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Collaborative Law, Divorce, General Litigation, Mediation
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Reviews and Testimonials

  • MM

    - Aug 16 2022 I contacted Steve for a final matter after a hiatus of about 7 years. Even after all that time, he still had my folder and documents readily available and remembered several pertinent facts from my case. Always professional and knowledgeable, I highly recommend him.
  • SC

    - Jan 27 2022 I was very pleased with Steve's advocacy and counsel during my recent divorce. His advice was practically sound and wise during a very difficult time for me and my family. His counsel was invaluable to ensure that the settlement negotiations never got off the rails due to heightened emotions or shortsightedness taking into account longer term family realities and outcomes with a high concern for my children. When I needed to vent, he gave me the time and space to do that which is unavoidable when going through a divorce but always taking me back to the objective issues at hand with level-headed suggestions to move forward but not hesitant to "stand up" for me when necessary. Finally, his thorough understanding of the courts and possible outcomes assisted me greatly in my decision making. In the end, a fair and reasonable settlement was reached without the need to litigate. I highly recommend.
  • ida Kahn subin

    - Dec 14 2021 I don't think I have ever met a lawyer like Steve Gaba. He's sharp, thorough and truly has the best interest of his clients uppermost in his mind. I had a difficult situation and Steve was with me from beginning to end. He gave me appropriate counsel, guided the process with a solid calm hand and helped me keep my cool when I was ready to explode on occassion. My process took a long time, but with his patience, skill and legal expertise, it worked out better than I could have expected. If I could give him more than 5 stars I would.
  • Martha & Gary Burak

    - Oct 19 2020 Steve Gaba has successfully guided us through a very complex course of legal actions resulting in us gaining custody of our 6 year old Grandson which began in 2014. Our case continues today, in 2020, involving the 6th Circuit Court, the MD Court of Special Appeals, and the MD Court of Appeals. At all times, Mr. Gaba’s foundational considerations have placed the welfare of the child first and foremost. Mr. Gaba has adeptly defended us in complicated, contentious, and prolonged litigation. Mr. Gaba has consistently exhibited legal expertise, expert knowledge of Maryland family law, competency, skilled presentations to the courts, compassion, and, all-important to our health, has imparted a very reassuring calmness to us through our long legal ordeal. We highly recommend Steve Gaba for all family law matters.
  • Mario Bruno

    - Sep 16 2020 Awesome!!
  • Jordan Spooner

    - Aug 05 2020 Great lawyer and great person!
  • Luc Ngassa

    - Aug 04 2020 Good experience
  • Maeve McGrath

    - Aug 04 2020 Mr. Gaba is extremely professional and always treats his clients with care and compassion.
  • TL

    - Jul 09 2020 Steve helped me to remain sane during my child support issues. I am so glad I met him and was able to work with him through a stressful time in my life. Whenever I run into him, he still remembers my kids names even years later. I highly recommend Steve!
  • Hila Balely

    - Jul 07 2020 Steve was very positive and tried to prevent long battle in court . Just an honest lawyer . I was happy with his input and support .
  • Dan Murphy

    - Jul 06 2020 Steve helped me solve a long distance child support issue and was a pleasure to work with as well as being reasonably priced. If I ever needed like services in the future, I would absolutely use Steve again!

    - Jul 05 2020 I was very impressed by the professionalism and the dexterity with which mr steve gaba managed my case. I still want to say thank you and I did not hesitate to refer it to my friends
  • Patrick Buckley

    - Jul 05 2020 Steven did a good job of navigating a trans Atlantic, unfriendly divorce that resulted in a reasonable settlement for all. And Steven has responded with good advice and referrals to other professionals for some later matters. I would go to Steven again with any related issues in the Washington DC area.
  • Kaveh Behravan

    - Jun 17 2020 Mr experience with Mr. Gaba hsndeling my case personally has been nothing but perfect and very professional. At our initial appointment I was provided a game plan as well as a timetable with a cost estimate for reference and we moved forward with zero deviation from what we've discussed originally. Overall I am very pleased with my experience.
  • Anne de Fontenay

    - Jun 09 2020 Steve is an outstanding communicator and negotiator. I strongly recommend him; he is a phenomenal advocate.
  • Lauren Gage

    - Jun 06 2020 I have found Steve not only to be a reputable and skilled professional in his specialty , but he has demonstrated compassion and dedication to my case. I am confident that I am in the very best of hands and haven't lost sleep over the issues that remain to be resolved and that's a credit to Steve! I've been able to focus on parenting a young child, self-care, and my job as a result of working with Steve. The same cannot be said for my experience having worked with other area Family Law attorneys in this area.
  • Claudia Ordonez

    - Jun 05 2020 The most compassionate, kind, and knowledgeable attorney you will ever find!
  • ML

    - Jun 05 2020 Steve Gaba is a level-headed and compassionate family lawyer who doesn’t shy away from conflict when it’s necessary to litigate, but who works to deescalate and resolve conflicts whenever possible. He helped me immensely during my difficult divorce, facilitating a fair settlement and enabling me to maintain a constructive co-parenting relationship with my ex-wife.
  • Jeremy Bendler

    May 18 2020 I have clients in common with Steve Gaba. I know Mr Gaba provides good professional family law services are reasonable rates. Mr Gaba has always provided our common clients with his full attention, and has truly been an asset to them. Mr Gaba thinks creatively, and guides his clients through their family law and domestic issues efficiently and effectively. I have no hesitation referring clients to Mr Gaba for family law issues.
  • Steven Foreman

    Feb 20 2020 Steve has been an instrumental attorney in the washington metro area for the last 30 years. He has helped thousands of parents keep their children, thousands of individuals keep their assets and I highly advise you consider him for your family law needs. Nobody plans for the uncertainties of life which is why it is imperative to hire an attorney that understands this business.
  • Pro Spex Home

    Apr 22 2017 We have referred customers to Steve and have heard nothing but great things. says:

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