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Sherwood Malamud has been in private practice as a mediator for 32 years. For 10 years prior to entering private practice, he served as a mediator, arbitrator and administrative law judge with the Wisconsin Employment Relations Commission.
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Reviews and Testimonials

  • William Haus

    Nov 14 2018 I have known Sherwood Malamud for more than 40 years both professionally and as a friend. I have always found him to have the utmost integrity in trying to reach an outcome characterized by fairness. He displays respect and understanding of the positions of the parties --- a very constructive approach to resolving disputes.
  • Ed Krinsky

    Nov 13 2018 I have known Sherwood for seblveral decade's. He has a deservedly fine reputation as a very successful mediator in several fields. Including labor-management, and special education cases. I would recommend him as a mediator without reservation.
  • Barbara Anne Cusack

    Nov 13 2018 Mr. Malamud always showed the highest level of professionalism even in very difficult mediation sessions. He displays a calm demeanor and assists in arriving at just resolutions of cases.
  • Barbara Anne Cusack

    Nov 13 2018 Mr. Malamud always exhibited the height of professionalism. He maintains a calm demeanor even in challenging situations. His assistance in resolving difficult cases was most helpful.
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