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For the past 29 years Sandra has dedicated her legal practice to educating and leading clients to the clearest path to resolution of their unique legal issues. She helps distressed families and partnerships move out of conflict using the most appropriate legal dispute resolution model, be that: the Collaborative Practice, mediation, limited scope representation or litigation. As legal disputes and status adjustments (like dissolutions of marriages or partnerships) can be costly in terms of money, time lost, and emotional stress, it is critical for people facing such life changing events to be educated about and understand clearly their legal options and the various paths to resolution available before proceeding.
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Reviews and Testimonials

  • Rebecca Ickes

    - Sep 24 2019 No one ever wants to need a mediator for family law, but when you find yourself in that position, it's a relief to find someone as kind and understanding. We were amicable when we walked into Sandra's office, and thanks to her work we have remained so. This process was much easier than what anyone believes when I try to explain it to them given the horror stories of messy divorces.
  • Priscilla Grimm

    - Apr 24 2019 My experience with Sandra Crawford was very successful. She balances professionalism and compassion perfectly. I am grateful to have had her at the helm of my life transition. She has the innate ability to recognize when to pause and respect personal needs and weak moments while guiding you through the collaborative process with confidence and understanding. I trust her completely. The added proof of her gift was revealed when presenting to the judge and completing the process. The judge commended us, recognizing the intentional work we all did to move forward peacefully. Thank you Sandra. You are making a positive difference in the world.
  • JC

    - Mar 29 2019 Thorough and clear. Really helped me get through the process, and she communicated so well. Great services! She was honest and fair about outcomes, and a very hard worker.
  • Terry

    - Feb 23 2019 Sandra handled our collaborative divorce and parenting plan with grace and aplomb. Sandra is a compassionate and sympathetic, yet pragmatic and realistic attorney. Her advice typically includes the best path forward with the least amount of litigation in order to save her clients time and money as well as emotional difficulty. I consider her a trusted advisor and plan to reach out again from time to time, as needed.
  • AK

    - Dec 04 2018 Smart, compassionate attorney!
  • Bruce Rabin

    - Nov 26 2018 excellent
  • Brad Pawlowski

    - Nov 08 2018 As an attorney, I've worked with Sandra in collaborative dissolution proceedings and with her work as a mediator. She is well prepared, knowledgeable conscientious. Her ability and skills to facilitate discussions that lead to resolutions is remarkable.
  • Ann Cerney

    - Nov 04 2018 Sandra is a warm, highly intelligent and collaborative professional. Working with her the focus stays on the client where it belongs.
  • Mehran Farahmandpour

    - Sep 26 2018 Sandra has been a go-to advocate for me for years. Every time I have needed to understand a wide variety of subjects and related legal process, she has guided me through the intricacies of the Law, and has given me straight advice without sugar coating the consequences. I have made better decisions as the result.
  • Bruce Rabin

    Nov 26 2018
  • Ann Cerney

    Nov 04 2018
  • Medi Eslani

    Oct 09 2018 It is undoubtedly a challenge to choose a right person to help you in the moments of frustration. When it comes to divorce, it's even harder as you are going through a lot of thoughts about an unknown procedure with a possibility of disastrous failure in getting your legal right. As somebody who always does a lot of research before getting into a binding contract, I consulted with several well-known attorneys. I chose Sandra for several reasons: She's a teaching faculty who is always up to date with the latest changes in law and procedures. She was the president of Bar association, so she has a big network, and as I observed in the courtroom, she's very well respected by her colleagues and courtroom staff and even the judge (something that you really need in this process!). Since she has done thousands of similar cases, she can give you a heads-up on what types of challenges you'll probably going to face in each stage. She is specialized in the collaborative law and mediation so she does a fantastic job in these two areas and also in case you retain her as your lawyer and not your mediator, she knows a lot of people who do the meditation, those who you can trust to do their job correctly. When I started the process, I had no idea about the procedure. She walked me through all the possibilities and opened my eyes on what I should expect. While I was expecting to go through a very painful process before meeting with her, with her advice, I managed to establish a calm way of communication with my ex which ultimately leads to a pleasant experience both for me and my ex. One thing that impressed me about her was, in the middle of our case, she lost her mother. It was unbelievable that It didn’t affect her response time, and she managed my case so professionally as if this tough moment of her personal life has never happened and it didn’t change her professionalism and her job performance. It is outstanding. I can go on and on but if you are looking for a lawyer who you can trust (which I assume is very hard to find!!!), don’t think twice and hire her. You’ll thank me later for saving you a lot of time and money.
  • Joe Keefer

    Jan 05 2018 Sandra was an advocate for me during our collaborative process. Even when I felt stuck she encouraged me and kept me going. Her friendly assistant Shirley was also a bright spot during a challenging time. Would highly recommend both Sandra and the process she propounds. Thank you!
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