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Reviews and Testimonials

  • Diane Arndts

    Jan 23 2020 Thank you for your compassion during a difficult time. Anna; the paralegal went above and beyond her duties to assist me and also comfort me. Catherine was understanding, professional and always willing to listen and help. Cannot express my gratitude enough!!
  • Choudhry Awan

    Oct 29 2019 This law office is the best in town. Specially staff member ANNA. SHE IS THE BEST!!! very caring and hard working.
  • Catherine Cauchi

    Oct 16 2019 When a family entrusts its granddaughter to true professionals like Robert Venturo and his committed staff, to insure her safety and security time and time again, over several years, and he never fails, how can we not be forever grateful to him. With each birthday, Christmas and vacation, we share with her and all that love that flourishes because of his expertise to keep us all together as a family, is truly a miracle we attribute to his excellence as our lawyer. He will be forever our family lawyer, to insure that our precious granddaughter be given the family she deserves, inorder for her to grow into the wonderful person a family together can afford her.
  • Bill Ude

    Sep 21 2019 Mr Venturo and Staff were excellent. Very satisfied with the outcome and all the help I received from this office. Had a lot of contact with Anna, she was extremely helpful and always responded in a timely matter says:

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