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103 Eisenhower Pkwy
Roseland, NJ 07068
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Phil Chapman concentrates in counseling New Jersey business owners of small to medium sized companies, including a business that is family owned. In a just published survey for 2017 of the Best Lawyers in New York City and Metropolitan New Jersey, he is listed under Corporate Law. He has been selected as a Lead Counsel in Business Law by the Review Board of Lead Counsel, an on-line service which provides information to consumers and businesses to evaluate an attorney’s ability and credibility.
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Reviews and Testimonials

  • MSH

    Sep 17 2018 My experience is that Phil is an empathetic listener. He looks to find creative solutions to solve "would be" issues. And Phil has a great understanding of small business and the challenges that small business people encounter.
  • Len

    Sep 16 2018 Phil is the greatest!

    Aug 17 2018 Very long relationship. Philip is very honest, frank and helpful. He has a good sense of ease and difficulty in dealing with legal matters. He is very knowledgeable and experienced. He is very open and easy to work with.
  • xuming wang

    May 19 2018 He is one of the best and most knowledgeable lawyer I have ever met. You will sleep well with him protecting you.
  • John Fitzgerald

    Feb 17 2018 Phil is the best!!!!
  • Thomas Campbell

    Nov 24 2017 Phil has provided excellent legal and business advice and guidance on issues relating to partnership law.
  • Dr. James Waldron

    Nov 23 2017 I've known Phil personally and as a business client for over 2 decades and Phil is the most competent and kindest attorney one could ever wish for. His web site, which I helped him design, speaks for itself. Https://
  • Ira Glasser

    Nov 23 2017 Great counsel and friend, highly recommended and valued for all endeavors.
  • Lloyd Jassin

    Oct 24 2017 Phil is the go-to guy for family owned and other closely held business issues. Highly recommended.
  • Milton Paris

    Oct 24 2017 Have worked with him the past
  • Leila Abraham

    Sep 25 2017 Excellent
  • Garibaldi Masi

    Sep 25 2017 Phil is the best, I have done a few business transactions as a business real estate broker and my clients were very happy as well as myself. I would highly recommend anyone hiring Phil, he is on his game all the time.
  • john mead

    Sep 25 2017 Phil helped us with a mediation negotiation with one of our clients who unfortunately opted to prematurely ended our relationship. Phil was instrumental in helping us navigate our way through the process managing the many personalities on both sides. Ultimately, we came away with a favorable decision.
  • Michael Long

    Sep 24 2017 Consistently excellent
  • Norman L. Weiss

    Sep 24 2017 I have had Philip represent me in several business matters that required his expertise. He has always done an excellent professional job for me and I recommend him highly.
  • Ira Glasser

    Sep 24 2017 For 30+ years I have relied on the expertise and legal and personal insight of Phil Chapman. He is a throughly innovative and competent counsel, and highly recommended.
  • Dr. James Waldron

    Sep 07 2017 I have known Phil personally for nearly 3 decades and he is the most professional and competent attorney I know. He is by far one of the best attorneys in New Jersey and for many years he is listed as one of New Jersey’s ‘Super Lawyers’.
  • Harvey Topitz

    Jul 26 2017 Phil is a pleasure to work with. He explains the many details of a legal transaction into understandable layman's terms. He is ALWAYS looking out for his client's best interests and makes them his number one priority. I can comfortably recommend Phil for any legal situation.
  • James Waldron

    Jul 26 2017 I have known Phil for over a 25 years and he is the most professional and competent attorney I know. He is by far one of the best attorneys in New Jersey and for many years he is listed as one of New Jersey’s ‘Super Lawyers’. Phil has extensive experience in several areas of business law as evidenced by his profile on these pages. His eBook on “Mediation of Business Disputes” is a classic and his Avvo rating is listed as Superb. Apart from this, Phil is highly committed and motivated to accomplish whatever mission he is given and is constantly keeping up to date in his fields of specialization, which are many. On another note Phil is a good friend, very fair and kind and always comes through in a pinch. I can’t recommend him highly enough.
  • Gary Ellenbogen

    Jul 25 2017 Many years of experience with Phil Chapman as a business lawyer. Phil has always been extremely helpful.
  • Thomas Eldridge Campbell

    Jul 25 2017 Philip has provided excellent counsel on matters relating to private partnerships, LLCs, majority/minority shareholders and related matters. I can highly recommend his services.
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