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I am not an Attorney. I am a person who believes that people who once were best friends should be able to move on with their lives without animosity. In many cases children are involved and the major focus should be in their best interests. I will strive to keep divorcing couples in control of their divorce with fairness to both sides. I am not an attorney and I do not practice law. If litigation is your only option My services compliment, but DO NOT REPLACE the expertise of a competent Family Law Attorney. I will educate you and provide you with tools and information to insure you a more productive and cost effective result.
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Reviews and Testimonials

  • JK

    - Dec 27 2018 Very helpful and creative with suggestions. Followed through every step of the way and provided 3rd party legal advice where needed.
  • SA

    - Sep 12 2018 If I could have found a way to have Steve move in to my house, I would have! I kid you all not! Steve is focused on what is right, and fair for everyone, and he really listens to what you are saying. He got our heads on straight and made us able to remove ourselves from our emotions and get focused on what was really important, and what needed to be taken care of. I can't say enough for Mr. Hitner, without him, our situation would have gone down a very bad path and an expensive one. Five stars all the way.
  • Susan

    - Sep 10 2018 Steve works for Fair and equitable resolution for all involved.
  • Bob macy

    - Sep 10 2018 Great advice at a fair price
  • Charlie Terrasi

    - Sep 10 2018 Steve helped me through a rough time. He provided me all the information I needed to know and where I stood, as far as my potential divorce was.
  • Alan White

    - Sep 10 2018 Steve, your tireless efforts have given so many of us hope for our futures and that change may eventually come to divorce laws of Massachusetts. I personally will never benefit, but still hope for others. Collectively we all appreciate your hard work and dedication of many, many years. Thank you!
  • CP

    - Jul 12 2018 An enormous help in a most difficult time.
  • David M

    - Jun 19 2018 I was locked into a permanent alimony. My ex-wife was addicted to money. My money. She had no problems because I was paying her five figures each and every month. She could care less about the economy or the stock market! My attorneys told me there was no way out and I would have to pay this exorbitant amount for the rest of my life. They said retirement is not an excuse and if I did not pay I would go to jail. That's when I searched for another answer. I could not accept this. I was super stressed every day because my business was not what it used to be. I could not make these payments for much longer. That's when I discovered Steve. We spoke briefly on the phone and I decided to go see him and pay him for a few hours of his time. In that short time, Steve told me a way that I could get out of this nightmare. Admittedly, it was not overnight. It took me a few months. But I did it and it was so worth it. Now, all of the money I earn is totally MINE. I feel like I had this horrible weight lifted from my shoulders. I am a new man, enjoying my life just as I should be. Steve, I know it's been a few years now but I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart. You literally saved my life.
  • Andrew Parrillo

    - Jun 14 2018 Steve put me in touch with an attorney six years ago who was able to negotiate a settlement four years ago that ended my obligation for alimony in May after 25 years. Without Steve's assistance my lifetime order would still be in effect and the implications for that would have been severely negative for me given the size of the payments.
  • Gary Young

    - Jun 14 2018 Steve is professional in his approach. He is extremely capable and client resolution is paramount. Steve thoroughly understands the process. His guidance is stellar. I may have been one of his early clients. He still calls me after all these years. Steve is also a terrific and caring friend. BELIEVE in Steve.
  • Sal LaRiccia

    - Jun 14 2018 Steve is the best with divorce mediation. He is so caring about his customers and those affected by their situation that he always recommends the best possible resolution to any situation involving a divorce. He is very reliable. I give him my highest recommendation!
  • Chuck McLaughlin

    - Jun 14 2018 Steve is great. He helped me accomplish what I thought was impossible. I highly recommend him.
  • william horrigan

    - Jun 14 2018 Stephen is the most tenacious person I know. He persists in pursuit of honesty and integrity in what he believes to be truthful..and fair.... You could not ask for a better Representative on the issue of Alimony Reform ! When everyone said the original Reform Act will never pass he never gave up, never...We as a group of people who are affected by unfair Alimony Laws and the last ruling by the S.J.C. could not ask for a better fighter for our cause ! Thank you Steve Hitner...
  • Natalie Dizon

    Oct 27 2016 Getting a divorce is never a pleasant experience. There are a lot of uncertainties for the future and between the involved parties. But having Steve work with me and my exhusband has been a good experience and a good choice on my part to go this route through a mediator, especially with one like Steve. He has shown compassion and dedication in his work.
  • Mike LaFoley

    May 16 2016 Thank you, thank you Steve. After paying alimony for 19 years with no end in sight you not only helped me stop the insanity of lifetime alimony but your help has helped me finally get my life back on track. I had payed over $500,000 in legal fees over 5 years to no avail but your guidance and help change all of that. I can’t thank you enough for your legal help and your friendship. Your friend, M.L.
  • Michael Arabadjis

    May 13 2016 Steve Hitner handled the mediation of my alimony modification with professionalism and prompt attention. I had originally contacted him for advice on what to expect regarding the transition from child support to alimony, because of his expertise and leadership regarding the recent alimony reform law. He spelled out, in simple terms, the role he plays as a divorce mediator, and the type of advice he could and could not give. Because he is well-connected in the legal community, he was able to reach out and get us peripheral legal advice in such matters as where to file (my ex-wife and I both live in New York State now). When we eventually filed, he walked us through the process, wrote up the agreement based on our financial statements, provided us with all the necessary forms, helped us to fill them out correctly and reviewed them prior to submittal, suggested the best ways to avoid the pitfalls associated with working within the legal system, and guided both my ex-wife and me in how to mentally approach this emotionally charged task. He further accommodated my sporadic travel schedule, conducting a number of three-way conference calls at odd hours, and ultimately saved us both a lot of money, aggravation and the need to travel back and forth to court in Boston. Steve was a immense pleasure to work with and I highly recommend his services.
  • Carlo and Natalie Barsotti

    May 12 2016 Mr. Hitner was a blessing through out my entire process. Mr Hitner made us both feel welcomed throughout our sessions . Steve made himself available to meet with us on our time regardless of the day. My whole divorce process took 3 one hour long sessions and it was complete. At the end Steve provided us with all the paper work needed for the courts. Steve is the fastest and also the cheapest way do go and i would recommend to anyone.
  • Thomas Hare

    May 12 2016 My story is, I was divorced in Utah in 1991. The judge ordered me to pay permanent alimony. I have been paying since then and now I am looking at retirement this year. I am 66 and have some health issues and need to retire. My x wife has never held a job since we divorced. She is on government assistance. My situation looked hopeless. I started to do research on the internet and saw that Steve Hitner was a driving force behind alimony reform in Massachusetts. I contacted Mr. Hitner and listened to his advice and proceeded to negotiate with my X wife. In a very short time, to my surprise, my X wife began to negotiate a final settlement. At this time, the permanent alimony is no more. I am ecstatic at this conclusion. I feel like a free man! I am very much appreciative of Steve’s assistance and could have never done this myself. And it was done without an attorney and without appearing before a judge. Judges have too much discretion in these cases. In conclusion, I will forever appreciate the assistance I received from Steve Hitner. Thank You Steve!! says:

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