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Through mediation, Ross Cerny has facilitated settlements of hundreds of workplace-originated claims of employment discrimination based upon race, gender, age, ethnicity, national origin, sexual orientation, religion and violations of the Americans with Disabilities Act, and sexual harassment claims, as well as the settlement of hundreds of other matters (commercial, professional liability, elder family decision making, elder abuse, personal injury, insurance, real estate and construction).
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Reviews and Testimonials

  • Joe Lanza

    - May 17 2018 A sub-contractor made a claim to my bonding company and a complaint to the Contractors State License Board saying I owed him additional money for a completed job. Mr. Ross Cerny mediated the dispute. After listening to our stories and calculating the dollars, it was determined and agreed to by both of us that my sub-contractor owed my (and paid me) the sum of $2,000. We waived the provisions of the California Civil Code section 1542 and the agreement was in settlement of all claims, known and unknown. Thank you Mr. Cerny. Ito would not have been nearly as easy without you.
  • Regina Cooks

    - Feb 21 2018 I have had the pleasure of observing Ross Cerny in several mediation meetings. I have found Mr. Cerny to be intelligent, mild mannered, and patient throughout the process. Mr. Cerny is very good at helping the parties understand the other's parties issues. He is also very good at helping the parties formulate a resolution while maintaining neutrality. I would highly recommend Mr. Cerny.
  • Marcia Haber

    - Jan 03 2018 Ross is an extraordinary co-mediator. He is a masterful listener and keen collaborating partner.
  • Althea Halchuck

    - Nov 30 2017 When I became a mediator nearly 15 years ago, Ross was my mentor at LA Superior Court and the EEOC. He was a great role model for a new mediator and he continues to educate and advise me as a friend and colleague. He is a consummate professional offering parties the calm presence and experience they need to solve their own disputes. I highly recommend Ross in any mediation setting.
  • mike vanlochem

    - Nov 19 2017 Very personal and friendly, great command of the law and issues, reasonable approach to possible resolution.
  • Aubrey Ellis

    - Nov 18 2017 During the many years I have known and worked with Attorney and Mediator Ross Cerny, he has consistently impressed me as a leader, problem-solver, and coach in the areas of conflict and/or dispute resolution involved in addressing issues related to workplace conflict among employees as well as management and employees. Ross has demonstrated his ability to see problems in very different ways than most would observe. This insight provides all parties involved in a dispute with a better understanding of the potential solutions as well as the risks associated with not addressing such issues. I would recommend Ross as a resource for any potential problem or dispute without the slightest reservation.
  • ALM

    - Nov 18 2017 Thoughtful analysis, detailed understanding of the issues, neutrality; all with utmost professionalism.
  • Fanta Hailu

    - Sep 19 2017 I had the privilege of observing you conduct a number of mediations I was very much impressed with your contagious calm disposition no matter how heated the mediations became. Especially the skill you demonstrated in transforming relationships in the workplace. Thank you for allowing me to occur in the clearance you created and observe a professional at his best.
  • Deborah Lanza

    - Sep 19 2017 Ross guided us through a mediation with compassion and integrity to a very successful solution. His knowledge of the law and keen understanding of people proved the perfect combination to resolve our issue. Highly recommend.
  • Brian Allman

    - Sep 19 2017 Ross is a first-rate attorney and one of the fairest and most objective people I know. I recommend his services unequivocally.
  • Allen Michel

    - Sep 19 2017 Ross Cerny provides insightful observations that help resolve disputes with speed and professionalism.
  • Thomas Pronesti

    - Sep 15 2017 Ross is a featured attorney on and we highly recommend his services.
  • Thomas Pronesti

    May 17 2018 Ross is a top notch attorney! says:

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