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At Burt & Cordes, PLLC, we advise each client regarding the laws that are applicable to their situation as well as their options for how to proceed. Regardless of the legal matter, every client is treated with respect and each matter is handled with care. We are committed to providing excellent legal advice and exceptional client service. Read more about our firm or contact us today at our Charlotte, NC office.
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Reviews and Testimonials

  • Mike OBrien

    - Jun 02 2020 Love working with Stacey and team but she seems to have gotten too busy and my business is dragging out too long
  • Mike Henderson

    - Jun 03 2019 My wife and I used this firm for some financial work a few months ago. Even though our problem was not going to result in a substantial financial gain for the firm, they treated is in a courteous manner and resolved our problem, to our satisfaction, in an expeditious manner. My wife and I were very impressed with the staff and the overall professionalism displayed by the firm. We would highly recommend this firm to any Hone looking for an honest, courteous and professional firm.
  • Spiro H

    - Feb 09 2019 Stacy did a fantastic job helping me negotiate my way out of a bad lease.
  • Debra Powell

    - Jan 04 2019 Thorough
  • Charlie Markey

    - Nov 12 2018 Stacy Cordes is an exceptional attorney. She exceeding my expectations in what she did for me. Her knowledge of Real Estate Law is superb. I have known her for many years I highly recommend her.
  • Shirley Fulton

    - Jun 13 2018 Stacy Cordes was a good advocate and represented my interest well. I am satisfied with the services I received.
  • Randall Wolf

    - May 18 2018 Stacy and her firm was extremely helpful dealing with a couple of different needs that I had. I highly recommend her and will always be my attorney.
  • MJ

    - Apr 14 2018 Stacy was fantastic to work with. We were dealing with a very stressful situation that involved several aspects to work out. As crazy as this sounds we actually had fun due to her great attitude and smile on her face. We took the situation one bite at a time and worked though it all thanks to her knowledge and dedication. I cant thank her enough and recommend her whenever I can.
  • tim ellison

    - Mar 16 2018 Unfortunately I had to deal with quite a few attorneys while I was in business, some good , some not, but Stacy is great!
  • Brandon M. Reeves

    - Mar 15 2018 Stacy Cordes was referred to me by a friend. I went to meet with her as I told him I would. I cannot express the appreciation I have for Stacy as she is now my attorney for life. I am also proud to now call her a friend for life as well. Brandon M. Reeves
  • John Lizzol

    - Feb 24 2018 Stacy is very professional and made me feel at ease while representing my wife and I. Led us in right direction and protected our rights. Very grateful and highly recommend her!
  • ASL

    - Feb 14 2018 Stacy went above and beyond her duties as an attorney for me and my situation. A true professional with a human touch.
  • Michael Patterson

    - Feb 14 2018 Stacy provided me a safe, direct, personable approach to a very detailed and complicated process. Her guidance and professionalism allowed me to make a personal decision which she supplied advice on all consequences of my decision. I highly recommend Stacy.
  • Dave Collins

    - Feb 14 2018 Stacey is not only good at what she does but remains empathetic during the process treating her clients with the utmost respect during tough times.
  • Thomas Moore

    - Feb 13 2018 Stacy and her staff did a fine job of educating me and walking me through the process
  • Michael P

    - Feb 12 2018 Stacy is a very good and knowledgeable attorney. We are still in the process in our case, and she has kept us updated each step of the way. Stacy is very mindful about not wasting your time and money, which is greatly appreciated.
  • Rex welton

    - Feb 08 2018 Stacy Cordes is the very best East of the Mississippi River for my legal needs~~ Stacy makes intense situations Not life or death ~~ she is a gem- and pleaserecall she was a cheerleader at Wake Forest.
  • reginald wallace

    - Jan 01 2018 knowledgeable , capable,
  • Heather Wojick

    - Dec 12 2017 Really enjoyed working with Stacey and her associates. They made a difficult process easier.

    - Dec 10 2017 Stacy was very personable and professional at the same time. She did what she could in a timely manner.
  • Jared Block

    - Dec 10 2017 Handled a housing short sale and had an excellent outcome. She is very courteous yet tenacious. We were very pleased with her and recommended her to many people afterwards
  • Todd Youngblood

    - Dec 10 2017 Fantastic experience with Stacy and her team. Her approach is professional, effective and balanced. Our outcome exceeded expectations.
  • Maxine Israel

    - Dec 10 2017 Wonderful and very helpful. The whole firm was super good and we would use them anytime we needed advice
  • Maxine Israel

    - Nov 10 2017 Very good experience and as usual Ms Cordes was very knowledgeable.
  • Jon Bass

    - Nov 10 2017 Very enjoyable experience working with Stacy. She is a sharp professional, attentive, available and managed expectations. I have no doubt her numerous abilities led provide my positive outcome.
  • Maxine Israel

    - Oct 11 2017 All our experience dealing with Ms Cordes has been great. She is very knowledgeable and caring of her clients. Ms Cordes is a great attorney and we would be very comfortable presenting any legal issues and if she can’t help she will find someone that can help. We would recommend her and her firm to anyone for any legal issue.
  • Jon Bass

    Nov 13 2017 Very enjoyable experience working with Stacy. She is a sharp professional, attentative, available and managed expectations. I have no doubt her numerous abilities led to my positive outcome.
  • Will Cordes

    Dec 29 2016
  • Robert Mack

    May 10 2016 I hired Tonya Graser Smith with law firm of Burt & Cordes to handle my child custody and separation agreements. She gave me excellent perspective on my legal situation and explained carefully what my options were. I really appreciated her caring but professional demeanor as we worked through a very emotional process to achieve my desired outcome. If I have additional family law needs Tonya will definitely be my first call.
  • Greg Phillips

    Jun 02 2015 Burt & Cordes seemed to always answer the phone and were proactive when I needed to speak to my Attorney At other offices, trying to contact my Attorney was nothing more than an excise in futility. At Burt & Cordes, it seemed as if my Attorney was easier to contact and had more time to spend on my case. These folks are very professional and, at the same time, down to earth. They can take complex legal matters and make it understandable. They know that any legal mater is an emotional roller coaster and they have the ability to calm the nerves by giving sound legal advise. I would recommend Burt & Cordes to anyone who needs an Attorney.
  • Dan Dameron

    Apr 29 2015 Burt & Cordes, PLLC were very professional and a pleasure to work with during my case. I would highly recommend them to anyone.
  • Maxine Israel

    Nov 10 2017 She is a very knowledgeable and prepared attorney. I would ask her advice on any matter I needed legal or otherwise. The firm is very kind,courteous every time we have been there or called. I would recommend them to my family and friends. says:

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