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At Mingus Law Office, I help my clients solve problems that are making life hard for them and their families. I concentrate my practice in the areas of family law, personal injury, wrongful death, workers’ compensation and criminal law.
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Reviews and Testimonials

  • Michelle

    Nov 12 2018 Tom made an awful situation a little easier to handle with his calm demeanor and understanding nature. I felt heard and like he did his best.
  • Kathy W

    Sep 15 2018 We have used Tom for three different occasions and have been very happy with him and his service.
  • Dori A Hill

    Sep 06 2018 Did a great job for me and so easy to work with
  • Tracey Spain

    Aug 14 2018 Awsome person, excellent lawyer! Thank You for all you do.
    • Thomas Mingus

      Aug 14 2018Hi Tracey. You are very kind. I hope all is well with you and your family!
  • Jenna Zhang

    Jun 18 2018 Thomas Mingus is a professional attorney, he is patient, nice and think more for his customer. He also has some experience for international case.
  • Carl gates

    Jun 16 2018 One Great lawyer
  • Tamra

    Jun 08 2018 Tom is professional and efficient as well as kind and personable--traits that are highly desired for the work he does. He is knowledgeable about the system and process and he cared about my family and the outcome. I recommend Tom without any hesitation.
  • RM

    Jun 08 2018 He did a good job. A+
  • Alan

    May 18 2018 Tom is always willing to listen to what his clients wishes are and freely gives constructive and insightful suggestions. The questions Tom asks are designed to allow him to help you make the right decisions.
  • William

    Apr 14 2018 I was deeply impressed with the professionalism and the conduct of service. Mr. Mingus is a true professional with lots of character and respect for his line of business. I considered him to be a very valuable asset. salutation and may God bless him and his family.
  • Mark patterson

    Apr 12 2018 It was grate
    • Thomas Mingus

      Apr 12 2018Thanks, Mark! We got a great result. In doing so, I hope I didn’t “grate” on your nerves:)
  • Wendy R

    Apr 11 2018 Tom did great navigating the judicial system for us. He has helped with various issues over the years. We have been pleased with all he has done over the last 18 years. You can't go wrong with Tom!
    • Thomas Mingus

      Apr 11 2018Thanks, Wendy. I have enjoyed my association with your family through the years and grateful for the opportunity to provide your family legal assistance as needed.
  • Michael

    Apr 11 2018 Tom is very professional and courteous. He is top-notch in his field and a great asset to have on your team!
    • Thomas Mingus

      Apr 11 2018Thanks, Mike!
  • Ashley

    Apr 11 2018 Thomas was amazing with my case! Answering all of my questions no matter how intricate or annoying I felt like I was. Thank you for the awesome help!
    • Thomas Mingus

      Apr 11 2018Thanks, Ashley. You are very kind. I am glad that I was able to help you out. Best of luck to you!
  • Agathe Rumanyika

    Feb 21 2018 He exceeded my expectations and he was very professional I would definitely recommend him to someone looking for the most efficient lawyer not only does he know what he's doing he was also very kind I was beyond impressed I'm struggling to find words about his outstanding ability on my son's case he is a lawyer you can trust and rely on
    • Thomas Mingus

      Apr 11 2018Agathe - Sorry for the slow reply in responding to your post. Thanks for your kind words. It has been a pleasure assisting you and your sons!
  • Phyllis Groves

    Feb 13 2018 Tom Mingus is an excellent Attorney. He is knowledgeable, genuine and professional. But more than that he is a good person with Christian values. He comes with the highest recommendation because of who he is. He’s not afraid to go after the hard cases and bigger firms; out trying other Attorneys with grace and exceptional wisdom. He has tremendous insight and knowledge of the law; but is sincere, ethical and a wonderful man. Thank you Tom for being who you are and for what you do.
    • Thomas Mingus

      Apr 11 2018Phyllis - I am glad that we were able to obtain such a favorable result at trial! It was a pleasure representing you and your daughter. Best of luck to both of you!
  • Jacob hubbard

    Jan 17 2018 Tom Mingus is an excellent attorney and an excellent man. He is kind and professional. Any one else is second to him and his firm.
    • Thomas Mingus

      Jan 17 2018Thanks, Jake. That is very kind of you. I am glad we got the results you deserved!
  • joel wyrick

    Feb 22 2017 Mr. Mingus was given a difficult divorce case to handle. His handling of the case was outstanding and the outcome could not have been better for me. I would highly recommend him and his law firm.
  • Sarah Moore

    Oct 29 2016 Mr. Mingus helped me work through a very difficult situation. Right away I felt confident in his knowledge and understanding of the law. But more importantly I felt at ease because I could tell he is compassionate and trustworthy and he truly cared about my well being as a person. Thank you Mr. Mingus.
  • Eric Bessey

    Oct 28 2016 We have used Mingus Law Office several times, they never fail to deliver on timeliness and expectations. The insights that Mr. Mingus has provided to our contracts and legal documents has has far outweighed any cost of legal fees. He is a very personable, honest, and knowledgeable attorney. Highly recommend.
  • Holly Hansen

    Oct 24 2016 I appreciated the service that I got from the Mingus Law Office. They fought for me and my husband when we had given up. They were really good with communicating what was going on in a language that we understood. I definitely would use them again.
  • Michael Meyers

    Sep 21 2016 I was really impressed with the personal attention I received. I know Tom is very busy, but he always made time for me when I needed prompt help. He was clear and translated all the ins and outs of the litigation with me. He also made me feel that no matter what, I was going to get through my divorce safely with his help. I really appreciated working with him and felt a friendship just as much as a business connection.
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