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At Florida Family Law Clinic, our primary, most honored objective is to provide exceptional, low-cost legal services to families throughout Florida. Since our initiation, we’ve helped struggling local families with the legal counsel and representation they need to protect their rights, finances, and futures.

Our lawyers have years of experience with a comprehensive range of family law matters, including divorce, paternity, time-sharing, child support, spousal support, property distribution, domestic violence, post-divorce litigation, and more. We handle family law cases with integrity, professionalism, and assertiveness, as our record of successful cases suggests.
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Reviews and Testimonials

  • William Cuesta

    - Jan 14 2023 I have had a great experience with both Robin and Denise Pichardo my current attorney. My previous attorney did me wrong Robin took my case and the law firm has fought hard on my behalf they are great people and professionals. I would definitely recommend them.
  • Mercedes Pantojas

    - Jun 02 2020 My divorce took almost two years, because i was fighting soled custody of my child. It is very frustrating the law process here in Florida, but Attorney Robbin Petra worked in a professional way that always calmed me down. Thank you so much for your hard work and for your patience. I wish you and your staff the best??
  • Bill Zima

    - May 25 2020 Working with Gwen and David has brought calmness at a time of great stress thank you all
  • Lee p

    - May 11 2020 One of the best professionals to deal with! I owe a great deal of debt to Florida Family Law Clinic for what they did to help me win my divorce case against my vicious wife. Robbin L. Petras, my lawyer was a beacon of hope to me when my options appeared limited. Not only was she able to defend me from vicious attacks, but her empathetic demeanor also offered emotional support to me during this trying time. Attorney Petras, and her staff were always responsive to my questions and concerns. They conducted themselves professionally and clearly explained the processes involved during a divorce case. I also would like to acknowledge Gwen Fajayan, the paralegal who prepared everything on time and was always available when needed. The quality of services accorded to me was top-notch. They exceeded my expectations and accorded me competent counsel that produced the results I needed. Every time a difficultly arose during the divorce procession, Gwen and Petras knew how to deal with it. Attorney Petras is smart, efficient, realistic, knowledgeable, and experienced: all the virtues that you need in a lawyer. She is the most competent and noteworthy lawyer I have had the pleasure of representing me. Far from ordinary, she disseminates her duties with due diligence and respect. Florida Family Law Clinic is truly an outstanding law firm, and I would highly recommend this firm to anyone looking for the best lawyers to represent you through what is one of the toughest experiences of in life. Florida Family Law Clinic located in South Florida is truly professional. This Law Firm makes legal matters a walk in the park for me. Thank Florida Family Law Clinic! Best decision I made during a challenging time.
  • Carla C Couto

    - Mar 29 2020 Robbin, Scott, Gwen and all the staff are always professional and pleasant either over the phone or in person. I did recommend their services to a few people already because they are so great.
  • Sarah s

    - Mar 05 2020 Excellent firm, Robbin is the best...always available to help you, super knowledgeable and friendly staff. I have also dealt with David he is a terrific person as well. They will fight for what is right and fair. Highly recommend this firm.
  • Kim Ordiway

    - Feb 28 2020 I have had great experiences working with Robbin and her staff. This staff always goes the extra mile to be certain their client is satisfied with their work.
  • jean young

    - Feb 07 2020 Robbin was the absolute best. She made me comfortable and I knew she really cared about what I was going thru. To this day I can call on her and she will be there. I was a scared woman whom after 30 years of having a husband and provider was dumped and just left to be on my own. Robbin made sure I knew she cared and would help me thru it. She is the best.
  • Mariela Espejo

    - Feb 02 2020 Was great throught the process and help me to resolve all the situations, the team was very good, always with the sense of help and colaboration.
  • Jeannine Y

    - Jan 29 2020 We have been with Robbin for over 4 years battling to have some kind of relationship with my grandson as he was taken from us when he was 2 years old by his mother and her father from Missouri where he was born. His father and large family that loves him and misses him more than anything. It has drained us financially as we have had to travel 2000 miles one way back and forth to hearings only to have the courts deny my son any communication with his child, but even through it all Robbin has continued to be devoted to us and continues to support us in every way possible. I could never repay her for all of her and her staff's support, hopefully God willing the honorable court of Broward county will give us our Grandson as his father and our family have lost so many precious memories with him. Thank you Robbin for being our rock as we have struggled through this difficult horrible experience. You are God sent.
  • Melissa Mccaffrey

    - Jan 29 2020 Working with Robbin Petras and her team was an excellent experience. All of my concerns were handled in a timely manner. I would definitely recommend them.
  • Michelle Lenore

    Aug 19 2019 Great service. Really helped me when i needed it most. My family is forever grateful.
  • Darilyn sanchez

    Jul 17 2018 I have been with Fl Family Law clinic for a while now. Gwen is absolutely the best at guiding me in the right direction and listening to me about all my situations, I always call Gwen lol. Before I had a weak attorney with Florida family law clinic but now!!!!!! I have Robin P she is awesome, she is prepared and ready. she makes me feel confident and that is a great feeling to have dealing with the courts. I cant thank her enough for all her help now and in the future. thanks to all the staff Laura for helping me out always. Yesenia for all her help. Great team says:

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