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During our 30-plus years of experience protecting the rights of people injured by unreasonable conduct, we have achieved considerable success in securing compensation for our clients by applying our experience and skills to pre-litigation settlements, and as appropriate, litigation through trial. In doing so, we have been, and remain compelled to insightful, sensitive and compassionate responses to our clients' uniquely personal needs and fears, as well as to the panoply of physical, emotional, and financial impairments caused by tragedy.

So, if you are seeking lawyers who will tailor their skills, experience, and extensive appreciation of the effects of tragedy to your unique needs, please contact us today for a consultation at no charge. Indeed, we are selective in our representation to ensure the benefits of personal accessibility and close, trusted communication, and our professional services are most often provided on a contingency fee, which means that you do not pay unless we recover compensation through settlement or a jury verdict.
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Reviews and Testimonials

  • Jennifer Traufler

    - Nov 22 2019 Help me get at least some sort of justice for my Mom. Great work!
  • Lisa Beidelschies

    - Mar 31 2019 Hi Sam, I know that dad already did this and gave you a rating but I will do so also. This is the first time I've ever had to deal with this type of issue and have to get a lawyer involved. It has been long drawn out and waiting isn't any fun but you've done a great job in keeping us updated and explaining what will happen as we've gone along. You've always been straight up with us and tell us as it is and I do appreciate that. Dad and I are very happy to be working with you and would definitely recommend you if asked.
  • Wanda Woody

    - Mar 04 2019 I was in a wreck, not my fault, with a serious head injury. I was in ICU when Sam came to see me. He asked me about my worries and said he would take care of them so I only needed to work on getting better. Sam took care of everything and would call to see how I was doing. Without Sam I don't think my health would be as good as it is now. He was able to figure out how to get the bills paid (expensive) and money in my pocket. The driver that hit me didn't have much insurance, but Sam handled it. "If" I'm ever injured again or anyone I know is, I will tell them only use Sam. He'll take care of the legal issues and takes a personal interest in our whole family. He does exactly what he says and shows how much he cares about his clients more than any Lawyer we've ever seen.
  • Steven & Deborah Price

    - Mar 01 2019 Can only say great! Sam has been there for us both professionally and personally. When ever we needed him he has always only been a phone call away at all times no matter what! We met him 7 years ago during a civil case and he has been a part of our family every since. His professionalism speaks for itself, his staff is just as great and grounded as he. Really can’t say enough about the way we were treated. We would recommend anyone to him.

    - Feb 03 2019 Thanks for asking us to complete this survey. At times it was very frustrating not knowing what was going on and why it was taking so long to get this handled. I wanted to get this done and behind me and not drag this out but not knowing the law and how this process works has no implication on the services we received. You've done great at keeping us updated through the process. When we sat down and talked you were very knowledgeable about the type of injury I had and the procedures I had to go through. Coming in and talking in person when we needed to we were always satisfied with your comments before we left. We are very happy working with you and how this case is being handled. We would definitely recommend your services to anyone who might need a lawyer.
  • Steven & Deborah Price

    - Feb 01 2019 We went to Sam about 7 years ago for a civil case. From the moment we met him we could feel the genuine and the sincerity that he had for us. He and his office staff was so gracious and very professional and never once not answered our calls or returned them. He was there for us every step of the way and it was and still is so appreciative. Thank you for everything, we would highly recommend him to any and everyone in need of his services. Thank you so much for making what seemed to be a never ending dilemma as easy for us as possible.
  • Chelsey Holland

    Apr 25 2019
  • Lisa Beidelschies

    Apr 04 2019 If you are in need of a lawyer, I would recommend using Sam Caras. He is great to work with.
  • Deborah Price

    Mar 01 2019 We can only say great! We met Sam 7 years ago during a civil case and he has been a part of our family since then. Whenever we have needed Sam he has always been there both personally and professionally. When we met him he told us he was only a phone call away and has been true to that literally! His professionalism speaks for itself. His staff is just as great and grounded as he. They have always treated us with such courtesy as he. They have always taken or returned our calls. We would whole heartily recommend anyone to him they won’t be disappointed.
  • Tom Oldham jr

    Aug 29 2017 He handled my Mothers case and did an absolute wonderful job. He always responded promptly to any question we had, and trust me, we had a lot of questions as we had never been through this before. says:

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