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11702 Bowman Green Dr, Suite 200
Reston, VA 20190
Respected Virginia lawyer Steven M Garver founded the Garver Law Offices in 1975 to help injured people, families in distress and businesses in dispute, in state and federal courts throughout the state.
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Reviews and Testimonials


    Mar 29 2018 Mr. Garver has supported me three times over the last eight years. His style, background, and interest in helping individuals with the same kind of priority and level of service as corporate clients is what I like about him. To elaborate, the high road approach when he fights for me is his style. He does not advertise that he is sometimes a sitting judge, but that perspective is important to me in court appearances. Lastly, he has a passion to seek social justice for the "little guy" being bullied in a way that is not fair. This makes me feel I am as important as any other client regardless of what he gains in profit from me. I endorse and refer him a lot.
  • Robert Park

    Jan 27 2018 My business needed some high level and intensity Legal assistance on relatively short notice. Mr. Garver made room for me on his busy schedule and came in late and even several weekend days to get me thru. The amount that I was charged was surprisingly low. You can call me a VERY happy customer.
  • Michael Miller

    Dec 28 2017 I have known and worked with Steve for twenty years. He is responsive, realistic, and reasonable. The are qualities in a person and an attorney I find invaluable.
  • seidomike

    Mar 29 2018
  • Stephen Clark

    May 26 2017 I've known Steve Garver and done business with him for more than 12 years now - he's a thoughtful, experienced and effective independent lawyer. You will find him a calm, careful advisor who puts on no airs; he's not high-strung like a lot of lawyers, and he has record of effective representation. His longtime practice is somewhat unique nowadays in that his is a community-based general trial and litigation practice - meaning that he tends to represent individuals and small businesses in Reston and other towns of Northern Virginia, in a range business and personal disputes, including divorce matters, as well as handling personal-injury and medical malpractice claims. He's always been responsive to me, and thoughtful in his replies. You should meet him personally, talk to him and judge for yourself.
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