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Alimony, Child Custody, Child Support Modification, Co-Parenting, Discrimination, Divorce, Domestic Relations, Family, Legal Separation, Marital Property, Sexual Harassment
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Reviews and Testimonials

  • Kelly J

    May 31 2018 After almost two decades of marriage, I suddenly found myself consumed in the ugly world of 'DIVORCE '... a place I never saw myself or my family have to go through. Personally, I was scared and suddenly alone. Ruth picked me up and told me " Kelly everything will be okay for you and your family. " I had so many questions and so many concerns about the future of my children. My soon to be ex-husband had the same concerns. Ruth was our guide; she basically guided us and explained the process step by step. She worked within a budget, explained costs that would affect both parties, and offered up many avenues we could and SHOULD consider. She explained the possible outcomes of ever decision albeit with child support, assets, visitation in the best interest of our children and my soon to be ex-husband. Ruth was a great consultant and a true professional. She positioned both of us to look beyond finial divorce to afford a great life for not only me, my ex-husband, and our children, who she looked out for during mediation, are the absolute priority. She positioned both of us to be there for our children which I am so thankful for. All the while, she was fair and reasonable with all parties ONLY looking out for everyone's, overall best interest. I would highly recommend that you consider Ruth for her services if you are ever unfortunately faced with a divorce or child support situation. All I can say is Thank You again Ruth!
  • Heather Uzzell

    May 28 2018 Ruth was a wonderful advocate for my children and I during a tough time in our lives. She exemplifies professionalism and truly cares about her clients. I would recommend Ruth to any one in need of mediation services.
  • O. Hall

    May 28 2018 I can only say positive things about Ruth with Morgan’s Mediation Practice. She was understanding, professional, and balanced in her approach. The compassion she exemplified as she navigated all the necessary steps to finalize everything was appreciated. Ruth has a clear and sensible process that she follows throughout the entire mediation. My ex and I were extremely satisfied with the process and appreciate the knowledge and dedication. You are in good hands with Ruth.
  • Thomas Pronesti

    May 17 2018 Ruth is a featured mediator on and we highly recommend her services.
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