Sandra Crawford

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77 W Washington St #1119
Chicago, IL 60602
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For the past 27 years Sandra has dedicated her legal practice to educating and leading clients to the clearest path to resolution of their unique legal issues. She helps distressed families and partnerships move out of conflict using the most appropriate legal dispute resolution model, be that: the Collaborative Practice, mediation, limited scope representation or litigation. As legal disputes and status adjustments (like dissolutions of marriages or partnerships) can be costly in terms of money, time lost, and emotional stress, it is critical for people facing such life changing events to be educated about and understand clearly their legal options and the various paths to resolution available before proceeding.
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Reviews and Testimonials

  • Joe Keefer

    Jan 05 2018 Sandra was an advocate for me during our collaborative process. Even when I felt stuck she encouraged me and kept me going. Her friendly assistant Shirley was also a bright spot during a challenging time. Would highly recommend both Sandra and the process she propounds. Thank you!
  • Tara Davis

    Mar 22 2017
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