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Has been practicing law since 1977. Originally from New York, he was graduated from the University of Miami School of Law. For the first five years of practice he was an Assistant Attorney General for the State of Florida.

Upon leaving the office of the Attorney General, Mr. Jacob engaged in a general practice in South Florida including the practice areas of divorce, bankruptcy, personal injury and criminal defense.

In the year 2000 he relocated with his lovely wife and three daughters to Alpharetta, Georgia. His practice is exclusively engaged in Divorce and Domestic Relations matters.

He is a sole practitioner which allows the client to have direct communication with the attorney unfiltered by associates. Call 678-366-1122 now for a complimentary divorce strategy session to evaluate your rights, the process, the cost and the time frame.
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Reviews and Testimonials

  • Anita Patankar

    - Apr 23 2021 Steven Jacob is a wonderful person and a very good lawyer. Divorce process seemed scary at first and was avoided by us for years but he helped us as a mediator to go through that process quickly and easily. He gave us the right guidance and support to make the right decisions. There was no stress and it was very peaceful which was the best thing. Thank you!

    - Dec 01 2020 He is the best I recommend him to anyone who are seeking help
  • Myra Holloway

    - Jul 11 2020 Mr. Jacobs was extremely helpful, and knowledgeable. He made it easy for me to discuss my situation and ask questions.
  • Tanja Phillips

    - Jul 06 2020 Steven was very quick in getting back with me. I had some legal questions years after my divorce, so I emailed him; Steven got back with me and gave me advice. He is very professional and makes me feel like he really cares. I highly recommend him !
  • Andrew Courshon

    - Jul 10 2019 Steve Jacob is a honest lawyer. He did what is best for me, by trying to settle out of court; Instead of what is best for him (which is going to trial). He guided me thru a difficult time in my life: He was great! You would be lucky to hire him.
  • Elizabeth

    - Jun 05 2019 Steven was professional, efficient and knowledgeable. I would definitely recommend him!
  • JR McDowell

    - Apr 26 2019 Steven defined my situation so I could better understand it and efficiently took care of all tasks at hand. He did a fine job and I would recommend his services.
  • debbie massengill

    - Mar 26 2019 Steven made all the difference in working with me on post divorce matters. I only wish he was my Attorney for my divorce. He is excellent! Extremely professional, efficient and approachable. I highly recommend him!

    - Mar 14 2019 With focus on what’s best for my children I chose Steven Jacob to be my partner through the most important legal project of my life. Steven is an upstanding father and dedicated husband that provided the necessary empathy, compassion and insight I needed to end an arduous battle. My first attorney did not have my best interests at heart—Steven did from the first moment I met with him. His wisdom from decades of experience in family law made the process logical, concise and very black and white for me in what was a very gray situation. Remember, divorce is a legal and business project. Take the emotions out and choose a solid partner like Steven to end the chaos. Forever grateful to this amazing man. Thank you for empowering me with knowledge and representing me in a way that permitted me to move on with grace and dignity.
  • David

    - Jan 10 2019 Working with Steven was an enjoyable experience. He's knowledgeable, proficient, and is invested in delivering for his clients. He helped me settle my divorce quickly and paid attention to the details. I would highly recommend his services.
  • NA

    - Dec 29 2018 Professional and very helpful
  • JA

    - Dec 03 2018 Mr Jacob did an excellent job with my divorce. From the beginning, he gave timely and good advice on how to proceed and I felt very well represented. He was always quick to communicate and helpful. The whole process seemed overwhelming to me before I started working with him and he put things in perspective and helped me deal with it very professionally and quickly. I highly recommend him to anyone else who is facing a divorce.
  • Misty nguyen

    - Nov 05 2018 I can't stretch how amazing Mr.Steven is! He's actually my second choice and the attorney I worked with before him was not delivering any results so I reached out to Mr. Steven. He got right on the case and worked swiftly, but thoroughly. He was my second picked, but it's one of the best choices I've ever made in my life. Mr. Steven was very personal and caring, yet very professional. If you want an attorney who knows the industry and is an expert don't waste your money with anyone else like I did, go with Mr. Steven.
  • John Cook

    - Oct 28 2018 Steven was very responsive and understanding of my situation. He was able to walk me thru the process and we ended up getting what we wanted even though I was being outspent by ex. Highly recommend for your divorce!! Thanks Steven!
  • Thelma Guarisco Bracewell

    - Oct 23 2018 I am very much please with Mr. Jacob. I was referred by an ex client daughter if mine that told me how pleased she was with him handleing her bankruptcy case. I really want to say thank you Mr. SRJ. I shall ever be indebted to you
  • B Biggs

    - Sep 11 2018 Mr. Jacob was very professional and excellent with his work. He walked me through the steps of the process and made sure everything was covered. Throughout the case I would contact him with questions and he always responded quickly. I was very happy with the outcome and would recommend him for any of your legal needs.
  • Emily Owens

    - Sep 10 2018 Steven Jacobs
  • John Shay

    - Aug 29 2018 Steven was honest and up front with me from the first phone call. He set clear expectations, helped with recommendations on document contact and kept me well informed of the processes and how they were proceeding. I have absolutely nothing bad to say, Steven did wonders in taking an otherwise tense and uncomfortable set of circumstances and making them easily navigable and smooth.
  • Jennifer B.

    - Aug 15 2018 With over 40 years experience, Stephen is highly knowledgeable in the area of family law. As a mediator, he works collaboratively with all parties to come to a mutually beneficial agreement; and as a lawyer, he’s a skillful strategist who successfully helps his client achieve a desired outcome.
  • David Ramirez

    - Aug 07 2018 Steven provided prompt, personal and professional representation for me during and after divorce. His listening and strategic skills helped me see the big picture and plan for long term coparenting. Financially my invoices were clear and very reasonable. I am grateful for his consistency during uncertain moments. Highly recommended.
  • Jack Fayard

    Mar 12 2019 Best Attorney in Atlanta for sure. I retained Steve in 2017, actually I consulted with Mr Jacobs 5 times before filing. It was a very complicated case but everything he told would happen has. I ended up retaining another attorney not due to his incompetence but more of what I wanted which has proven fruitless. My Jacobs is very honest with his billing and doesn’t pad. He charged me less than 20{cbbf165febdb5c9e7382d0ea2260dd38549f33437b67133716bb132863876b24} of what I’ve been charged with two different attorneys, actually I often wonder is he was doing me a favor. Anyway, I’m still in the divorce process and there has been a total of six attorneys involved. I’m confident if I would have stuck with Mr. Jacobs it would have been over and much cheaper. Like I said, he’s very knowledgeable, honest and a good person to talk to.
  • Jason Adams

    Dec 03 2018 I had an excellent experience with Mr Jacob as he handled my divorce. The whole process seemed overwhelming to me before I spoke with him, but he helped me through it with timely communication and great explanations. I feel like my interests were protected and I got the settlement I wanted. His rates were very easy to understand and affordable. He never wasted my time or money. I definitely recommend him to anyone facing a divorce.
  • Bob Biggs

    Sep 12 2018 Mr. Jacob is excellent attorney and was able to resolve my legal issues in a professional manner. He explained the process step by step and made sure I understood everything that was going to happen during the process. Whenever I had any questions he responded promptly. Overall I enjoyed doing business with Mr. Jacob.
  • Robert Pierce

    Apr 13 2018 I would highly recommend Mr. Jacob for anyone seeking a divorce attorney. Mr Jacob always answered my questions promptly, he explained the process thoroughly, and most importantly I felt totally confident going to trial with him over my case when it almost came to that. Mr. Jacob always advised me about the cheapest option in settling my case, and in the end we got the deal we wanted.
  • Zeeshan Ahmad

    Nov 09 2017 Mr. Jacob couldn't have handled my situation any better. He is great at what he does and he cares about his clients. He tells them things how they are and makes them realize why they were even in his office to begin with. If you want your divorce handled professionally and with courtesy he is the person to go to. Highly recommended. Thank you Mr. Jacob. says:

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