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3801 PGA Boulevard
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As seasoned litigators, you are all aware of the basic differences between mediation versus arbitration. The Mediator and Arbitrator should both retain an exterior demeanor of strict neutrality, without suggesting to the parties any sense of partiality. The Arbitrator, of course, presents a judicial air, and though seemingly impartial, must eventually decide in favor of one side or the other, while the Mediator works to facilitate compromise.
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Reviews and Testimonials

  • Anthony Segreto

    Mar 09 2018 I have been working with Richard Smukler for 8 yrs and have the utmost respect for the way he conducts business. If Professionalism, Respect and Results are what you are looking for, Look No Further.
  • Lisa

    Mar 08 2018 Mr. Smuckler was very efficient with the parties' time and effective in facilitating meaningful settlement discussions.
  • JBS

    Mar 04 2018 I found Mr. Smukler to be knowledgeable and very professional. He handle matters very fairly.
  • paul finizio

    Feb 19 2018 rich is knowledgeable and patient which makes him effective
  • Lorraine Bennett

    Feb 16 2018 Divine!
  • Alan Barcus

    Dec 03 2017 There's one word to describe my experience with Richard: GREAT! Totally professional in his advocacy representing me. Should you need the services of a seasoned mediator, don't hesitate to hire him.

    Oct 31 2017 You are a great guy, I am sorry I feel asleep again at the switch. What can I say but lunch is on me....said with a smile and an open hand....please drop me a note- would love to see before your move and if you have moved I will drive up there and make the same offer of a smile, handshake and lunch. jack
  • Jerrad Ohr

    Aug 18 2017 A competent and trustworthy mediator that is a good people person. Mr. Smukler is knowledgeable with the law and does well getting all parties to consider opposing positions. He is not a messenger.
  • Brian Mangines

    Jul 31 2017 Rich is a consummate professional and skilled mediator. He has great instincts that help synthesize the mediation process and bring the case to settlement. In short, Rich is a closer and I highly recommend him!
  • Randy Freedman

    Jul 28 2017 Very experienced and knowledgeable. He picks up complex legal issues quickly which enables him to get to the heart of a matter without wasting time. He’s also patient with the parties and is adept at getting them to work together.
  • Dale Larrimore

    Jul 25 2017 I have known Richard Smukler for over 40 years. He has always demonstrated the upmost integrity and dedication. It would be hard to find a better, more unbiased person, to act as a mediator for any matter you place before him. You will be able to trust him, and I am confident you will be pleased with the results.
  • David Garten

    Jul 23 2017 I was very impressed with Rich as a mediator. Rich has mediated three cases for me. In each case, my clients and I were extremely satisfied with his professionalism, expertise, and his ability to overcome extreme adversity among the parties. Rich practiced civil litigation for over 30 years. He applies that knowledge with laser accuracy in assisting the parties to try and reach a fair resolution of their dispute. He is a quick learn in very complex areas of the law. I rate Rich 5 Stars as a mediator/arbitrator! David M. Garten, Esq.
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