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3138 North Swan Road
Tucson, Arizona 85712
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Asset Distribution, Collaborative Law, Divorce, Mediation, PreNuptials
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Reviews and Testimonials

  • Chris Sheafe

    Apr 27 2020 Sandra is a lawyer that does not try to add complications to the divorce process. She is very helpful in keeping emotions calm and focusing all parties on the mission at hand separate from the side issues that can easily cause the expense of the process to become very large. I appreciated her representation because she knows the law and at the same time seemed to have a sense when not to inflame the issues. Opposing counsel seemed to be determined to increase the emotions and introduce side issues that were not productive. Sandra was very effective in bringing the focus back to only the critical issues that needed to be addressed. The result was a process that completed the job with minimal distraction.
  • Steve P

    Apr 27 2020 Not only was I a client of Sandra's, I am also an attorney practicing in Arizona for 27 years. I found Sandra to be professional, knowledgeable, a fighter without being unpleasant about it, punctual, a hard worker - and truly there for me. It would be hard to ask for more. Thank you Sandra.
  • K B

    Jul 09 2019 I have and will continue to recommend her for anyone who needs these type of legal services. She is extremely professional, and demonstrates a high level of caring for the client in the best possible way - by actually listening to the him/her, applying a wealth of knowledge and experience, and being very thorough.
  • Kent Edwards

    Mar 26 2019 Sandra helped me settle my divorce and then again when I asked the court to terminate spousal support. In both instances she took the time to understand both sides of the case and to help the judge understand both sides. The result was fair and I appreciate her assistance. I would give her name to anyone going through that tough experience.
  • Cynthia Joyce Bresloff

    Feb 25 2019 Sandra represented me this year (2018-19). She is thoroughly professional, approachable, and fair. I felt she answered all questions I had in great detail. Her legal advise was invaluable to me; and yet I appreciate that she let me 'keep a hand on the wheel' throughout. I would recommend her!
  • Ashley Rodriguez

    Aug 20 2018 Sandra Tedlock helped me tremendously when it came to my divorce and child support. She was very honest, explained everything I needed to know simply and got back to me immediately. I was so lost, but towards the end we came up with something reasonable. What mostly helped was her calmness. With divorce, emotions run high and she kept grace which helped me stay level headed and on track. I would highly recommend. says:

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