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With 20 years of experience in DUI law, Steven Kellis is more than qualified to defend your case. He’ll diligently research the details of your case, including breath and blood test results, the events during and after your arrest, and more to ensure a thorough review of your situation. Because our practice is limited to Pennsylvania DUI defense, we know exactly what steps to take to boost your chances of an acquittal. When you hire Steven Kellis, you’re partnering with a skilled and meticulous DUI legal team that cares for their clients.
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Reviews and Testimonials

  • Vince B

    Jun 20 2018 Steven Kellis helped me out big time. After having a clean record most of my life, I received a DUI this past year. I'm getting married in August and the timing could not have been worse. I was looking at some serious penalties. He may not always be wonderful at keeping in touch, but he shows up and knows the court rooms like the back of his hand. He has good relationships and a lot of pull. I ended up getting no license suspension and the minimum fine because of a plea bargain that Steven fought for. Highly recommend.
  • Elizabeth C

    Jun 06 2018 Steven Kellis saved my life! Facing a DUI ( I have had prior convictions) that could have had significant jail time, long term license suspension and life destroying consequences, I retained Attorney Kellis. His knowledge of DUI law, good relationships with the ADA and DA, negotiated a plea deal for me that I did not think was even possible. His reassurance and guidance through the whole process was priceless and done in an understanding and nonjudgmental way. I can not recommend Attorney Kellis enough. Thanks Steve!
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