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For over thirty-eight years, Mr. Kaplan has provided legal representation in all aspects of business transactions, commercial litigation and mediation. He has broad experience in state and federal civil litigation, including claims involving complex commercial litigation, real estate, fraud, deceptive trade practices, negligence, landlord/tenant, eminent domain, tortious interference, construction cases, and family law involving financial issues. He has represented plaintiffs and defendants in virtually all aspects of civil litigation. He has argued in the State's Appellate Courts and in the United States Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit. Mr. Kaplan has also represented title insurance agents and underwriters, and insureds under title insurance policies.
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Reviews and Testimonials

  • Christina Mathis

    Jun 06 2018 I was threatened by my former employer & his lawyer to Cease and Desist, working in my field & they continued to harass me by threatening to file a TRO with bond, and damages of $100,000. I never signed a non-compete. But the legal threats, continued and I actually received 'Cause documents' (without a Cause number ). This is stressful even though I read through the lines of legal jargon. Richard Kaplan took an immediate alpha position and squashed the entire basis of their claim, in three letters. He took time to explain everything, he is compassionate, and professional. Mr. Kaplan informed me of any changes and allowed me to read his response letters before executing them. I have a deep respect and gratitude for his time and legal expertise. Mr. Kaplan is also a meticulous wordsmith, a legal scholar, and a gentlemen. You definitely want him on your side! I remain sincere, Christina Mathis
  • David Warren

    Apr 30 2018 Top attorneys with great real world results. I'd highly recommend the attorneys at Weycer Kaplan Pulaski & Zuber.
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