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At Phil Brown Law, we provide representation to individuals and families throughout Southern California. Attorney Philip Brown, with more than 45 years of legal experience, has a reputation for providing trusted legal representation. He is also a respected mediator.
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Reviews and Testimonials

  • Brendan Pasquini

    Mar 27 2018 Excellent!! Phil Brown is an extremely professional and fair attorney. Even though we did not follow through with elder abuse and chose another path for our family's legal matter, Phil was incredibly helpful with selecting the appropriate legal action and recommending high quality attorneys to complete our lawsuit. He truly showed that his intentions are to do what's best for the client and to make sure our best interest is met. If you are even considering elder abuse as a factor, I would highly recommend contacting Phil Brown for an initial consultation.
  • Lee Egerman

    Jan 18 2018 Phil Brown has a passion for the law coupled with a genuine desire to reach a practical solution to difficult and complex problems. His ability to connect with people, along with his professionalism and expertise in Elder Law make him a highly qualified and effective mediator in the area of Elder Abuse.
  • nancy heim

    Dec 28 2017 Phil was extremely easy to work with and helped our family with a large case of fraud against my 90 year old parents.
    • Phil Brown

      Dec 28 2017Hi Nancy, Thank you very much for your very kind review. Best regards, Phil

    Dec 05 2017 I have worked with Phil on several matters and have found him exceptionally qualified. He is my "go-to" guy for all matters relating to elder abuse.
  • Brian W. Schneider

    Nov 30 2017 I have looked to Phil Brown on numerous occasions for the benefit of his insight on elder abuse matters that I have been involved in or have considered being involved in. His advice is always a top consideration in evaluating these matters for me. As he is a seasoned trial attorney, I would definitely use him as a mediator/arbitrator based on his knowledge of the core subject matter and likely outcomes in a court setting.
  • Ron Kabrins

    Nov 28 2017 I've worked with Phil on several matters. Exceptionally qualified.
  • Jason Tillman Esq.

    Nov 28 2017 Phil is a tremendous advocate and mediator with the ability to see multiple perspectives and help the parties remain levelheaded when things get tense.
  • Jerry Miller

    Nov 28 2017 Prior to retirement, while an active member of the Cal Bar I had many dealings & interactions with Mr. Brown over a long number of years;and found him to be knowledgeable, thorough ,focused & highly professional at all times.
  • Howard S. Fisher

    Nov 28 2017 Mr. Brown is our 'go-to' expert for all matters relating to elder abuse. It's knowledgeable, sharp and patient.
  • Mark Egerman

    Nov 28 2017 I have known Phil for over fifty years and have handled hundreds if not thousands of cases with him over the last five decades. He is at the top of the legal profession and brings outstanding professional, intellectual, and ethical skills to solve any problem. This unique skills are well suited to his professional role as a mediator. He has the capability to aid individuals to reach a reasonable and fair accommodation in difficult situations. Phil is the first professional I would call to preside over any mediation.
  • George Peterson

    Nov 28 2017 I have known Phil Brown for twenty years, and have tried one jury trial with him and litigated a two other matters. His work is of the highest professional caliber, as are his ethics. He is highly qualified in the area of Elder Abuse. Most importantly for a mediator, he brings a great deal of common sense as well as patience and understanding to the task, and a determination to find a practical solution to the issue.
  • PDS

    Nov 28 2017 My experience with Phil is as a collegue in the same suite where he practices. I would describe him is experienced, smart and tenacious.
  • Thomas Pronesti

    Nov 16 2017 Phil is a featured attorney on and we highly recommend his services.
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