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When people in a legal dispute come to our firm, we offer them a menu of legal services from which to choose. We help clients select the approach that they will most benefit from-whether that is litigation, mediation or collaborative law. I am proud to be a part of a law firm that provides clients with these choices.
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Reviews and Testimonials

  • Ed

    Oct 24 2017 I was very satisfied with, not only the knowledge of Mr. Sugarman, but also with his patience and the different means used to help us understand the many aspects of obtaining a legal separation. As he explained to us in the beginning, it was not his position to take sides in the negotiations, but to inform us of how the legal system works in this difficult situation. His staff is also very competent and knowledgeable in transcribing and providing us with the meeting minutes after each session. I would highly recommend Mr. Sugarman and his associates for this type of mediation.
  • Scott MacDonald

    Oct 20 2017 Steve Sugarman helped us through or divorce with a smooth and thorough process that lead to an amicable settlement. He was certain to keep us well informed and didn't leave a stone unturned in presenting the facts and attaining optimum coverage of every point necessary to achieve a settlement that was both to-the-letter of the law and respectful to both parties. I would highly recommend his services. After a single meeting, you will immediately understand his value. From a dollars-and-cents perspective, his guidance saved us considerably on attaining our end goal. If you're looking for a divorce mediator, you would be doing yourself a favor to speak with Steve.
  • CR

    Sep 24 2017 Steve provided guidance and consul in a fair and balance manner; making sure all parties understood the legal nuisances through our mediation sessions. I would highly recommend Steve for couples who are considering divorce mediation.
  • al

    Sep 19 2017 We were referred to Mr. Sugarman to mediate a separation/divorce agreement. Even though divorce is a difficult road, Mr. Sugarman always kept us focused and helped us negotiate fairly and evenly. Sides were never taken. Questions were answered thoroughly and matrimonial laws explained. His support staff was always helpful and compassionate.
  • Scott MacDonald

    Sep 19 2017 We came to Steve on a reference as a mediator for our divorce. He was very professional, thorough and didn't miss a step in keeping us focused on making our decision with "eyes wide opened". This is a very important element in mediation and one that the court considers greatly. Steve made certain that nothing was left unaddressed. He was also compassionate and empathetic, which made our experience with him most pleasant. I would recommend him highly as a mediator for any couple seeking to choose that path as a resolution.
  • Yakov Kogan

    Sep 19 2017 I used Steve Sugarman and loved him.
  • Ann K.

    Sep 14 2017 Mr. Sugarman is a thoughtful and caring mediator who really takes the time to explain things and helps us come to a agreement we can live with. I highly recommend him!
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