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700 Cass St, Suite 202
Monterey, CA 93940
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Child Custody, Divorce, Family Law
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Reviews and Testimonials

  • Kenni Taylor

    Feb 01 2019 Robin fought a long custody battle on our behalf and won against all the odds. She is a phenomenal attorney and a true advocate of the best interests of the child. I would elect to have Robin assist in all of our legal matters if I could. She is truly a blessing to assist you with child custody issues, especially Father's rights.
  • MS

    Jan 30 2019 Robin was a huge source of help and comfort while I was going through my divorce. I appreciate her knowledge and kindness during a very trying period.
  • Josh

    Jan 30 2019 Robin is an outstanding professional! She will treat your case with honesty, empathy, and effectiveness. I was impressed by her ability to take the stress out of my challenging situations.
  • DG

    Jan 29 2019 A friend referred me to Robin. I was in a very scary situation. I just wished my friend introduced me a long time ago. She was the light at the end of the tunnel. I don’t know how I would have got through everything without her. She is professional, very knowledgeable of the law obviously, fair and kind. Eternally grateful to have her hold my hand.
  • Glenn Church

    Jan 29 2019 Robin's personable character and legal knowledge was much appreciated.
  • Kenni Taylor

    Feb 01 2019 Robin is an excellent child custody attorney and a true advocate of the best interests of the child.
  • J Ventress

    Feb 01 2019 Robin Welch represented me in a divorce case that went on for over a year. Her kindness, attention, and communication during the entirety of the case was more than I could have asked for. She promptly responds to calls, emails, and texts. She is a sincere person who will be honest and never promise you results she can't guarantee. When I first got in contact with her, my marriage was coming to an abrupt end and she immediately got to work for me. I can say without a doubt that she went above and beyond helping me in protecting my rights as a father. It is only because of her that I have custody of my children. I would highly recommend Mrs. Welch to anyone looking for an honest, experienced, and down-to-earth attorney. I give full credit to Mrs. Welch in helping me get to where I am today and out of the pits of a toxic divorce. She works with sincerity and honesty.
  • Koly McBride

    Feb 28 2018 Robin is thorough, kind, and smart. I highly recommend her to anyone needing solid representation.
  • Michael Ullom

    Feb 27 2018 This is a post as an advocate and attorney in the area, not as a client. I am primarily posting this in response to the previous rating, which claimed that Robin is trying to delay things in order to make more money. As a frank assessment, That is not Robin' Welch's MO. She has consistently been a cost effective advocate, not someone who care more about your paycheck than you as a person. Niceness should not be confused with ineffectiveness.
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