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Years of experience at neutrally helping you resolve your issues to move forward with contentment.
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Reviews and Testimonials

  • Eric Tsaclas

    - Mar 20 2024 I would definitely recommend Sheryl if you are going through a divorce or separation. She has a caring heart and truly wants the parties involved to remain as civil and amicable as possible. It really is for the betterment of each individual. What she knows and sees is what the parties cannot, the grass is DEFINITELY greener on the other side. Sheryl will help you both navigate the rough waters of a divorce and you’ll be grateful in the end. I for certain am 100% grateful for her help and guidance. I’m remarried now to a woman i ADORE and LOVE more than I ever knew I was capable of feeling. To say “Thank you” doesn’t seem good enough but I’ll say it anyway, Thank You Sheryl!
  • Robert Gecewicz

    - Jun 08 2023 friendly and knowledgeable delivering results thst you will be happy with
    • Sheryl Sastow

      Jun 09 2023Thank you so much Bob. Glad all is well.
  • Brian F Shea

    - Jan 09 2023 It was a pleasure to work with Sheryl because of her professionalism and promptness. I would highly recommend her as she is extremely fair.
    • Sheryl Sastow

      Jan 09 2023Thank you so much Brian. So glad to have helped you move forward. :) All the best! Sheryl-Anne
  • Anonymous

    - Jan 07 2023 Sheryl offered an eye opening experience of mediation. Her ability to remain professional, neutral and de-escalate situations was incredible. Highly recommend to work with her!
  • Steven Gagliano

    - Dec 30 2021 Sheryl was a total professional. She took a difficult situation and with care, settled my divorce in a fair and equitable manner.
    • Dec 30 2021Thank you very much Steve. I\'m very glad to have helped you move on in a positive way. Wishing you a very happy New Year!
  • Anonymous

    - Dec 16 2021 My case was handled in a most professional manner. Sheryl is a true professional and always accessible regarding any questions or issues. I am truly grateful for her guidance throughout this process. I would highly recommend her.
    • Dec 16 2021Hello.. Thank you so very much. I know how relieved you were to move forward. Good luck with everything. Sheryl
  • Kevin

    - Oct 12 2020 I referred several clients who were interested in talking to someone about the divorce mediation process. Sheryl Sastow spoke with them and walked them through the process. All the parties I have refereed to Sheryl have nothing but positive things to say about her and the services she provides.
  • Karolina Socha

    - Sep 11 2020 Cheryl and her experience help me so much to understand my case and she showed us how to solve so many problem with what we struggle a lot. We solved our case so fast without any extra stress ;) I really recommend her service to any one who is looking to settle there case easy and fast ;))
  • Jeanine Kucher

    - Jun 27 2020 Sheryl is truly a professional. Her ability to de escalate situations quickly was greatly appreciated. Sheryl was able to get me through the mediation process fairly ensuring that my children were priority. I have since recommended Sheryl to others.
  • Ann Cohn

    - Jun 17 2020 I have referred several couples to Sheryl as a divorce mediator and collaborative attorney over the years. Each of them continue to thank me for the referral to her. She helped them through a very difficult time. I have personally known her since she first became an attorney so many years ago and it is easy to see how totally dedicated she is to her clients and how much she cares. I will definitely continue to recommend her to anyone who needs to resolve their divorce or family issues.
  • DES

    - Jun 11 2020 Sheryl-Anne Sastow was brought in as a consulting attorney during my divorce mediation. She opened my eyes to so much that was not being investigated. Her thoroughness and knowledge were astounding to me. I knew nothing going in to this process and was being too trusting of my Ex. Sheryl knew exactly what to ask for and how to present the inquiries in a neutral tone. She continued to move the process forward in a fair and equitable manner because of her extensive experience as a mediator. Her psychology background was also extremely valuable in defusing potentially volatile situations. Due to the pandemic, she was instrumental in moving things forward by promoting and setting up a Zoom mediation meeting that enabled us to reach a final settlement. Sheryl’s knowledge of the mediation process and the law, professionalism and passion for fairness cannot be matched! Highly recommend!!
    • Jun 11 2020Hi DES, I’m so glad I was able to help you. you for showing your appreciation. You’re now able to move on to your new life positively and peacefully.
  • howard adelsberg

    - Jun 10 2020 Great professional
  • NEH

    - Aug 09 2019 Sheryl is a very intelligent, moreso wise attorney. She adds creative options to situations, as well as helpful counseling. She goes above and beyond her job and shows extreme compassion for all parties involved. She has a diverse breath of knowledge in most areas and works extremely hard to advocate for her clients. She is an excellent attorney/mediator and I highly recommend her!!
    • Aug 09 2019Thank you very much NEH! Glad things worked out well.
  • TJ Hurst

    - Jul 31 2019 Thank you Sheryl for taking us through this process. Your professionalism was much appreciated during what could have been a very stressful time.
  • Jodi Keller

    - Nov 16 2018 Sheryl did a wonderful job keeping things calm and peaceful, and making sure my ex-husband and I were on the same page. Process was smooth and seamless from start to finish. Highly recommend!
    • Nov 18 2018Thank you very much Jodi. I care a great deal about my clients and am so glad I was able to help you through what could have been a difficult , drawn out experience. Your comments are very much appreciated. Sheryl
  • EMC

    - Oct 28 2018 I don't know what I would have done without her expertise. Ms. Sastow guided me through the divorce mediation process. She has an amazing gift and I would highly recommend her without hesitation!
    • Oct 28 2018I am truly glad that I was able to help you. Thank you very much for the compliment. Sheryl
  • Arnold S. Klein

    - Aug 01 2018 Sheryl has proved to be a master at handling difficult personalities.
  • Leonard Rabinowitz

    - Jul 16 2018 Dedicated, Fair, Great to work with and most important good outcomes.
  • MAV

    - Apr 08 2018 Divorce is very stressful so we decided to use a mediator to make the whole process less confrontational, and that was a good choice in the moment, and in the long run too. Sheryl was fair to us both, and helped us have a balanced view of what was achievable for both of us. She was kind but firm, and always offered a middle ground option when we were swept by emotions. Both my ex-husband and I are deep down kind and rational people, but during the divorce those traits can be obscured by the inherent high tension and emotions. I am happy we found Sheryl to navigate that delicate point in our life. She was foucused on the issues, and helped us move on at a pace with which we were comfortable. She helped my ex and I to have a peaceful breakup, while keeping the interests of our son central as well.
  • Michael Kohan

    - Apr 05 2018 Sheryl is a fantastic attorney and an even better mediator. She is devoted, relentless and will not give up. Her secret is understanding the parties needs and eliminating emotion to pave the way for an amicable resolution. In my case, she did it in a matter involving numerous parties, family issues and millions of dollars in dispute. I recommend her wholeheartedly for any dispute that is either about to go in litigation or is already being litigated.
    • Apr 05 2018Michael, Thank you so much for having taken the time to write this recommendation. I’m so glad that my efforts are well received. Sheryl
  • Richard G.

    - Mar 28 2018 Sheryl handled our divorce mediation in 2015. I have to say that due to her thoroughness and neutrality, my ex-wife and I have been able to co-parent better than I ever expected. While the divorce mediation process was not an easy thing to go through, it was relatively smooth, quick, and far less costly than any of my friends who have been through with litigation attorneys. With all sincerity, I cannot more highly recommend Sheryl.
  • DP

    - Mar 28 2018 I am so thankful for Sheryl! Her intelligence and empathy have been indispensable during this overwhelming time. Not only is she extremely approachable and compassionate but she is highly knowledgeable, and fair and is able to understand how to help solve problems so everyone is satisfied. I recommend Sheryl without reservation to anyone who has any need for mediation
  • Rebecca Cohen

    - Mar 08 2018 Working with Sheryl gave me peace of mind and put me at ease while working through a very difficult process. I would recommend her services to anyone who needs them. She is professional and empathetic, while also remaining fair and objective. She referred me to other professionals who I would also recommend to anyone.
    • Mar 09 2018Rebecca, Thank you very much.
  • Marc Strauss

    - Dec 12 2017 Excellent experience from start to signing. Sheryl is a true professional!
    • Dec 13 2017Thank you very much Mark. Wishing you all the best.
  • RN

    - Nov 10 2017 A true professional! Extremely knowledgeable with exceptional interpersonal skills. I have referred Sheryl to a number of people who have all been as satisfied as I was.
    • Nov 11 2017Thank you very much RN.
  • Lisa Strauss

    - Sep 20 2017 From my first phone call with Sheryl she made me feel comforted & confident that the mediation process would go smoothy & efficiently. I was anxious & emotional & she assured me all would work out in the end. She was fair, meticulous & professional in addressing the details & empathetic in her approach. I could talk to her like family & she always guided & supported me to ease my anxiety through this most difficult & life changing process. I will be forever grateful to her & to the outcome she achieved for us!
    • Oct 25 2017Hi Lisa, Thank you very much. I'm so glad I was of help to you and that I made a difficult situation easier to go through. All the best, Sheryl
  • Anonymous

    - Aug 18 2017 Sheryl is committed to her work and is focused on finding the best solution possible and gives 100{cbbf165febdb5c9e7382d0ea2260dd38549f33437b67133716bb132863876b24} of herself to her job
  • Thomas Pronesti

    - Aug 16 2017 Sheryl is a featured mediator on She has vast years of mediation experience and we highly recommend her services.
  • Nicole Esposito

    Apr 14 2020 I wish I can give Sheryl more than 5 stars - We used you for our divorce and she was so easy to work with and so compassionate. Sheryl made the children a priority and both my ex and I had the utmost trust and respect for her. Sheryl makes a negative situation so much easier , with little humor and warmth. Thank you Sheryl
  • Malcolm Needle

    Mar 22 2020 Sheryl mediated my divorce very efficiently, skillfully and cost effectively. I have to give her kudos. She was able to maintain her neutrality despite the fact that she was friends with both me and my ex prior to the mediation! I was really surprised and amazed by that. She is a true mediator! Ultimately, she helped us avoid huge stress and cost and gave us the tools to move forward with a positive attitude in our new family structure. Can’t say thank you enough!
  • Jeremy Walton

    Mar 21 2020 I felt I just had to write this review, as I am so thankful for Sheryl’s help! While divorce is definitely very stressful, Sheryl managed to help reduce our anger and resentment we both felt. We had both gone to litigators before we were referred to Sheryl and it was becoming more and more of a nightmare and our kids college money was disappearing! Sheryl’s understanding of the law combined with her psychology background was a huge help during the mediations. She was smart, patient and empathetic. The money bleeding stopped and we are now far more able to co-parent than we ever could when we were married. Thank you, thank you, thank you Sheryl!
  • Robin Needle

    Mar 21 2020 Sheryl was a true lifesaver and the ultimate professional. She took a situation that could have been very costly and contentious and helped us navigate through to a very amicable and fair solution. I would highly recommend her services! says:

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