018 Great attorney
  • Cliffeton green

    - Oct 30 2018 Very professional knows what he's doing. Very good with people.
  • Karen Young

    - Oct 30 2018 Mr. Russo gives very solid business guidance. He clearly understands the law but, more importantly, the needs of a business owner; his guidance is a good balance of the two. I highly recommend he and his firm.
  • Heather E Steavens-Jones

    - Oct 30 2018 If you want a lawyer to give you guidance with your interests as a priority then Pete Russo is the lawyer for you. He puts his clients before his own pockets and that is a rare find. We use Pete for all of our legal needs because we trust him and he is a true professional. He is also the type of person that gives back in our community and he has a giving heart. However, when you need a lawyer on steroids in your corner he will do the hard work for you and not back down to legal bullies. He recognizes a dirty lowlife from a mile away. One strong lesson Pete has taught us is: GET A SIGNED CONTRACT IN ADVANCE - A person's handshake, their word and even being on the board of the church they attend means nothing in today's world. Protect yourself and your future by working with a strong lawyer like Pete Russo.
  • Tami Johnson

    - Oct 30 2018 Pete and his team were exceptional in helping my husband and I buy our first small business. Couldn't have asked for better! Thank you.
  • Lori Keim

    - Oct 29 2018 Peter is knowledgeable, caring and honest. I have found his advice to be more focused on what is right for us in our situation rather than simply what would lead to business for him.
  • Bob Scomak

    - Oct 29 2018 Pete and his staff was successful in helping me to recoup money from a house purchase where the owner did not make full disclosures. He has a practical no nonsense way to help you figure out the best way to approach things. Pete is not your typical lawyer. He has personal experience owning and running various businesses. Bringing those experiences to the table as well if you are using his services for business purposes. Very satisfied with Pete Russo and his staff.
  • Robert Davis

    - Jul 25 2018 WERE BACK !! First and foremost Peter has a sense of humor. Peter was efficient and effective and on point when it came to the time line of events. Very important when dealing with deadlines and court dates. We highly recommend Mr. Russo which can be supported by the fact we plan to retain him again.
  • Angela Reighard

    - Jun 26 2018 Kara Haggerty was an amazing attorney. She handled my highly toxic divorce with aplomb, carefully and skillfully. Megan was also very helpful. Highly recommend!!
  • Bob Levin

    - May 11 2018 I have been working with Peter for last 3 years and the experience has been worthwhile. He is a man of his word and I would highly recommend him.
  • Beth Sizer

    - Mar 22 2018 I am a grandmother who just wants to be involved with her only grandson's life in every way, watch him grow and always be there for him and just love him and spoil him . My grandson is only 5 yrs old and absolutely loves his Nana . I never thought in a million years that I would have to hire an attorney just to see my only grandson but I found myself in that situation.. I had started the process of grandparents rights years ago, I had a Prior Attorney who when I went to see her, she gave me hope , hope that I would be able to Intervene , My son and his ex girlfriend were separated for more than 6 months so we had a case, I had to call that attorney all the time, she just sat on my case and then I get a phone call from her stating the Supreme Court found that Unconstitutional so she took it to court and I lost the case because that was taken off the table , I was so frustrated, so sad because that attorney just didn't care, she let my grandson down. I got myself together, got on the computer and looked for other attorney's , I came across Peter Russo, when I called to set up the consultation with an attorney who handles Family Law as this pertained to grandparents rights, I was told I would be meeting with Kara Haggerty, so when I went in the room, Megan Strait who also handles Family Law was there also. These 2 wonderful attorney's get 10 stars, they did not sugar coat anything , they were honest with me, they cared, they listened to me, I cried, they put up with me, I was just so frustrated by the time I met them because the law cannot help more. Both Kara and Megan are the best, they worked as a team , and I am forever grateful for both of them, because of Kara and Megan I am seeing my grandson on a regular basis. All grandparents deserve to be apart of there grandchildren's lives, we earned it!! I highly recommend this law firm to anyone seeking an attorney in there field .
  • Aubrey

    - Jan 10 2018 Peter is an excellent attorney! He is caring and effective in his representations.
  • Reginald Black

    Feb 20 2017 I can't say enough about Kathleen Gingrich. I needed her services at a very difficult time in my life. She was always available and really listened to me and what I needed. She came through for me and the outcome was even better than what I would have ever expected . I highly recommend her.
  • Deb Hoffert

    Feb 08 2017 I can not say enough great things about this law firm. Everyone is extremely knowledgeable, professional and above all else very friendly. I have never had an issue personally or with our business that they haven't been able to take care of. I would and do highly recommend them to everyone!
  • John Arena

    Feb 01 2017 Peter Russo and the staff at his firm have handled my personal and professional business for almost a decade. His office is extremely professional and efficient. They never forget that the law and legal matters are about people not just process. I highly recommend Peter’s office for any legal matter.
  • rick scott

    Feb 01 2017 Peter was easy to work with and handled my case first class. He was knowledgeable about my case (possible age discrimination) and gave me options on what I could do. He gave me his thoughts, based on years of experience. His fee was more than fair, and the case was handled quickly. I was able to get everything that I had wanted due to Peter's expertise.
  • Jenn Spears Brenize

    Feb 01 2017 Peter is extremely knowledgeable and aggressive, yet even-tempered. He is professional, diligent, and compassionate, and responsive to his clients' needs. I never hesitate to send him a referral as I am confident the person will be well taken care of. Peter and his team are wonderful, and will be able to handle any case, big or small, simple or complex, in court or out of court. I highly recommend Peter Russo.
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