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Woodland Falls Corporate Park
200 Lake Drive East, suite 110
Cherry Hill, NJ 08002
Shari B. Veisblatt represents clients in all aspects and stages of matrimonial litigation, including appeals, trials, emergent applications, plenary hearings, custody trials, domestic violence hearings, pre and post judgment applications, motions, early settlement panels, economic mediations, intensive settlement conferences, case management conferences and uncontested hearings. She also handles complex matrimonial matters, which involve the engagement of variety of experts, including forensic accountants, employability experts, real estate and personalty appraisers, and custody and alcohol evaluators. In addition, Ms. Veisblatt assists clients with the valuation and distribution of businesses and professional practices and executive benefits, such as stock options and restricted stock.
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Reviews and Testimonials

  • Mark

    - Apr 21 2020 Shari was amazing, she kept informed throughout the entire process and explained everything. She got me what I deserved.
  • NinaRose

    - Apr 27 2018 Amazing attorney and best investment of my life. Shari and her team worked so hard on my case and did everything possible to keep me and my son safe and free. Shari has a special way of treating clients and going above and beyond in and out of the court room. Thank you again!!!!
  • Sheila Mulholland

    - Mar 28 2018 Amazing!!
  • SK

    - Mar 28 2018 Very knowledgeable, professional and responsive!
  • Kevin

    - Mar 28 2018 Shari represented me successfully in getting a reduction in my alimony obligation along with establishing an end date. I was very pleased with the results and would highly recommend her to others based on my experience.
  • George

    - Feb 26 2018 Shari helped us successfully navigate an exceptionally complicated custody case and did so with passion, dedication and outstanding professionalism. At every step she brought her vast experience and knowledge to bear, and even through some very dark times, remained our advocate and constant champion.
  • Bill Allison

    - Feb 26 2018 the greatest divorce lawyer and team !!! ever ..........without Shari and her associates ,I would still be paying alimony ,and not have full custody of my son !! If ur looking for the best .........Stop ..........and call Shari ..........
  • Steve

    - Jan 27 2018 Great experience. Shari is awesome. Always one step ahead of the opposing lawyer. She knows the law inside and out and has great relationships across all the players in the divorce business in South Jersey
  • Thomas Pronesti

    - Dec 06 2017 Shari is a featured attorney on and we highly recommend her services.
  • Brooke Abner

    Aug 31 2020 Shari Veisblatt is an amazing attorney. She went above and beyond to help with a custody issue in an emotionally abusive situation. I have a medically fragile child and a lot of doctors appointment for him and she did everything in her power to make everything go as smoothly as possible. She whole heartedly cares for clients. To say she is a shark is an understatement. I have extremely bad anxiety and she calmed me about the whole process and she was very upfront and honest. Everyone in her office is very professional and helpful and kind. Well worth every dollar spent. My kids are finally safe. Thank you so much, Shari.
  • K. Braeden Anderson

    Jul 10 2020 Shari Veisblatt is a rock star lawyer. She has the empathy and communication skills to walk you through sensitive issues, and the tact and legal chops to execute complex and aggressive legal strategies.
  • Ashley Ryder

    Dec 13 2018 I searched..and searched..and interviewed so many attorneys and could not find one. Shari was seriously an absolute blessing for me. Her and her team are amazing people. They genuinely care. I was unable to find a compassionate and understanding attorney anywhere- who also had experience. When I finally found Shari I was so relieved. Just from talking to her for the first time I knew she was the attorney for me. She is so real and has an awesome personality. Michelle, her assistant, works her butt off and is so determined to get everything right on point. She always responded immediately to any questions I had. Very professional and very kind. I can’t even express my gratitude for these women. Shari won me my case across the board! Everything I wanted for my outcome, plus more, she made happen. If you want someone who has a passion for helping people, you need Shari. You will be so happy with your decision!
  • NinaRose Hayatt

    May 01 2018 Shari Veisblatt and her amazing Legal team ( Thomas Roberto, Melissa Dziczek, etc.) truly made a difference in my son's life and mine. I had an extremely difficult and lengthy divorce and Shari and her team stood by me and fought hard until the end. There are not enough words to describe my appreciation. Shari's legal expertise and amazing service is unparalleled in the legal industry. Shari not only gave me legal advice and help, she and her staff gave me peace of mind to be able to live without fear. No matter what obstacle we faced, Shari's passion for what she does shined through and went above and beyond for me. Thank you Shari for making a difference in our life and most importantly, thank you for fighting for us to keep us safe. Shari has given us more than we expected, who helped us to smile through the sad times, who helped me to find the way, and who restored happiness and safety in my family. THANK YOU SHARI FOR MAKING THE WORLD A BETTER PLACE. Thank you Melissa Dziczek for providing the amazing support I was so honored to receive. Thank you to your legal staff for making up such a great team!
  • Cheryl Ecton

    Apr 18 2018 I used Shari to represent me on a case where I was paying permanent alimony to my ex, who was cohabitating with someone. Shari was successful in settling my case and terminating my alimony obligation. Shari's was relentless in her efforts and her attention to detail uncovered very valuable information that ultimately secured a favorable outcome for me. I highly recommend Shari Veisblatt! says:

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