Richard I. Janvey Business Attorney, Mediator & Arbitrator

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As a business advisor, mediator, negotiator and litigator, Richard I. Janvey is entrusted with addressing clients’ most significant challenges. He counsels clients on commercial relationships, negotiates and mediates intra- and inter-company conflicts and advocates powerfully in court. He is brought in by boards of directors of commercial and nonprofit organizations to conduct internal investigations and to untangle all kinds of difficult situations.
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Reviews and Testimonials

  • Vincent J. Love

    Dec 02 2017 Responsive, reliable handling of all of my legal issues.
  • arthur Radin

    Nov 06 2017 I have discussed many legal issues with Richard and always found him knowledgeable and intelligent.
  • Anthony Colleluori

    Nov 04 2017 The arb was between a group of familiesthat felt their fiduciary stole their money in a scheme to defraud. You gave our clients the room to be emotional even though this was a commercial matter. We went late into the day, got past impasses and were instrumental leaving us with the feeling we did as well as we could do.
  • Ira Lippel

    Nov 02 2017 I have been working with Richard on a professional level since the 1990's. Richard's extensive legal knowledge and high degree of professionalism always makes it a pleasure to work with him as well as recommend him whenever I am asked to by a client for a legal council referral.
  • Robert Michaelson

    Nov 02 2017 Richard is a lawyer's lawyer. He dissects problems quickly and his judgment is spot on.
  • Ivan Kapelus

    Nov 02 2017 Richard is a good listener and gives sound practical advice.
  • Joseph Jaffe

    Nov 02 2017 Richard is a concerned, caring, well prepared, efficient and effective counsel He learns the facts required, takes nothing for granted and exercises exceptional client skills, diligence and perseverance.
  • Ivan Kapelus

    Oct 04 2017 Richard takes a great deal of trouble to understand the issues and to explain them to the clients in clearly while at the same time taking the clients need into account. He is frank and honest in his assessment of the situation even if it does not suit the client. A great attorney to have dealing with one's affairs.
  • Ira Lippel

    Oct 03 2017 I've worked with Richard for many years on numerous projects. His consistent quality advice has shown shines through each and every time.
  • Joseph Jaffe

    Oct 03 2017 Have worked closely with Richard on a number of matters. He is well organized, concerned, well prepared, even tempered and very attentive, He understands the objectives, sets goals and approaches , executes on the plan and adjusts as the situations dictate. Underpromises; over delivers
  • Dnaiel A. Lippel, CPA, MSA

    Oct 03 2017 I have worked with Richard since the start of my career. His counsel, professionalism and experience have only added value to any situation or team that has had the privilege of work with him.
  • Faten Sabry

    Oct 03 2017 Richard is a great listener and puts his clients first, always.
  • Ivan Kapelus

    Sep 05 2017 I have worked with Richard Janvey for over 32 years. He is a man of integrity who gives his full attention, insight and effort to help his clients in every situation.
  • Ira Lippel

    Sep 04 2017 Richard and I have worked together for many years, He is consistently reliable, professional and always a pleasure to work with.
  • jOhn paolicelli

    Sep 04 2017 very good.
  • Vincent J. Love

    Sep 03 2017 Dealing with Richard is always rewarding. He is a knowledgeable hard working legal advisor.
  • Michael L. Cook

    Sep 03 2017 Worked with Richard for 36 years as his outside counsel, client and co-counsel. He is smart, wise, caring and thoughtful. The best.
  • Robi Blumenstein

    Sep 03 2017 I've known Richard for 25+ years. Through several matters and countless conversations I have found him to be a smart, capable and insightful attorney. Highly recommended.
  • Menachem Rosensaft

    Sep 03 2017 I have had the opportunity to work with Richard Janvey numerous times over the past 20 years he is an outstanding lawyer and caring, dedicated counselor. I recommend him most enthusiastically.
  • Thomas Pronesti

    Jul 07 2017 Richard is a featured mediator and arbitrator on our site. We highly recommend his services.
  • John Paolicelli

    Jul 06 2017
  • Michael Hansen

    Jul 05 2017 Richard has been an excellent level headed counselor for me over many years on a variety of issues. I highly recommend him for his expertise and integrity. Michael Hansen
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