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Child Custody, Co-Parenting, Divorce, Divorce Modification and Enforcement, Family, Legal Separation, Marriage, Probate, Same Sex Disputes
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Reviews and Testimonials

  • Barbara Johnson

    Jun 03 2019 Excellent service , professional and I am happy to recommend them!
    • Terry Lee

      Jun 04 2019Barbara: Thank you for the wonderful review. We appreciate your business and hope that you will call any time you have a question. Terry & Ginnie
  • Jen Porman

    May 29 2019 My experience with S. Terry Lee was nothing short of amazing! He is honest, thorough, and reassuring at a time in my life when I was anxious about my legal situation.
    • Terry Lee

      May 29 2019Jen: Thank you for the great review. We trust that things have calmed for you and your family, and we were glad to be able to provide some basic information when you needed it. Please call us any time we may be able to answer a question for you. Terry & Ginnie
  • BHF

    May 23 2019 I was referred to JurDoc by my attorney to finalize retirement benefits after my divorce. Terry was fantastic in explaining everything to me and what needed to be done. Terry made what seemed like a very daunting task, quick, easy and with no stress! I highly recommend JurDoc if you are dealing with retirement benefits and divorce!
    • Terry Lee

      May 23 2019Brian: Thank you for the stellar review. Please call us any time you have a question we may be able to answer. Terry & Ginnie
  • MD

    May 05 2019 Terry Lee very professional and helpful to me. I was referred to him by my attorney to assist me with some documents concerning a QDRO. He was always willing to answer any questions and was quick to respond to any concerns/questions I had. I researched other attorneys and found Terry to be very knowledgeable and his prices were most reasonable. Thank you Terry for all you assistance!
  • Cynthia De La Cruz

    Apr 25 2019 Terry was very kind and easy to work with. I was so nervous and worried about all the paperwork that needed to get done. Terry and Ginnie were very helpful. I felt like I had known them for a long time. Thank you Terry and Ginnie for all of your kindness and help.
    • Terry Lee

      May 01 2019Cynthia: Thanks for the kind review. We were glad to help. Please call any time you have a question.
  • Greg Crespo

    Jan 25 2019 Through job and helpful. Thank you.
    • Terry Lee

      Jan 25 2019Greg: Thanks for the positive review. It was our pleasure assisting you with the retirement division project. Terry & Ginnie
  • Joan Bundy

    Jan 04 2019 Every time I need Terry's help it seems to be an "emergency," but he calms me right down and also provides me with quick turn-around whenever he is able to accommodate the work without dropping his current load by the wayside. He has excellent advice on procedural questions as well as substantive law. His logic and writing skills are impeccable and unsurpassed! Also, it is just such a joy working with him and Virginia Crain, his assistant. They are so pleasant to interact with, a refreshing change from the usual business experiences. You can bet I will refer him to other colleagues and also call him again the next time I get in a time crunch or just need a second expert.
    • Terry Lee

      Jan 04 2019Attorney Bundy: Thank you very much for the positive feedback. We appreciate the confidence our attorney clients have in our services, and thus always try to meet their needs in a timely and professional manner. Terry & Ginnie
  • Gordon Gunning

    Jan 02 2019 First time and hopefully last timer doing a QRDO. Terry and Ginnie walked me through it and I finally got it right & done. Only hangups were E mails not quite right that caused delays. Patience is required.
    • Terry Lee

      Jan 02 2019Gordon: Thank you for the review. We always try to get good email addresses to expedite the process. Terry & Ginnie
  • Kimberly Kay Franklin

    Dec 31 2018 JurDoc helped me with a divorce mediation and QDRO 7 years ago. Also used for Medical Power of Attny. Most recently JurDoc helped me with QDRO state retirement mediation. I trust them! I would strongly recommend to a friend!
    • Terry Lee

      Dec 31 2018Kimberly: Thank you very much for the positive review. Please call us any time you have a question. Terry & Ginnie
  • Gary

    Dec 27 2018 Excellent services. Updated 1980 trust. Very satisfies
    • Terry Lee

      Dec 27 2018Gary: Thank you for the positive review. We trust that you, your father Tillman, brother Steve, and families are all having a wonderful holiday season. We wish you the best. Terry & Ginnie
  • Deb Richter

    Dec 07 2018 The experience was excellent. This is the second time I have met with Terry for advice or to develop a family plan.
    • Terry Lee

      Dec 07 2018Deb: Thanks for the positive review. Please call any time we can answer a question.
  • Maggie Walker

    Nov 26 2018 Very responsive and knowledgeable in regards to a case that is turning out to be a little more complicated than we thought it would be. I would highly recommend!
    • Terry Lee

      Nov 26 2018Maggie: Thank you for the positive review. Please call us any time you have a question. Terry & Ginnie
  • Vance Michael Raab

    Nov 17 2018 Excellent! Terry accompanied my Lawyer in court. Together they made a formidable presence in court that struck fear in the opposition. I would have suffered greatly at the hands of the court without his guidance. Be worried if you are going against Terry; be very worried.
  • Danny Torgerson

    Oct 31 2018 I have been working with Terry for many years ...great man! Has helped me make several on my projects become reality..
  • Patrick Kownack

    Oct 30 2018 Excellent service.....!
    • Terry Lee

      Oct 30 2018Patrick: Thanks for the positive review. It has been our pleasure assisting you over the past several years.
  • Craig Wickersham

    Oct 30 2018 Excellent. The team was experienced, professional and executed the work in a timely and accurate fashion. Well done.
  • Kelly Foster

    Oct 15 2018 Terry has unearthed amazing points and details for my cases, his preparation of documents is very thorough.
    • Terry Lee

      Oct 15 2018Kelly: Thank you for the kind review. Let your attorney know we are available to assist as he deems necessary. Terry & Ginnie
  • SE

    Oct 01 2018 Terry and Ginnie and wonderful. They have given me incredible peace of mind.
    • Terry Lee

      Oct 01 2018Simone: Thank you for the warm review. We\'re here to help. Terry & Ginnie
  • Patrick Kownack

    Oct 01 2018 Terry is very efficient and professional. I would highly recommend his services.
    • Terry Lee

      Oct 01 2018Patrick: Thanks for the positive review. I hope your child support issues will be finally resolved soon. Terry
  • Laura Lass

    Sep 05 2018 Quick, efficient, accurate
    • Terry Lee

      Sep 05 2018Laura: Thank you for the positive review. Contact us if you wish to meet with a financial planner to help you invest your retirement share in a way that will maximize your return and minimize income taxation.
  • Randy Reitz

    Sep 04 2018 Very professional and easy to work with I would definitely use them again.
  • Matthew Malkowicz

    Sep 03 2018 No stress, all questions answered and handled professionally.
    • Terry Lee

      Sep 03 2018Matthew: Thank you for the favorable review. Please call us any time you have a question we may be able to answer. Terry & Ginnie
  • Douglas Hall

    Aug 19 2018 Great experience
    • Terry Lee

      Aug 19 2018Douglas: Thank you for the positive review. Please call us any time you have a question we may be able to answer.
  • Jann Richter

    Aug 01 2018 Very efficient, professional, you always let me know what would come next. There was never any surprises. I was totally impressed with how you handled our paperwork. Thank-you for doing such a nice job and so timely. I appreciate your time and thoroughness.
    • Terry Lee

      Aug 01 2018Thank you Jann. It was our pleasure assisting your family. Please call any time you have a question we may be able to answer. Terry & Ginnie
  • Gary Western

    Aug 01 2018 Terry help me get through a stack of paperwork and a very difficult ex-wife. No client likes to part with his or her money, but Terry made the process as painless as possible. Terry also laid out financial options to allow me to save a lot of money over the coming years. Terry's LLC is a great five star company and he is a true professional, give him a call today.
    • Terry Lee

      Aug 01 2018Gary: Thank you for the positive review. Please call us any time you have a questions. Terry & Ginnie
  • craig wickersham

    Jul 30 2018 Easy and clear. No hassle and I basically did nothing and Terry handled it all.
    • Terry Lee

      Jul 30 2018Craig: Thanks for the review. It was our pleasure assisting you with this project.

    Jul 29 2018 very efficient at handling the cumbersome details of a divorce, and our QDRO as well, with open communication and professionalism throughout the process.
  • TLT

    Jul 22 2018 Everything was taken care of in a courteous and prompt way.
  • Robert Peach

    Jul 10 2018 Terry & Ginnie were great. Kept informed on every detail. I highly recommend them to anyone seeking the services they provide.
    • Terry Lee

      Jul 10 2018Robert: Thank you for the review. It was our pleasure assisting you and your former wife.
  • Fane Hall

    Jul 05 2018 Very knowledgeable and respectful
    • Terry Lee

      Jul 09 2018Fane: Thank you for the review. It was our pleasure assisting you.
  • Anonymous

    Jul 04 2018 Terry and team were great, knowledgeable, efficient and caring.
  • Maggie Walker

    Jun 30 2018 Very responsive - thank you!
  • Melanie Miller

    Jun 29 2018 During a very difficult divorce and closing of a business owned by my then husband and now "X", Terry handled it with complete professionalism. He has guided my current husband, John Miller and I through other situations that required his expertise. Thank you Terry for your expert guidance.
    • Terry Lee

      Jun 29 2018Thank you Melanie. It is always a pleasure working with you and John.
  • Robert Lukey

    Jun 29 2018 Terry went above and beyond controlling the table dialogue and keeping it on point. He did not cloud himself with personal thoughts. I appreciated his council during the whole process.
    • Terry Lee

      Jun 29 2018Thank you Bob. It was a pleasure working with you and Jean.
  • John Miller

    Jun 29 2018 Not only does Terry Lee provide excellent legal documents preparation, reflecting perfectly my intentions, and making sure that all "t's" are crossed and "i's" dotted, and everything on the checklist is accomplished, he does research to highlight every possible avenue of approach to a legal case. Not only are the documents done right and completely, but his help in defining the landscape enables me to formulate strategies going forward with confidence.
    • Terry Lee

      Jun 29 2018Thank you John. It\'s always a pleasure working with you, as we have from time to time since 1982.
  • Dave

    Jun 29 2018 Terry did a fantastic job with our QDROs. He took a very complicated situation and made it extremely simple and easy to understand.
    • Terry Lee

      Jun 29 2018Thank you Dave. It was a pleasure working with you and your former spouse.
  • Tom Slavik

    Jun 06 2018 Awesome, Terry was very professional and took his time to explain the process. price was very good and would highly recommend his services to anyone.
  • Kenneth Baker

    May 25 2018 It was very easy dealing with Terry. He was most helpful with answering any questions and kept it simple.
    • Terry Lee

      May 25 2018Thank you Ken. Call any time you have a question.
  • C

    May 17 2018 Terry did an awesome job communicating and expediting paperwork.
  • Tracy Wille

    May 17 2018 Mr. Lee was informative, attentive and a pleasure to work with during a difficult time.
  • KS

    Apr 30 2018 Terry is extremely knowledgeable and easy to work with. His understanding of the law really puts one at ease in a difficult and complex situation.
    • Terry Lee

      Apr 30 2018Thank you. We appreciate your compliment.
  • Nancy Holtz

    Apr 27 2018 I signed a document at your office at the request of my ex-husband's attorney in order to satisfy my obligation regarding his pension as stipulated in the divorce judgment. I was impressed by your impartial yet understanding professionalism. Had circumstances been different and had my ex not left the state soon after I was served, we could have gone through the entire divorce process with your guidance and without each having to retain a lawyer to settle our affairs. As it was, we both incurred considerable expense for what should have been a relatively easy divorce (no contest, no children) and much unnecessary paperwork between the two opposing sides. Our process was lengthy, expensive, and a hassle and aggravation to both of us. I'm glad that I know of your service so that perhaps I can save someone else a lot of time and money.
  • R.H.

    Apr 25 2018 Very knowledgeable and easy to work with. Was able to complete my QDRO significantly cheaper than other firms I contacted and the quality was as good if not better. Had no issues with delays and approvals went through first time. Thank you for your service:)
  • JM

    Apr 03 2018 Efficient and professional
  • James Michaelsen

    Apr 02 2018 Efficient and professional
  • Karen Willis

    Mar 31 2018 Very professional service.
  • Terry

    Mar 27 2018 Very understanding and patient.
  • KH

    Mar 25 2018 Thanks for your help!
  • Dallas Williams

    Mar 11 2018 S. Terry Lee gets the math done right! Thank you for doing all the research and making sure the numbers are as they should be.
  • Lori Watersmith

    Mar 02 2018 QUADRO
  • Carrie

    Feb 23 2018 Thanks for quickly handling the QDRO paperwork. I appreciated your professionalism.
  • Joseph Gaetano

    Feb 21 2018 Terry and Ginni were more than helpful. Would have been lost without them. Everything was handled very promptly and with ease. Thank you so much you two. Highly recommended for anyone in need. Thank for everything.
  • Jeff Flancer

    Feb 09 2018 JurDoc has always done a tremendous job for me and for all my document needs for years now. I have used them at least a dozen times. Highly recommend using them and I have referred them to many friends and business associates.
    • Terry Lee

      Feb 09 2018Thank you Jeff. And thanks for the many great meals at your restaurant.
  • Sharon Dazey

    Feb 09 2018 From the first time we spoke, Terry and Ginnie felt like life long friends. They were so comfortable to be around and talk to. They answered all of our questions, took care of all of the paperwork in a timely manner, and didn't stop until the job was done!! We would use them again in a heartbeat!! Highly recommend!
    • Terry Lee

      Feb 09 2018Sharon: Thank you for the positive review. It was our pleasure assisting you and your extended family.
  • Justin Hoiby

    Jan 31 2018 You where Great!! Very fast Processing!! Thanks!
    • Terry Lee

      Jan 31 2018Justin: Thank you for the good review.
  • LeAnn Coats

    Jan 29 2018 Terry and Ginnie were a treat to work with. They are a veryprofessional team, and extremely sharp, with what they do.
  • VB

    Jan 29 2018 Great to work with, very knowledgeable.
    • Terry Lee

      Jan 29 2018Thank you.
  • Chris

    Jan 24 2018 Simple process & attentive to needs
  • Brent

    Jan 24 2018 Terry does a very thorough and is very knowledgeable in his research and final documents. He really knows the process due to his many years in the industry. I truly believe he is the best in town and pricing is very fare for someone with his experience. I have used Terry for almost 10 years with positive results being without an attorney. Blessings to all!!
    • Terry Lee

      Jan 25 2018Thanks Brent. I hope Robert is working out well for you.
  • Kathleen Snyder

    Jan 24 2018 Terry was great to work with. He is a kind and caring person and makes you feel welcome
    • Terry Lee

      Jan 24 2018Kathi: Thank you for the review.
  • Randolph DePray Weatherton

    Jan 22 2018 Very knowledgeable about divorce procedures. My paperwork was always in order and I always understood what the next steps were. The only inconvenience I had was the office hours because sometimes I wanted to get in contact with Terry in the mornings but the office was closed. Overall, great experience!
    • Terry Lee

      Jan 22 2018Thank you Randy. We do our best to make the difficult situation of divorce less frustrating. We do our best to respond promptly to all voice mail and email messages; sorry that the delay was inconvenient.
  • JB

    Jan 21 2018 Terry is very professional and knowledgeable, it was a pleasure working with him.
    • Terry Lee

      Jan 22 2018Thank you for choosing JurDoc to assist. Please call us any time you have a question.
  • James Ramsey

    Jan 10 2018 The easiest, best way to accomplish great results quickly with 2 fantastic people. Thanks Terry
  • Steve Wolf

    Jan 02 2018 Very helpful an did what they said they would do Thx Jen an Terry
  • tenille davis

    Dec 27 2017 Terry was helpful, kind, and always quick to respond to questions.
  • Socorro peregrino

    Dec 11 2017 Is the best way to leave my case with Terry Lee.
  • Lisa Di Gerolamo

    Dec 11 2017 Terry was very efficient and kept me informed step by step in the process.
  • Donnie holtz

    Dec 10 2017 I appreciate you for doing such a great job. I am waiting to hear from fidelity so this will be completed. Thank you for everything. I would recomenend you and I wish I would have hired you for my divorce. Thanks again. Fellow veteran.
  • Rose Matson

    Nov 25 2017 All details were taken care of professionally and completely. Highly recommend!
  • Veronica Alvarado

    Nov 22 2017 Very efficient and informative, you wont go wrong with S. Terry Lee, JurDoc LLC
  • Lisa Canada

    Nov 14 2017 Great job!!
  • Joel Mondragon

    Nov 12 2017 Nice job explaining how the QDRO works and keeping it neutral for both sides thank you.
  • Eric

    Nov 11 2017 Terry is very knowledgeable and can explain things really well.
  • Socorro peregrino

    Nov 10 2017 Is the best way find Terry Lee for leave my case to him, I think he is the correct person to work in my case he is fast, he listen and he action. Thanks Terry Lee
  • Yvonne Couture

    Nov 10 2017 I was referred to Terry through a trusted friend and now feel as if I have made a new one. Our initial contact was on the phone but I felt understood and secure in my decision to meet with him for a consultation. He and Ginnie were kind, knowledgeable and very quick to follow up on my questions. My situation needed to be handled with "kid gloves" and Terry gave me the confidence to prevail. His prices were affordable and fair. His office would be the first to come to mind for help and options.
  • Thomas duncan

    Oct 25 2017 Great job the best experience ever.
  • Carl Retter

    Oct 24 2017 Just excellent. High quality and low price
  • Bob Matson

    Oct 24 2017 Very good, curtious, helpful, good people
  • Amber Meyer

    Oct 23 2017 Terry is an absolute gift for so many reasons! He genuinely cares about me and my situation. His writing is so professional, thorough and insightful. Just in chatting with him, it is evident that his experience with the court system is vast and so valuable. With his heart of gold, he also has a unique ability to sift through so many of my notes, changes, and opinions in order to bring out the key information necessary to benefit the needs of any client in a court situation. I consider Terry to be my "go to" guy for just about any information or task I may need in a hurry. He's top notch and I really can't express how truly grateful I am to him for all of his time, warmth, patience, and persistence! Thank you to Terry and the Jurdoc team!
  • Arnaldo Prieto

    Oct 11 2017 Terry is the consummate professional I was looking for to handle my case. I'll highly recommend him because Terry is knowledgeable, likeable, reliable and his wife is very friendly as well. I would rate my experience with Terry 6 stars if I could !
  • Daniel E.Hause

    Oct 11 2017 Polite, courtious and always on top of whatever I need!!
  • Nancy

    Oct 11 2017 Terry and his team are always great to work with!
  • Yvonne Couture

    Nov 14 2017 I was referred to Terry through a trusted friend and now feel as if I have made a new one. Our initial contact was on the phone but I felt understood and secure in my decision to meet with him for a consultation. He and Ginnie were kind, knowledgeable and very quick to follow up on my questions. My situation needed to be handled with kid gloves and Terry gave me the confidence to prevail. His prices were affordable and fair. His office would be the first to come to mind for help and options.
  • Jonathan Simon

    Sep 12 2017
  • Darlene Vasquez

    Sep 11 2017 S.Terry Lee JurDoc, LLC Services was the best referral I have ever been given, look no further. S. Terry Lee JurDoc, LLC helped me get through my QDRO preparation and documentations with no stress or worry. Five stars should really be Ten stars for all his professional trust, honesty, and experience that he and his partner Ginnie provide in making sure you are receiving exceptional services from them in every way. I highly recommend S. Terry Lee-JurDoc, LLC to many friends, family, and those who are searching for someone they can have total confidence in, you won't find anyone to compare to their quality of caring ability, knowledge and expertise.
  • Marcee Alston

    Sep 08 2017
  • A Google User

    Dec 31 2011 I have used Jurdoc's services for many things over the past 20 years. Their products are by far the best I have encountered in my business and private matters. Although they do not render advice, Mr. Lee gives freely of his time to be certain you have what is required.
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