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600 W Broadway Suite 700
San Diego, CA 92101
A Fair Way Mediation Center offers a relaxed, compassionate atmosphere in an informal setting that encourages a calm and objective approach. This is a safe space that avoids the stress and embarrassment that courtroom procedures can inject into any divorce or separation. All couples are welcome, whether traditional or same sex families.
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Reviews and Testimonials

  • Tenesha

    - Nov 12 2022 Rich is a very easy to talk to and knows his stuff, if you are in need please reach out to him you will not regret it.
  • Dale Gribow

    - Jan 28 2022 “I consider Rich Gordon and A Fairway Mediation, to be the TOP FAMILY LAW MEDIATOR in the Coachella Valley, and the one to whom I send my clients. As a former East Coast Divorce Lawyer, he mastered the ropes on how to handle any family law problem. Because he is no longer practicing law, he is not beholding to any other local lawyer. He is independent, the way a mediator should be." Dale Gribow Attorney at Law
  • Brian Murphy

    - Mar 09 2021 Rich is a man that brings a great deal of experience and credibility to mediation services. Know him to be honest and looks to provide superior service to his clients.
  • Dusty Beenbag

    - Feb 08 2020 Made something horrible nearly pleasant
  • MC

    - Nov 08 2019 Divorce is not a fun thing. Riches knowledge and no nonsense approach really help my wife and I come to terms. I am glad he handled our divorce.
  • Robert Riger

    - Mar 24 2019 Excellent
  • Noam Ziv

    - Feb 11 2019 Rich has an uncanny ability to quickly understand people, where they are coming from, and what their "hot buttons" are. He uses this deep understanding, his extensive experience, and of course his sense of humor, to make a very stressful life event (divorce) manageable. Rich maintains objectivity and fairness throughout the entire process, is always available for consultation (even if it's just listening), and is able to apply the right "touch", at the right time, to get things moving along. I would highly recommend Rich.
  • LS

    - Jan 26 2019 Easy and painless
  • Ray

    - Dec 18 2018 Despite things getting testy during the divorce I really appreciated that Rich was fair and always kept my wife (ex) wife and I in the loop. I know divorce can be tough and Rich is thick skinned enough to handle it, however I would recommend he stay clear of the profanity. Rich was a pleasure to deal with and made sure the paperwork was submitted and mailed to me immediately. I hope I never have to go through the ugliness of divorce again but in the event that I do, Rich would be my guy. Thanks again
  • Philippe Maret

    - Nov 19 2018 Rich is professional, seasoned yet humourous and warm.
  • Robert kodama

    - Nov 18 2018 Rich was professional, he made the process simple and easy to navigate. At times, we even laughed.
  • Rg

    - Nov 18 2018 Very professional
  • NCT

    - Nov 15 2018 A positive experience during a difficult life situation. Recommend Rich and A Fair Way Mediation Center to anyone needing this kind of service.
  • KG

    - Oct 04 2018 A separation is never an easy thing to go through. Rich made the experience as easy as it could be. If I had to use a mediator again, I would use Rich at A Fairway Mediation again. I highly recommend him.
  • Toni O George

    - Sep 27 2018 I felt like family. He made sure I was taken care of and answered all my questions. Rich was authentically concerned from start to finish. In my unfortunate case it was comforting to know I had Rich on my side!
  • Shena Orr

    - Sep 26 2018 Fulfilling
  • Lisa

    - Sep 14 2018 I found Rich through a search engine. We spoke right away and he eased my kind immediately. I felt I had found someone to help me through what I thought would be a horrendous situation. Rich was always professional, knowledgeable , reassuring and most of all fair. He kept the balance and tone at a reasonable level between us. Thank you Rich! I recommend his services!!

    - Aug 31 2018 Rich Gordon has a thorough understanding of the legal aspects of divorce and the ability to handle them with compassion and tenderness (and even some humor when necessary), and I feel fortunate to have had him handle my affairs. I recommend him without reserve.
  • Chip wilson

    - Aug 01 2018 Rich facilitated a smooth and benevolent divorce experience that totally exceeded my expectations on all levels of the process. He listened, advised with consideration to both parties and allowed an open dialogue which was driven with compassion and common sense. Thank you Rich!
  • Zeerina Josan

    Jun 08 2018 Very fair and very helpful. Extremely satisfied. I highly recommend!
  • Ann Braun

    Apr 23 2018 Rich provided us with support that went beyond just handling the divorce proceedings until we had a favorable agreement we could both live with. . He was able to influence our settlement conversations when we hit a wall by gently suggesting alternatives that we hadn't considered to address issues such as alimony--the amount and length of time. Living now on the other side of the divorce, I'm grateful that my ex-husband and I are still friends which most likely wouldn't have happened without mediation led by Rich.
  • Cathy Vaux

    Feb 13 2018 He got a difficult job done. Rich was available to answer questions or returned messages quickly.
  • Eric W

    Feb 06 2018 Very fair divorce mediation. Both parties felt like they got a fair deal and everyone avoided costly litigation which would have been a nightmare. Rich did a great job. Thank you! says:

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