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Robert Heywood is a graduate of Stanford University, the University of California, Berkeley, and Santa Clara University Law School, where he served as a law review editor. He has taught at Santa Clara University, Hastings College of the Law, University of San Francisco Law School, Stanford Law School and the California Center for Judicial Education and Research.
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Reviews and Testimonials

  • Sue Borg

    Nov 06 2017 Bob acted as mediator in a complicated case involving a Third Party and workers compensation matter with multiple parties. Bob's deep knowledge of workers comp as well as civil litigation helped the parties come to a resolution after multiple tries. Bob stayed engaged with the parties and really pushed to make the settlement happen. I would happily agree to having Bob as a mediator and would recommend him to other colleagues.
  • Timothy Egan

    Oct 30 2017 Bob has mediated several difficult cases in which I have been involved. He is knowledgeable, effective, respected in the community and easy to work with. His mediations skills are top notch.
  • Raymond Frost

    Oct 25 2017 Recognized by his peers as one of the top mediators in the Bay Area.
  • Michael G Gerson

    Oct 08 2017 Bob really assists in resolving issues. He knows the law and understands the concerns of the parties. Bob relates well with the injured worker and explains the system to the client very thoroughly. He spends the necessary time making sure the client understands what is going on with his/her case. This results in confidence with the process necessary to bring the client on board on move the claim forward.
  • Sue Borg

    Oct 07 2017 We had an excellent experience with Bob and my clients had a great resultĀ  I would not hesitate to use him again and to recommend him to others.
  • Joe Appel

    Oct 07 2017 Robert Heywood is where all sides to a complicated high stakes work comp should go to. He gets it. He listens. He persuades. He allows injured people the chance to vent and have their day "in court". All clients of mine give him super excellent reviews. Me, too.
  • Thomas Pronesti

    Aug 05 2017 Robert is a featured attorney on He has vast experience as a mediator, arbitrator, discovery referee, special master and consultant. We highly recommend his services.
  • Sean Desmond

    Jul 20 2017 Mr. Heywood is an outstanding mediator- extremely well prepared, knowledgeable and hard working. Bob establishes rapport with the parties, and is committed to the mediation process from start to finish. I recommend him without reservation, especially in matters involving complex issues and difficult personalities.
  • Arthur Scears

    Jul 19 2017 Mr. Heywood is an outstanding facilitator who is able to move the toughest cases to resolution.
  • Lee Rough

    Jul 11 2017
  • stone berger

    Jul 11 2017
  • Sue Borg

    Jul 09 2017
  • Keith Epstein

    Jun 23 2016 Mr. Heywood is a great mediator, he explains the process well and is able to engage even the most difficult of litigants into productive conversation and negotiation. I would use him again for mediation of even my most difficult cases.
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