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Russell Knight always focused on family law, The Law Offices of Russell D. Knight began exclusively practicing family law in 2013. Russell Knight much prefers to do one thing, Family Law, and do it well. Russell Knight still, however, uses a great deal of his general knowledge of Criminal, Immigration and Bankruptcy Law in his Family Law practice.
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Reviews and Testimonials

  • Kaneezfathima

    May 23 2019 Russell Knight is a good Lawyer,Knowledgeable,Active listening,Problem solving and decision maker. He is an Excellent Lawyer.
  • Russell DePalma

    Apr 30 2019 Russell was clear, concise, and affected change expeditiously. I have recommended him to several friends over the years. Russell's compassion is heartfelt, his diligence is top tier, and his competence is what garners the big WIN.
  • Tere

    Apr 18 2019 He is very knowledgeable and put me at ease regarding my case. Everything went as he said.
  • David Marijczyn

    Apr 11 2019 Russel handled my case with the professionalism I expected. I was informed of each step in the process and what to expect. Whenever I had a question it was responded to promptly.
  • KW

    Apr 03 2019 I had an uncontested divorce, and the costs were kept minimal s promised!! I received timely communication.
  • Gabriela Valdez

    Apr 02 2019 Russell Knight is very friendly, knowledgeable and professional. He helped me a divorce case when another lawyer had failed me. I would highly recommend Russell.
  • Joumana Ghazi

    Apr 02 2019 He’s a great attorney very knowledgeable.
  • Willie James Robinson

    Apr 01 2019 Russell very knowledgable. He help me through a tough time for me and even years later if I have an issue legally always here to help.
  • Keith

    Mar 23 2019 He is a great attorney very bright and personable.
  • Jim Neubauer

    Mar 15 2019 Russell Knight is an honest, caring and respectful lawyer that helped me in my situation. And if I ever need a lawyer again, I will definitely contact him.
  • Brian

    Mar 07 2019 Russell helped in my divorce case last year. Luckily, things were mostly amicable. That made things easier, but any time that I felt worried or concerned about the process, he was able to calm me down and lay out how divorces tend to go down. He was spot on when predicting how my ex would respond to various parts of the process. Also, Russell did a good job of breaking out tasks to the paralegal to reduce my overall costs. He is quick and to point when talking, so that took some getting used to. That particular approach saves time and money. Not that I hope to have future needs for legal assistance, but I would work with Russell again.
  • N.X.

    Mar 04 2019 Fast and smoothly. Well done, keep up the good job.
  • Kevin Taylor

    Feb 28 2019 Russell was fantastic. Highly recommended
  • Phillip

    Feb 28 2019 Proactive
  • Benjamin Damron

    Feb 22 2019 Russell helped us with a bankruptcy. Every step of the way he told us exactly what he needed from us. It required very little effort on our part and we were in and out of the courthouse in less than an hour. HE knows what he's doing so just get him what he needs and let him work his magic.
  • E.M

    Feb 10 2019 Mr Knight was very efficient during the initial to the end of my case. He was on top of everything and returned my calls when ever i had questions and concerns. My divorce went smoothly.. thanks so much.
  • ralf kind

    Feb 10 2019 it was an easy and quick divorce process with valuable input from Russell.
  • Parvez

    Feb 05 2019 Great experience with Russell over multiple cases and years! Clear thinking, empathetic towards the client's situation and needs, and knowledgeable as to when he needs to loop-in an outside expert. Highly recommended!
  • Rachael Garay

    Jan 31 2019 Russel responds quickly, gives great advice, knows his stuff and his services are reasonably priced.
  • Sim Pal

    Jan 27 2019 Excellent service, solid knowledge. Personable.
  • Yi Ding

    Jan 22 2019 He is a great lawyer and very professional. Thank you for all you done.
  • Keith

    Jan 22 2019 Fortunate to find a very strategic attorney that always will do the right thing for you.
  • Hector Chiok

    Jan 21 2019 Fast, Professional and reliable.
  • Monica Wagner

    Jan 08 2019 Russell is great at what he does and I have referred a few people to him. The only reason I did not give him 5 stars is due to an administrative issue (the secretary called me to collect a bill that I had already paid for in a timely manner). Other than that, he is awesome and he speaks Spanish too +++
  • Abdul Rub

    Jan 03 2019 Russell is a very nice, experienced and expert lawyer. He has dealt my divorce case very smoothly. I would recommend all my contacts to get Russell's legal services.
  • Pedro Romero

    Jan 03 2019 Best lawyer ever!!! Thank you for all you done !!
  • AT

    Dec 31 2018 Russell provided the utmost service and professionalism during my divorce. I felt very lucky to have him by my side during the whole experience.
  • J

    Dec 29 2018 Professional, straightforward, and reasonably priced.
  • Danny

    Dec 08 2018 I have, unfortunately, had to deal with a lot of lawyers in the past. Russell is operates with integrity but takes a reasonable approach. I firmly believe that Russell approaches his cases and any information from an objective standpoint so that he can find a reasonable and realistic solution to help. There’s no empty promises. I trust Russell fully and know I am always going to get an honest perspective if I seek his advice!
  • Mazal

    Dec 07 2018 Prompt respond to my calls. Very professional, and fast results.
  • GSG

    Dec 07 2018 Russell has always been a wonderful advocate for my family.
  • Anam Hasan

    Dec 06 2018 Hes a great lawyer. Even though my divorce case took longer than expect to end mainly because of my ex husband who won’t co operate but Russell made sure i get the best deal at the end. And I sure did. Thanks!
  • RG

    Dec 02 2018 Russell is truly an outstanding lawyer. I will forever be grateful that I found him at a trying time in my life. He has unbelievable integrity and empathy. You can sure count on him to give the soundest legal advice according to your circumstances and will work with you to achieve the best outcome.
  • Damien William Dave Davis

    Dec 02 2018 He got me full custody of my son. Great work.
  • Lynnett Davis

    Nov 27 2018 My husband, who has recently passed, and I were very pleased with our services from your law office. We considered it quite a privilege for you to come to our home due to my husband's incapacitation. Hopefully, I will not need these services again, however, I would highly recommend you to any inquiries I may receive.
  • NC

    Nov 25 2018 It took me a while to even call an attorney's office for divorce services. So when I did this other attorney office recommended Russell. My head was spinning but Russell understood my situation and was ready to take the challenge. He explained every step of the way and put me at ease. If you're looking for an attorney to take on your difficult case talk to Russell. I highly recommend him.
  • Asbestos Project Asbestos Project Management, Inc.

    Nov 07 2018 Russell expidited my wifes green card We got it in 150 days!
  • Candi

    Nov 01 2018 I’m very thankful for Mr. Russell he was a pleasure to work it and made feel very comfortable about my case . Everything worked out in my favor and I would 100 percent would recommend him.
  • Leydis

    Oct 23 2018 Muy buen abogado y muy eficiente
  • Nazma Akhter

    Oct 08 2018 A good lawyer, quick, efficient, affordable, and much more. Knows what needs to be done and gets it done. In my opinion, undoubtedly one of the best, knows what he's doing, and very organized with his work.
  • turretgirl

    Aug 22 2018 Russell is the sort of advocate you want on your side, and right from the start you get that sense. I tend to cross my fingers and pray when I contact an attorney, as I get easily intimidated. I reached out with some legal questions, and heard back right away. Russell's personable candor immediately put me at ease. While I understand that some professions require a certain degree of detachment by nature of the work, I also believe that empathy goes a long way in building trust with clients and that is something you can anticipate with this firm.
  • Stephen Shepard

    Jul 08 2018 Mr. Knight is a straightforward and transparent attorney. Why? Check out his website for starters. How many attorneys tell you up front about their fees and costs? Virtually none! He’s also a zealous advocate for his clients, helping them with what is understably a difficult situation. A knowledgeable and honest attorney is waiting for your call, and his name is Russell D. Knight.
  • Joshua Merrick

    Jun 12 2018 Russell Knight is the most trustworthy family law attorney you will ever meet. Everything Russell says comes from a really good place and his words just set your mind at ease. The best part about working with them in my opinion is how helpful and available they make themselves. Someone is always there to answer questions. Russell's team makes you feel valued. Thank you so much Russell!
  • jeff bach

    Jan 24 2018 Wow! What a stand up guy and awesome attorney Russell Knight is! From the first day I met him he explained to me how everything would go, step by step, in each phase of my divorce/child custody case. He was right every time! Russell Knight is a great advocate for father's as well. He truly listens and cares about your situation. Russell Knight was great in front of my judge and made sure my voice was heard. If you need somebody in your corner that will fight for you and see your case through to the end, look no further than Russell Knight. He will put a plan in place for you and follow it through to the end. Thank you Russell for all you do and all you are!
  • Skagirl 29

    Jan 17 2018 Russell handled my divorce case. I would highly recommend him. He offers great legal advice, is very prompt to responding to concerns that need to be immediately addressed, and was always easy to get a hold of. His office is very on top of things. I felt like his fees were more than reasonable, and I was very happy with my settlement. Thank you, Russell!
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