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The Law Offices of Tammy Strohl proudly sees clients in Naples FL and that surrounding areas for a wide range of personal injury matters. When you are looking for personal injury lawyer that will personally handle your case you have come to the right place! Not every personal injury law firm has an attorney that provides the personalized attention that every client deserves. We provide top legal representation in a host of matters and never take the one size fits all approach. We understand that the outcome of your case is very important to you and your family so we provide compassionate representation to help you get the best possible outcome. We are the personal injury law firm that treats you like a valued client not just a case number!
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Reviews and Testimonials

  • Sa

    - May 08 2023 Tammy and her team were extremely efficient and guided me through every step with compassion and professionalism
  • Guy S

    - May 05 2023 I called Tami after I was hit by a car while riding my motorcycle to work. The service I received was nothing but fantastic from beginning to end. I was treated fairly and with respect. Which was comforting in an uncomfortable situation. This was my first and hopefully last encounter with any such event but Tami Strohl will be the one I’ll call should the need arise again.
  • john patrick

    - Apr 05 2023 fantastic, Tammy and her staff took care of me and my family. She answered all my questions and made me feel secure. She fought for me and supported me as a client as well she got things done while I wasn't able to. Professional and amazing.
  • Jane E Clancey

    - Mar 16 2022 excellent service and very caring....everyone in the office for great!
  • Mary Jo

    - Mar 15 2022 Tammy made sure that all my medical care got covered; including alternative therapies that not every other lawyer would have appreciated and fought for! She patiently explained every step of the process to me and never pressured me into making choices I wasn't comfortable with. She was even willing to fight for a higher settlement with my strong suggestion AND win it! Thank you so much for your help and support Tammy, I wish you all the best!
  • Trevor Raines

    - Mar 01 2022 Your first car accident as a 19 year old can be a frightening experience, especially when you're injured. Luckily, I chose the Law Offices of Tammy Strohl to help me out. Tammy Strohl and her team were nothing but helpful, kind, and reassuring from beginning to end. I felt comfortable and confident enough to trust the team while I continued my life as a college student. Although I hope to not be in need of her services anytime soon, she will be the first person I turn to. With that being said, I would absolutely recommend Tammy Strohl for your personal injury matters.
  • Robert F Burger

    - Jan 20 2022 2 different cases and 2 wins.....always in communication Tammy and Beth are aces in my book
  • Trina

    - Jan 19 2022 I had to switch lawyers in the middle of my case because the lawyer I had was very incompetent. Tammy was amazing! She made it super easy and was so helpful. Got me more than I expected and was happy with her in everyway!
  • Hans Nietzman

    - Dec 14 2020 Just a quick note to thank you and your staff for handling my case. I most certainly will recommend your firm should the circumstance arise. Sincerely, Hans Nietzman
  • Janice Smith

    - Nov 11 2020 I would not hesitate to recommend Tammy. She explained every detail and someone was alway available Everyone was kind and caring. It was all a positive experience.
  • Janice Smith

    - Nov 11 2020 I can not say enough good things. Explained everything, someone was always available when needed. Genuialy
  • Chas.

    - Nov 11 2020 Excellent service with excellent outcome.
  • MS

    - Oct 12 2020 Attorney Strohl and her staff are exceptionally hardworking and dedicated. They went well beyond the "call of duty" to settle my claim...a task that was not easy to accomplish. A big "thank you" to both Attorney Strohl, Beth and the other staff members.
  • Rolando zapata

    - Oct 11 2020 Great team, very professional, Would highly recommend
  • Vanessa Abreu

    - Oct 11 2020 If you’re in need of a personal injury attorney, Tammy is the best! She is a person of integrity and always has your best interest. Her staff is very attentive and professional. Highly recommend her!
  • Linda Burton

    - Sep 28 2019 Tammy was professional and compassionate. Thank you for all your help!
  • DW

    - May 30 2019 Mrs. Tammy Strohl is the best!! She works hard you and keeps you informed on all upcoming events. Thanks for everything!
  • K H

    - Apr 28 2019 Tammy, Beth and staff were such a blessing to work with. They resolved everything for me and helped take care of everything for me after my accident. Thank you Tammy and Beth for everything.
  • Vanessa

    - Mar 26 2019 Tammy is the best! Genuine and professional. She truly cares about her clients. Thank you Tammy!
  • Ruth Seraj

    - Jan 25 2019 In this office you are treated with respect, to they listen to what you have to say. If you call someone is always there to pick up the phone. My list is endless, Tammy is a caring person, who goes out of her way for her clients.
  • Shirley Kekelis

    - Dec 28 2018 My journey is not done yet! But so far it has relieved me from the grief of dealing with insurance companies!
  • MEWL

    - Dec 27 2018 Fine
  • Linda Ortiz

    - Dec 05 2018 It was easy very pleasant. She was very assuring very professional I would recommend her anytime.
  • Tracy

    - Nov 28 2018 Tammy and Beth are amazing to work with.. I would definitely recommend them.. Thank you for all you did
  • David S

    - Nov 26 2018 Not over yet....Atty. Stroh very good...hope for a good outcome..
  • Nicole Francis

    - Nov 26 2018 Tammy has handled my case and I had nothing but the best care, advice and services from her company and staff. I have referred other clients to her and they all had the same experience as well. She's awesome!!
  • Debbie noble

    - Nov 26 2018 They know their business and delivered what they promised.
  • David Collins

    - Oct 30 2018 Its always good working with Tammy and Beth... WE need to work together a lot more.
  • Brian Searc

    - Oct 28 2018 Smooth and professional.
  • Debbie

    - Oct 28 2018 Tammy worked very hard and well for me. I had a lot of questions and she answered all of them and was always available to talk. She answered all my questions and is extremely knowledgeable and hard-working. The best part is you actually work with her and like these larger firms where you are passed on to young lawyers who don’t have the experience Or personal interest in my case.
  • Lorraine moore

    - Oct 28 2018 Took some time but happy with the results.
  • Jeanny perez

    - Oct 27 2018 Great experience
  • ronald j kain

    - Oct 27 2018 good on negotiation
  • David Collins

    - Oct 02 2018 My patients have always gotten fair representation for there PI cases. Hope to have a lot of cases in the future with you.
  • Joan Raab

    - Sep 29 2018 Tammy is a life saver, literally! Suffering from an auto accident in 2014 and trying to work and constantly seeing doctors for treatments Tammy and her staff worked tirelessly on my case. I had racked up quite a large sum with all the medical treatment I was actually near bankruptcy. Tammy pounded the pavement even harder and turned the tables in my favor and....saved my life. I owe Tammy and her staff my deepest gratitude and appreciation for all their above and beyond professionalism and expertise. I highly recommend Tammy Strohl and her law firm. You won't be sorry, I can promise you. gratefully and respectfully, Joan
  • mewl

    - Sep 28 2018 Went ok!
  • H W

    - Sep 27 2018 I was injured in an accident that wasn't my fault. Tammy did everything professionally and I was actually surprised at how fast the suite settled.
  • Daileny Hernandez

    - Sep 27 2018 good job solving my accident case
  • J.L.

    - Sep 27 2018 Ms. Strohl has handled my case with professionalism and care. Everything was taken care of in a timely manner and she cares about her clients.
  • Eden Gutierrez

    - Sep 02 2018 Tammy has helped me with 2 different cases both ending with positive results. I am so thankful! Tammy is the best!
  • Carrie Nolan

    - Aug 30 2018 The office staff is easy to work with and very punctual in returning inquiries and calls. Ms. Strohl will work and push for your interests, but is also realistic about outcomes. I was never frustrated or felt that they had lost sight of my needs. Thank you!
  • JoAnn Blumenthal

    - Aug 29 2018 Tammy was amazingly kind, professional, knowledgeable and helped me so much after a serious car accident. She helped me move through a very stressful time after I was hit from behind and my car was totaled. Tammy helped me through the entire process, from getting a rental to being able to purchase a new car and getting all my medical needs met. She is very compassionate! She is organized, and handled all the paper work, and made everything easy. Her staff are very friendly, professional and helpful as well I have referred her numerous times, as, I find her to be honest and ethical. I hope I don't need to, use her again ( no more car accidents) but I would in a minute. Thanks, Tammy!
  • Nancy Herbert

    - Aug 28 2018 I was involved in an accident and asked the store for reimbursement for hospital and doctors' expenses. The store was unresponsive. We went to Tammy to help us with this problem. Thanks for her quick response, detailed recording of the accident and as a result, the problem was resolved. I would recommend Tammy to anyone who needs advice and problem resolutions in a difficult situation. I wouldn't hesitate to engage her services when in need of a good lawyer.
  • DS

    - Aug 28 2018 Working with the Law Office of Tammy Strohl was a fantastic experience. The level of personal service is far greater than working with a large firm. The staff are very professional and handled my case efficiently. The outcome was a lot better than I anticipated. If I ever have the need for a personal injury attorney I would certainly use their services again. I have already referred several friends and family. Thank you Tammy and Beth. You guys are the best in Naples!
  • Jose Galvis

    - Aug 28 2018 Excellent service!!
  • Arlene W

    - Aug 28 2018 Tammy and her staff were great. She listened to what I was going thru. Always answered my calls and saw me when necessary. Hooked me up with the proper medical teams for my recovery. I would definitely recommend Tammy Strohl.
  • SC

    - Aug 01 2018 Attorney Tammy Strohl helped me with an auto accident in 2007. I was overwhelmed, confused and in a lot of pain. I also could not believe how poorly my own insurance company was treating me. She was so kind, patient and knowledgeable through the entire process. She was always available to answer any questions I had. In the end, she fought for me and made sure I was treated fairly.
  • John King

    - Jul 31 2018 Tammy is working on a case for me at this very moment, it’s still in process but so far I’m very happy!
  • Michael Misha

    - Jul 30 2018 Tammy is truly a pro. She makes the process easy to understand, she is incredibly responsive, and so is her office. Even more importantly, she continually shows that she genuinely cares about her clients.
  • Barbara B

    - Jul 03 2018 Tammy is caring, sincere, knowledgeable, professional and understanding. A pleasure to do business with. Warm and friendly staff always helpful and pleasant. Phenomenal teamwork. Kudos to all of them!
  • Joseph Nelson

    - Jul 03 2018 I have had a very good experience with you Tammy and the rest of the ladies in the office both times thank you very much.
  • MS

    - Jul 02 2018 You may not see this law firm advertised on television like the big firms, but you can be sure that you will receive top-notch legal advice and support. I have found Attorney Strohl and her staff to be timely, attentive, knowledgeable and motivated to insure justice is done.
  • Cheyenne

    - Jul 02 2018 Your GO TO LAWYER!! Super professional and got the job done got me an amazing settlement was quick, the entire staff was so friendly and professional as well. Highly recommend.
  • Maria Veronica Morley

    - Jul 01 2018 Tammy is a very kind and professional person, and everyone that works there is very pleasant, heblpful and friendly. They took care of me immediately every time I needed help. Thanks Tammy!
  • Betty

    - Jul 01 2018 Tammy and her staff are true professionals who made going through a tough situation so much easier. They kept me informed, always, as to what was happening and I was happy with their services the whole way through the process. Thank You all.
  • D Jean-Louis

    - Jun 30 2018 Excellent
  • Mohamed elyamani

    - Jun 30 2018 Amazing lawyer. She will treat you with honesty and integrity She will work very hard to get you what you deserve. She settled my case in less than one year.she focus on the client . She will do all the work her self no other one in the office will be in the middle. She will also follow up with you .Amazing lawyer. I'm super happy with my settlement check. Any one need to know more call me 9175415555 Best lawyer I wish i can giver her 100 star. Best regards Mohamed elyamani
  • Joyce Anagnos

    - Jun 29 2018 Total professionalism, a job well done!
  • Nelson Peraza

    - Jun 29 2018 Tammy was excellent! She has great office staff too! Everyone was very professional they get back to you quickly. I was referred to Tammy by a friend of mine. I would recommend Tammy, she exceeded my expectations, her level of professionalism and organization made the process very easy.
  • claudette willis

    - Jun 29 2018 Tammy took the stress away so I could concentrate on getting better. Highly Recommend Her!
  • LSharisse

    - Jun 29 2018 So far so good! Tammy has been great will making me feel assured that she has my best interest at heart. The staff has been wonderful as well with communication and just a listening ear. I have appreciated the level of service and car from Tammy & The Team. Thank you!!!!
  • Sarah

    - Jun 29 2018 Tammy and her staff are very professional and know you by name not by a case number. Never did I feel like I was an inconvenience when I called to ask even the simplest of question.
  • Henry Frattaroli

    - Jun 29 2018 Tammy got me more money than I expected.
  • C Willis

    Jun 29 2018 Tammy Took the Stress Out Away so I could Concentrate on Healing!
  • Thomas Pronesti

    Jun 29 2018 Tammy is 5 star all the way!
  • Nelson Peraza

    Jun 29 2018
  • Sharisse Butterfield

    Jun 29 2018

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