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Reviews and Testimonials

  • CM

    - Feb 20 2024 I am so thankful that I found Robert to help me with my boundary dispute in the mountains. I had purchased vacant land in the mountains with the intent of building a mountain home when my neighbor decided she owned a sizable piece of my property. Greedy as my neighbor is, neither she nor her attorney were able take what didn't belong to them. Robert knows the law and shines in a courtroom. Being involved in a lawsuit would be stressful for anyone, but I was confident in Robert. He always has a plan and the legal expertise to back his argument. He won my case and I am so thankful he did.
  • RDV

    - Feb 12 2024 Robert was willing to help us out with a case when other attorneys wouldn't. He was extremely professional and committed to getting the best outcome for us, which he did in the end. He is straightforward and won't waste your time. Robert and his team are exceptionally knowledgeable and a pleasure to work with, I highly recommend them to anyone in need of representation.
  • Randy Kee

    - Apr 27 2022 There is no words to express my gratitude to Robert Abrams and staff. He saved me more than $4 million dollars in a Jury verdict. His analytical skills to get the truth out and to keep the jury's attention. A true master of litigation.
  • Christian Reyes

    - Nov 05 2021 Marvelous
  • M.E.

    - Aug 04 2021 It’s not an easy task seeking out an attorney for legal complications, it’s not funny when your caught up in legalities and don’t know who to turn to for professional help. The legal dispute I had was small compared to most but still was an overwhelming weight causing me stress and anxiety, it was still a "legal" concern. When all had been said and done, the relief and pressure lifted out of my life because of this office of legal minds was so surprisingly mood lifting that I’m still surprised. In my lifetime dealing with legal issues has never been, in the slightest, fun, relieving, or in any way pleasant, even after it’s all over. I always had feelings of caution, like buyers' remorse when my life is handed over to someone I don’t even know. My issue has been cleared from my life and I have no feeling of being cheated but a great feeling of clear, satisfying and fair relief. During the process, I literally felt like I handed over and unloaded my burden to a competent team, my team. Now it’s over and how satisfied I am with the outcome! In 20/20 hindsight – I could not have picked a better team of legal minds! Thank you so much, ABRAMS, SULLENBERGER & ASSOCIATES, LLC
  • J & M Buckly

    - Apr 29 2021 We credit the fabulous work of Robert Abrams and his law firm Abrams & Assoc. We have felt assured of your attention and care to our situation and again "nailing" the defendants and their subcontractors for the shoddy work they did on our renovation. We also liked and appreciated your knowledge to complete the contractor’s unfinished work so we could sell. Your hard work on our behalf, especially coming in for the mediation process when you were so sick, is so commendable. The commitment to your clients is amazing and your legal acumen and its application to our case won the settlement. Thank you for making it possible for us to sell our house in a timely manner before the settlement was completed. We were glad you addressed the many issues related to our house fire and its renovation. Thank you for applying your many fine skills and the skills of your staff on our behalf. John and Marney B.
  • Doug Irish

    - Jul 15 2020 We hired Abrams Law to recover money from a vendor that breached their contract. Dealing with Bob was very easy and professional. He was very upfront about the costs and likelihood of success or failure for our case. It was not cheap and in the end our recover while 100{cbbf165febdb5c9e7382d0ea2260dd38549f33437b67133716bb132863876b24} basically covered the costs of suing. But, the satisfaction of winning over a vendor that didn't believe we would spend the money to take them to court was even more worthwhile. The judge had every reason to "pierce the veil" of the company's organization but chose not to, had he done that we likely would have been able to recover all of our money and costs for the suit. Overall we were very pleased with our representation and while we would prefer not to have to go to court again, we would certainly hire Abrams Law if the need ever came up again.
  • Renee Wolf

    - Jul 07 2020 Although my case hasn't been resolved, I have been satisfied with the experience I've had with Abrams and Associates.
  • Beth Hale

    - Jul 07 2020 Robert was BORN to litigate. Everything about him! His style of speech, his demeanor, his relentlessness. He's a savant at it. Backed by fabulous legal researchers, he's really unmatched. If I were a lawyer, I'd hate to go up against him in court. Also, he treated me very fairly!
  • Cindy Goldfarb

    - Jul 07 2020 my experience was very good with Mr. Abrams and his staff.
  • SN

    - Jun 19 2020 Excellent service. Professional in handling all the legal issues. Responsive to questions. Highly recommend.
  • Hai Au Lam Pham

    - Jun 08 2020 Good, quick, professional
  • Ross Behm

    - May 14 2020 Easy
  • Roy White

    - May 08 2020 Best attorney I have ever had the pleasure working with, if you need an attorney I would recommend Robert and his group.
  • Cindy Goldfarb

    - May 08 2020 My experience with Abrams & Associates was very good. Hopefully I will never need their services again but if I needed an attorney, I would turn to them.
  • JRM

    - May 08 2020 I needed immediate help with a residential roofing contractor’s damage to my house. Robert and his crew helped me checkmate the contractor’s run at me with a lien. It took time and patience, but my problem was favorably resolved. I found the billing and fees to be accurate and reasonable. They are a busy shop so sometimes, as a smaller case, communication could be a little frustrating.
  • Lily lam

    - May 08 2020 Robert was very knowledgeable and his assistant was also very meticulous and together they made sure questions were answered throughly. They were quick in responding and taking actions. My case was wrapped up in a timely manner not stretched as other lawyers might to receive more pay from clients. Definitely wanted to get result as fast as they could. It was overall a great experience.
  • Omar S Alabassi

    - Apr 08 2020 Amazing Advise And Amazing Staff
  • Christina Mead

    - Apr 08 2020 Mr. Abrams and his partners have helped me navigate and address a very long-standing property boundary issue to my utmost satisfaction. They know what they are doing and will stand up for their clients.
  • Ted Thomas

    - Apr 08 2020 I have worked with Robert and his team for years and have excellent results. Their fees are very fare.
  • Ayla Reed

    - Apr 08 2020 Robert and his team have been very dedicated to my ongoing legal issue. He is proving to be a vital resource to the success of my case. His representation means everything.
  • Molly

    Sep 15 2019 I came to Mr. Abrams with a very emotionally charged case after having spent serious cash with another attorney. Upon hiring Mr. Abrams he went right to work and was very diligent in ensuring that my interests were properly protected and represented. Hiring him was a real turning point in my legal battle and he brought me a piece of mind I couldn’t have gotten with any other attorney. I recommend him to everyone. He is a very take charge and get things done kind of man. says:

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