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Every business interest and every valuation assignment is unique, presenting its own set of challenges and demands. No one method or set of methods is right for all situations. It takes an objective, qualified valuation expert with the necessary training, sound judgment and experience to interpret the information correctly and arrive at correct and defensible results.
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Reviews and Testimonials

  • Strath Wood

    Oct 25 2018 Terri was extremely professional and quickly understands her clients requirements. Her final reports are comprehensive and clearly laid out. Would most definitely recommend Terri
  • Elizabeth A. Goodwin

    Oct 25 2018 expert.....
  • James Deery

    Oct 01 2018 Terri is thorough. prompt and efficient
  • GH

    Sep 26 2018 Terri took the terror out of the financial negotiations during my collaborative divorce process. She was patient, precise and persistent. She made herself available to answer all my questions and earned my complete faith and trust.
  • Patrick McCarthy

    Sep 25 2018 Great detailed work. Great value.
  • William Kolis

    Aug 27 2018 Litigation attorney for 38 years.
  • Stephen

    Aug 27 2018 Terri was great and running numbers last minute to assist in getting matter resolved.
  • Hayden Fisher

    Aug 26 2018 I have worked with Terri on two cases as a valuation expert. She is knowledgeable, experienced, reliable, a good communicator and enjoyable to work with as a person generally.
  • Rich Hujar

    Aug 26 2018 Very professional and knowledgeable
  • William W. H. Hunt Legal Group, LLC Hunt

    Aug 26 2018 I have consulted with Terri on numerous tax and financial issues in divorce cases over the years. Her advice is uniformly timely, accurate and precisely what I need at the time. It is a pleasure to work with her and to recommend her to others.
  • Gary Quesenberry

    Aug 05 2018 Terri did an iamazing job with our company valuation. I would highly recommend her services to anyone trying to improve and strengthen their business.
  • Donald Vargo

    Jun 07 2018 Very professional and knowledgeable!
  • Richard Siess

    May 07 2018 Terri was very detailed and knowledgeable. She did a great job of explaining the valuation process.
  • DK

    May 01 2018 Terri is very professional, knowledgeable, patient, down to earth, and pleasant to work with.
  • Deanna DiPetta

    Apr 30 2018 Terri was on top of the issues that I hired her for. She knows her tax laws. I was very glad that I contacted her to help.
  • Attorney Sharon Berg

    Apr 29 2018 Ms. Lastovka's ability to break down complex issues (tracing of separate assets and business valuations) in high dollar divorces, and explain those issues to non-accountants (including the court) is extraordinary. Cannot speak highly enough of her services.
  • Brian M Urban

    Apr 03 2018 Terri is an excellent communicator and one of the most accessible experts I have ever used. She helped the parties reach resolution on one of the more challenging collaborative cases (one with internationally held assets posing separate property issues) I have handled in my 10+ years of doing collaborative work.
  • Joel D. Fritz

    Mar 29 2018 Terri has assisted me in my domestic relations practice. Her knowledge of business was extremely beneficial. It resulted in a positive outcome for my clients. I have also called her on a couple of occasions just to ask a question. She was always willing to take the time and answer the question.
  • Bob Cifranic

    Mar 29 2018 Does a great job for me, I highly recommend her.
  • John Zoller

    Mar 29 2018 Always throughly prepared. Always accurate. Explains complex concepts clearly and compellingly.
  • Alan Sironen

    Mar 29 2018 Terri provided excellent services and analysis and report in a timely manner. She is very professional and courteous.
  • Mike Brown

    Mar 29 2018 I have engaged Terri many times over several years. She has always been sharp and timely. She is a pleasure to work with.
  • Susan Kershaw

    Mar 29 2018 Outstanding experiences with Terri. Not only is she an amazingly smart and organized person, but she has a great personality that makes her so wonderful to work with. She answers questions patiently and thoroughly and makes sure you fully understand the subject matter. It's a first class experience!
  • Robin Rose Stiller

    Mar 02 2018 I have recommended Terri to my estate planning and estate and trust administration clients in need of business valuation services. I have been extremely satisfied with her professionalism and insight and so have my clients!
  • Carol Shelly

    Feb 28 2018 Knowledgeable, thorough, patient and caring.
  • Kathleen Havener

    Feb 27 2018 Terry is smart, efficient, and provides wise and considered advice. She is a superb deponent and adds value to any case.
  • Alan Brown

    Feb 27 2018 Terri walked me through a difficult legal process with ease.
  • Jeff Weaver

    Feb 26 2018 Terri Lastovka was a terrific valuation expert for my case, and I am so pleased that I was able to find and engage her services. She was extremely thorough and competent, and she is a very credible expert witness and easy to work with. I would definitely recommend Terri's firm and will use her services again in the future should the need arise.
  • Eric Johnson

    Jan 30 2018 Excellent to work with and very professional. I would highly recommend her services!
  • SG

    Jan 30 2018 Terri is amazing! She is extremely knowledgeable, professional & always available to answer questions or offer support! I would highly recommend her.
  • Lynne Day

    Jan 29 2018 You have been prompt, thorough, and attentive to the client's needs and responding to her concerns. Your attention to her matter is much appreciated.
  • Lynn A. Lazzaro

    Jan 05 2018 Excellent work providing me with a business evaluation which helped formulate a fair business transition plan. She deserves the highest rating!
  • Deana Stutts

    Jan 03 2018 Terri was very knowledgeable and helped make my experience as easy as it could possibly be based on the circumstances. She was supportive and looked out for my best interest.
  • Toni Turner

    Jan 03 2018 Terri is great. Very professional and very knowledgeable.
  • Mark V. Nichols

    Dec 29 2017 I had a very good experience working with Terri, she was always available ready to answer any and all questions and explained everything using terms that was understandable and clear.

    Dec 29 2017 Cannot give Ms. Lastovka enough accolades. She is professional, responsive, well informed and a huge asset whether hired by both sides or just one. She is easy to understand and simplifies the process.
  • Scott Deliman

    Dec 29 2017 I actually first consulted with Terri for a second opinion on issues involving a problematic and complicated business valuation in a high asset divorce case. I had previously seen Terri's postings on the Ohio State Bar Association message boards and her input was always solid and easy to understand so I reached out to her in my case. Terri was extremely knowledgeable, quick to respond, and had a keen understanding of business, accounting, and legal issues involved in dividing business interests in divorces. Most importantly, she explained things in a down-to-earth manner and was a good teacher in that regard. I would most highly recommend Terri for your litigation needs.
  • Jim Damian

    Dec 29 2017 Terri was awesome she proved another company was incorrect in its evaluation from the opposite side she is the best I have referred her to many people and if ever needed I would use her services again
  • Sharon Berg

    Dec 29 2017 I am working with Ms. Lastovka on a complex divorce matter, and in light of the recent tax law changes, have had to request updates from her regarding the impact on my case. As in the past, her response time has been excellent and the information conveyed in a way that is easily understood. .
  • Margaret Stanard

    Dec 29 2017 Terri is very responsive to requests for information, opinions and status of cases. She is accessible by phone and email and is dedicated to explaining complex positions in understandable terms.
  • Joe Condeni

    Dec 29 2017 We retained Terri as an expert in a difficult legal malpractice case involving the failure to properly evaluate a medical practice, commercial real estate and related tax issues. Between Terri's experience and knowledge as both a CPA and an Attorney, she was able to provide us invaluable insight and expert testimony regarding the damages in our case. We highly recommend her and will utilizer her services in the future.
  • George Weissinger

    Dec 04 2017 My experience was very informative, and Terri made me feel at ease with my situation.
  • James Lentz

    Nov 29 2017 In a nasty divorce with limited time, Terry stepped up to prepare a business valuation and an asset valuation that were spot on.
  • Lorilee Kramer

    Nov 29 2017 Terri did a superior job on the business evaluation during my highly contentious divorce. Her intelligence, experience and compassion were paramount to me making it through my highly contentious divorce. I would highly recommend her to anyone needing her services as she is very thorough, has a wealth of experience in many areas and gets the needed results produced in a professional manner.
  • JM

    Nov 29 2017 Terri made an awful divorce negotiation tolerable. She is able to make sense of a legal proceeding when the legal system does not care about what is right or true. Her understanding of the financial issues when a business is involved with litigation is the best. She is the best person to have in your corner!
  • Thomas Pronesti

    Nov 21 2017 Terri is a featured attorney on Mediation.com and we highly recommend her services.
  • Strath Wood

    Oct 25 2018
  • Patrick McCarthy

    Sep 25 2018
  • Stephen Daray

    Aug 27 2018 Great work and litigation assistance.
  • Lorilee Kramer

    Nov 29 2017 Terri did a superior job on the business evaluation during my highly contentious divorce. Her intelligence, experience and compassion were paramount to me making it through my highly contentious divorce. I would highly recommend her to anyone needing her services as she is very thorough, has a wealth of experience in many areas and gets the needed results produced in a professional manner. Reviewed by: Lorilee Kramer
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