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217 S Salina St # 700
Syracuse, NY 13202
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Mr. Bradley represents owners, lenders, sureties, contractors and subcontractors and suppliers in virtually every aspect of construction litigation including contract drafting, mechanic’s liens, bond claims, trust fund issues, as well as defending and prosecuting claims for extra work, delay and disruption, and subsurface conditions. He represents and counsels clients on all aspects of dispute resolution.
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Reviews and Testimonials

  • Gretchen BeVard

    - Aug 01 2022 Mr. Bradley was knowledgeable, honest and dedicated to our case. He was always attentive to our concerns and questions. I would highly recommend Mr. Bradley.
  • Roy Smith

    - Feb 17 2020 Rodger helped us with a small case against a national retailer. Rodgers' professionalism and abilities at negotiation as well as his experience are what eventually secured us a settlement we were happy with. He kept in touch the whole case and oversaw the whole process. He was honest throughout even when he stood to gain nothing. From my experience he is outstanding at what he does. I would recommend him to anyone who needs a good, solid, honest attorney.
  • Tim A Seeler, P.E.

    - Nov 06 2019 Roger and I have worked together over more than 20 years assisting clients in resolving issues they face. Roger has provided advice and counsel to me on a number of occasions as well. He is a very skilled Attorney but brings common sense to problem resolution. He is dedicated to his clients and is incredibly responsive to their requests and needs.
  • Mark Ranalli

    - May 23 2019 For nearly 2 decades Mr. Bradley has provided legal counsel services for me personally, for family members, for friends, and for business associates. All those who I have recommended Mr. Bradley, and/or his firm, have been more than impressed - with not just his unmatched breadth and depth legal acumen, but as well his professional demeanor, interpersonal skills, his responsiveness, and his uncanny ability to "read" people. A friend of mine recommended Roger to me with the statement "the nicest lawyer in the world with shark teeth." I agree.
  • Michael Baroody

    - May 07 2019 I have known Roger Bradley for over 15 years. Roger has handled many legal matters for me and has always achieved the outcome I was looking for. Roger has always protected my interests in an ethical and professional manner while keeping me informed throughout every step. Roger is the very best and I am privileged to have him by my side.
  • Rick Fedrizzi

    - Jan 24 2019 Roger Bradley is one of the most supportive innovative attorneys I have ever had the ability to work with. Roger spends a lot of time understanding the unique issues surrounding the legal work he engages in with his clients. For example he has taken the time to educate himself on the often complex areas of sustainability and human health and wellness related to the work that my organization is engaged in (real estate certification utilizing LEED and WELL certification rating tools) Roger's unique ability to collaborate with his clients is one of the things that make him special. It's never a one way top down driven legal discussion. Roger wants to share what he knows and bring forward all pertanient issues of what his client knows before offering his opinion and important direction. He is a terrific representative of the legal community.
  • Bill Hunter

    - Jan 21 2019 Roger is an excellent attorney. He is careful in his deliberations, creative with his solutions and always looking to add value in unique ways. Roger has always gone above and beyond the call of duty in his engagements with us and is a well respected member of our business community.
  • tim baroody

    - Jan 21 2019 Knowledgeable, professional and honorable. Fair all around, he shares knowledge selflessly. The most straight up professional I have met in all my years in business.
  • John Falge

    - Jan 21 2019 Roger always puts the interest of his clients first and he is understanding and thoughtful. Outstanding attorney.
  • Shannon Bertrand

    - Jan 21 2019 Roger has acted as a AAA arbitrator for me in a construction dispute and also as co-counsel in a construction matter. He is incredibly well prepared and hard working. I highly recommend him.
  • Joseph Panna

    - Jan 21 2019 I have worked with Roger for many years. I find him to be a hard working dedicated attorney, highly specialized in construction law. Recently Roger worked on a large construction claim for our company. I found that he worked on most weekends and many weekdays until 9 or 10pm. He is always there for us when we need him. We are well pleased with the results Roger gets.
  • Frederick Micale

    - Jan 21 2019 As a business law practitioner for over 45 years I have worked with Roger on several construction law matters in which I found Roger to be the most knowledgeable and experienced lawyer in this field with whom I have had the pleasure with working.
  • Thomas Pronesti

    - Apr 19 2018 Roger is a featured attorney on and we highly recommend his services.
  • Roy Smith

    Feb 04 2020 Attorney Rodger Bradley was excellent at negotiating a settlement for my case. It took several months and Rodger was always attentive and never brushed me aside even though my case was relatively small. His negotiating skills and insight reflect his years of practice. He was a great overseer through the process and I would recommend him to anybody.
  • Tim Baroody

    Jan 22 2019 The most professional and honorable attorney in the business. His vast knowledge and cooperative spirit is remarkable. He is the best construction attorney in the business i have seen in my career over 35 years. Roger, you are honest and honorable. Thank you for all you have done for us. says:

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