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Whenever an employee is involved in a worker's compensation claim, his employer and their worker's compensation insurance carrier will be represented by one or more attorney's. The worker's compensation law is according to many people involved in the system, more favorable to the employer. That is why you need an attorney to protect your rights through the entire claims process. Throughout my entire legal career, over 41 years, I have represented either insurance companies, injured workers, or attempted to help people settle their claims to their satisfaction.
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Reviews and Testimonials

  • Julie Bragg

    - Aug 01 2023 My experience with Mr Condon is nothing less than stellar!! He has always made me feel welcome and addresses my individual hurdles as they come. For those that know the background of my work comp case, know it is one of the more complicated cases. He always handles each situation promptly and with grace. Sincerely, Julie W Bragg
  • vl

    - Feb 07 2019 Mr. Condon and staff are wonderful!!! They take time to explain things in simple terms....very patient and understanding people!!!
  • Joan Gross

    - Feb 05 2019 I have only dealt with Kim so far on a personal level. Kim is the picture of professionalism. She is always there to answer my questions. I have spoken to Mr Condon twice and I’m having a Mediation hearing in a couple of weeks. He imade me feel at ease right away. Thank you to everyone on my case.
  • Tomeko Harper

    - Feb 05 2019 Absolutely great experience with Mr Condon and his staff. Any concerns or questions I have are quickly addressed
  • Donovan Whibbs

    - Jan 23 2019 Great mediator! Always a pleasure to work with.
  • Heather Byrer Carbone

    - Jan 23 2019 Tom is a fantastic and efficient mediator. He is empathetic to plaintiffs and does a good job explaining case value to adjusters. He is well liked by both plaintiff and defense counsel and is very well respected within the community. I use him as a mediator on our claims at every opportunity possible.
  • T J

    - Jan 17 2019 Tom Condon is a true professional who I trust to fairly and aggressively work to resolve claims.
  • Joan SacredFire

    Feb 05 2019 I’m very happy with this firm. The Stratford is wonderful and Mr Condon is very knowledgeable.
  • Tomeko Harper

    Feb 05 2019
  • Heather Carbone

    Jan 24 2019 Tom is a very effective mediator who is very well respected by both sides. He often is able to help facilitate settlements on very difficult claims. I use him as our mediator on every case that I can.
  • traycee leavell

    Jun 25 2018
  • June Mcgee

    Jan 13 2018 Good caring lawyer says:

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