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We're Poppy and Geoff Spencer. Our life’s work is teaching healthy communication skills to couples and individuals who want to create extraordinary lives. Helping clients find the courage to end destructive relationships, face their challenges head-on and find a way back to love, is the core of our work.

Our style is direct, honest, and pointed. We will teach you where to begin so you’re not lost in your feelings or worries and instead get into action to take your life back and start anew.

Our weekly podcast, The Relationship Restaurant, is where we share our heart-healthy communication tips, insights, and stories. Our own story grew into a best-selling book, One Billion Seconds where we share our journey through love and loss to passion and joy together again. We hope it will inspire YOU to see how a life full of happiness is truly attainable.

As certified counselors, speakers, podcast hosts, nationally syndicated writers, Florida Supreme Court Certified Family Law Mediators, parenting experts, "Millennial Translators," and Certified Myers Briggs practitioners, we have made it our life's mission to guide people into healthy relationships.

We will help you bust through the barriers that stop you from living the life you were meant to live. From vulnerability to resilience, compassionate communication, and raising happy kids, we tackle it all.

As a couple, we have not only been through it all ourselves, but we have also done decades of social science research, have the credentials, and the experience to teach you how to create the life you most desire
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Reviews and Testimonials

  • Bron

    Nov 07 2019 I have gotten to know Poppy personally over the last few months. She has been quite insightful and shared with me so much knowledge. She is easy to talk to, she is a good listener, and offers great advice. I appreciate her guidance very much.
  • Ivar

    Oct 24 2019 Poppy & Geoff are highly competent, caring and genuinely interesting to work with.
  • M A

    Oct 10 2019 Poppy and Geoff have given me practical, wise counsel which helped me move forward during a particular difficult time in my life. They are always prompt in returning calls and quickly available for "emergency" calls. They truly care and make you feel like you are their most important client.
  • Allison

    Oct 10 2019 Poppy and Geoff are an incredible couple! You can tell immediately upon meeting them that they are knowledgable and experienced. I especially loved their online course that was tailored to me and my own needs, and provided realistic solutions to improve my relationships. I would definitely recommend them to anyone that is looking for some guidance!
  • JJ

    Oct 09 2019 Poppy and Geoff are passionate about their profession!
  • KC

    Oct 09 2019 Poppy and Geoff, have been instrumental in coaching me through a very difficult divorce. With continued counseling after my divorce they helped me to overcoming some mindset issues that were holding me back from walking confidently into a new season in my life . Through their counseling techniques I feel stronger and more at peace than I have ever been. They suggested great tools to implement to help me overcome my fears and ways to be mindful of negative thinking. The uniqueness of their counseling as a couple gave me perspective from both sides which was also very helpful. I would recommend them to anyone walking through a difficult season in their life, their experience and practical counsel has changed my entire perspective.
  • Julie Ladky

    Oct 09 2019 Poppy and Geoff are incredibly empathetic, knowledgable and professional. Really helped us out with an issue we found we could not resolve without mediation.
  • Janice Epaillard

    Oct 09 2019 Very positive!
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